1. R

    Invalid qualifier

    Hi All I have set Bcode as String, and have created this string by concatenating the contents of 3 separate cells interspersed with "/". I now need to copy this string to another sheet but the code fails on the second use of BCode with the message "invalid qualifier" I am clearly doing...
  2. T

    Formula for validity

    I was in a situation where I had to do some conditional formatting for cells that had invalid entries relative to validation rules. As far as I know there's no formula that checks validity, so I started a thread on the official Excel threads, and I talked a bit about it on twitter, but have...
  3. A

    Error: Invalid Picture in Userform

    Hello all- I have a userform which is taking pictures of graphs and displaying it in excel with the below code. Occasionally I get a Run Time Error 481 Invalid Picture on the line below. What's odd is when I go in and change the name of the charts in both the excel and the vba code, everything...
  4. B

    I keep getting this error: "The item couldn’t be saved because the file name is invalid." (Mac)

    All of a sudden I'm running into a real weird problem. When I save a spreadsheet to one folder, it works fine, but when I save it to another folder (where I really want to save it to, I get this error, "The item couldn’t be saved because the file name is invalid." Does anyone know why this is...
  5. K

    what is wrong with this single line of code (finding last row in a column)

    Dim cntRows As Long cntRows = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("ANALYTICS").Cells("F1").Find("*", , , , xlByRows, xlPrevious, , , False).Row Trying to find the last row in Column F that is not blank. I get 'Invalid procedure call of argument' (run-time error '5': )
  6. J

    Add Hyperlinks

    Where ws is a worksheet and LR is the last row, I am trying to add a hyperlink to another location (asheet.cel.Address). The text to display is an array of data that I am trying to find. When I run this, however, I get invalid call or argument error. Any ideas? With ws...
  7. S

    Blank cells

    Hello! =SUMMA(STÖRSTA(C3:V3;{1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11})) I'm a beginner on this so I hope someone can help me.I have problems when I filled in less than 11 cells. In the result cell I get invalid value. Someone who has a good solution? Best regards Sevrool
  8. S

    Invalid formula?

    I am running Excel 2003. This formula keeps coming up "invalid" and I am unable to find my mistake. ANY help is greatly appreciated!! =IF(AND(ISBLANK(E15),ISBLANK(E17),ISBLANK(E18)),"",IF(AND(ISNUMBER(E15),ISNUMBER(E17),ISNUMBER(E18)),E15+E17+E18...
  9. Y

    How to create a UDF from a formula

    HI, I have a quite large formula i use on a regular basis to reformat some data that comes out of our sql. i would like to create a udf from it in order to shorten the formula. The formula is as follows: =IF(SUMPRODUCT(LEN(A2)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2,{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0},"")))=0,"Invalid...
  10. R

    Fill Multiple Cells With Different Header Data

    Have an extracted text file that was imported into Excel. This is the exact format subsequent to import: <tbody> RVICE TY PE : TP SU SP ENSE TYPE : I AA REASON : Invalid Service Traffic Stream T139914 1/12/2016 9:53 I 5578457844 7878515342 ST LUCIA 20:00 TP DD C8 I= O=...
  11. L

    SUMPRODUCT query

    I wouldlike to form the sumproduct of an array B1 to B5 with a Gaussian probabilityfunction where the x-values are in cells A1 to A5. I tried the followingexpression =SUMPRODUCT(B1:B5,NORMDIST(A1,mean,sd,FALSE)):NORMDIST(A5,mean,sd,FALSE)) However,this is invalid and I would be grateful if...
  12. I

    Exclude column from Data Validation

    Morning, On my worksheet in 3 different columns i am seeing them circled as invalid. Column B is a car registration & column J is a code & column L is a chassis number. What i now find is that when i use "Data Validation Circle Invalid Data" i see a message to say that i have more than 255...
  13. B

    Conditional formatting one cell based on a condition in a range.

    Hello, I have a cell S9 that I want to turn red if an of the cells below it contain the word invalid. All of the ells below it use conditional formatting how either ok or invalid. The issue is there are 200 cells and unless any of the first 10 or so are invalid you have to scroll. I am...
  14. M

    For Each - Invalid Range

    I'm trying to use a For Each macro to erase dates in a range that are greater than Today. The range is C3 and D3 to Lr (I have Lr set earlier in the macro and it works other places for the same purpose). I keep getting an invalid range when I use: Dim c As Range For Each c In...
  15. R

    Macro - "Invalid Outside Procedure"

    Macros have been working fine routinely, but I must have key stroked something by error when accessing tools/macros since I now get "Invalid Outside Procedure" when attempting to run any of them. I can manually create a new macro but it also gives the same error message when attempting to run...
  16. R

    Macro - "Invalid Outside Procedure"

    Macros have been working fine but I must have inadvertently key stroked something while accessing tools/macro. Trying to use existing macros gets "Invalid Outside Procedure" error. I can manually create a new macro but get the same error message when trying to use it.
  17. rjplante

    Invalid qualifier error

    I have the code posted below and when it runs, it flags with and Invalid Qualifier error. I don't know why it is doing so. It highlights the title of the macro in yellow, and has the Ftr in the With statement also highlighted selected. Any ideas would be great. Thanks, Robert Private Sub...
  18. D

    Userform Error

    Hello, I currently have: Private Sub TextBox3_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) If TextBox3.Value Like "*[!0-9]*" Then MsgBox "You must provide a numeric value in this TextBox!" Cancel = True ElseIf TextBox3.Value > 26 Then MsgBox "Invalid Pick!" Cancel = True...
  19. S

    Invalid procedure call or argument run time error 5

    I have an excel 2007 file which I want to export a selected range to pdf.i used the codes i got from this platform itself but it is showing run tomorrow 5 invalid procedure call or argument . some one pls help ????
  20. K

    Invalid character $ vba Number Format

    wb.Worksheets(1).Columns("K").NumberFormat = "_("$"* #,##0.00_);_("$"* (#,##0.00);_("$"* "-"??_);_(@_)" when i am using the above line to apply number format i am getting error saying that $ is invalid character, i don't understand why can someone help?

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