1. P

    Matching and listing

    Good day Firstly, I am very grateful for the help I received last time round. Whoever helped me thank you. I had a mail glitch so I cannot do it personally. I am trying to help my wife with managing a ******* etc I have managed to construct some stuff but now I am struggling to extract the data...
  2. I

    Name selection should populate other cells

    Evening. My information is on the worksheet called INFO On the INFO worksheet we have the following, Names in column CV Address in column CX Paid in column CZ Mileage in column DB Current range on the INFO worksheet is CV2:DB16 Overtime this range will increase down the page. I have a...
  3. I

    Sort names in tables A-Z

    Hi, I have made some tables but having an issue trying to sort them. Some info for you. Worksheet is called INFO Tables have headers in row 1 GRASS NAME CV2:CV16 GRASS ADDRESS CX2:CX16 GRASS PAID CZ2:CZ16 GRASS MILEAGE DB2:DB16 What im looking to do is place a macro on a button which will sort...
  4. A

    Import multiple pages of txt file and format

    I need to get report txt files into excel but can't figure out the best way to do this. Sometimes over 100 pages are in a single report and every page contains the headings and title info as shown below. I've highlighted the main info needed if getting the other data into cells is too...
  5. M

    Excel Autofill contact info from previous times entered in

    I have a "Form" that I input a customers contact info in such as Name, company, city/state, phone, email. I would like excel to remember the name I typed in and when I go to type that name in again the contact fields will autofill with that persons information. is there anyway to do this or am I...
  6. H

    Code to get worksheet name into a cell

    Is it possible to have the worksheet name autopopulate into a cell? Example - I want the sheet name to appear in cell F1. Is that possible? Also, if I rename Sheet 1 to 12345, the info in cell F1 would change from Sheet 1 to 12345.
  7. N

    make rows and paste acording to a cellinfo

    I created a thread yesterday and this is the continue of my macro which I believe has to change what I had help with yesterday . Sorry for not thinking the whole thing through before posting Here is what I...
  8. D

    Macro for Copying Data

    Hello, Looking for help creating a Macro to do the following: Sheet 1: Employee Info Sheet 2: Payment Prep In Sheet 1 we input the employee information and assign theman Employee Info Index Number I am looking for a Macro that will copy the data from theEmployee Info tab (which ranges from A2...
  9. P

    Copy and paste macro

    Sheet 1 has employee info Sheet 2 are blank employee cards Example is an example of where the info from sheet 1 goes onto sheet 2 If someone could create a macro to go through each case (all rows with data) on sheet 1 and have that copy to corresponding cards on sheet 2 that would be amazing...
  10. P

    Get rid of the 0 in a Vlookup

    Hi All, I hope that you can help. I have 4 tabs on this sheet. 1st tab is my shipping info that I drop into the sheet and 3 of them have info I need to reference from. The problem is I keep getting 0 on half my look ups. So I tried to use =IFNA(IF(VLOOKUP(A2,'Redding...
  11. I

    Format info from userform to worksheet

    Hi, My working code is supplied below for you. Can you advise how i can format the info from when its entered into the cell. Could you advise how it would be for the format called GENERAL Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim i As Integer Dim ControlsArr As Variant, ctrl As Variant...
  12. N

    Finding / Listing all Members of a Team

    Hi. I have a table containing staff member names (column A), team they belong to, which is numbered between 1 to 30 (column B) and contact info / location info in columns C and D. The whole range is A4:D434. What I'd (ideally) like to do is have a Userform pop up and show all of the staff...
  13. M

    Create sheet with info base on list

    Hello all, It is been long time since i came here asking your help. I hope i can find once again help from you all. I'll put it by steps: Step 1: I need help to create a VBA that will copy a Template sheet to a new workbook (as many times the list has starting on row 2 until the last) the...
  14. K

    Seperating cell info

    I have a cell that has multiple series of info in it, separated by commas. Is it possible for a formula or a way to separate the info in the cell into separate cells using the comma as a start / end point A1 = stop, Tuesday, Blue, four, Loud, Yes Thanks in advance
  15. B

    Sorting a sheet with referencing cell in different sheets

    Hi All, I have a work book with 2 sheets Sheet 1 has a bunch of dates Sheet 2 has other info but also has these dates there but are referenced from sheet 1 If I want to sort by a column with all the info in sheet 2 how do I get the referenced dates to follow the row ? Thanks
  16. V

    New VBA script

    All, I have a spreadsheet (containing expense report info) 14 columns wide by infinite rows, at this point I have it set up with a Pivot and slicers I would like to set up a Macro that would automatically "pull the corresponding info" per the selection of Manager's name (which would be...
  17. E

    Template generator and data sorting

    I have the following data excel code that looks at a sheet of data and sorts the data based on a number and copies it to a new template sheet. A B C............ Line: 51106-02 AB ZONE 51106-02-904-601...
  18. T

    New weird PQ error

    I'm getting a new weird error on a simple "get a sheet from another local file" PQ query. "Typelib export: General Error. See IError info for more information (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131136) I can't find that Hresult value on any board. Anyone know what's going on here? Client info...
  19. D

    offset and index/match

    I've found a things, but I can't piece this together. From tab 1, I need to find and item on tab 2, move 1 cell left, and up to the next cell with data. First Tab: (the small blue info is what I want to pull from tab two) <tbody> Name Number Description other 77-dept 11 ...
  20. D

    VBA for Finance structure to Database structure (Copy & Paste)

    Hi everybody, I use this forum as much as I can to look for better ways to use Excel, but I'mn ot that good with VBA and I need ome help for restructuring some finance data into a Database tab. I have 4 tabs, identical formatting except the amounts per Month are different. The 4 tabs represent...

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