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    Use the Isblank & Iferror Excel function With Date/Time Cell reference

    Hello, I'm ashamed to say having a harder a much time then I hoped to create an excel formula for a work report and ask the experts fo your help. Please! I have a straight forward excel table and reference a date/time/AM/PM from one cell and perform a text string function to break out the...
  2. 2

    Multiple ISBLANK Query

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> ORDER STATUS CAD PENDING DIE PENDING STONE PENDING CAD PENDING </tbody> These are my 4 columns, if (Column 2,Row 2) -> CAD pending cell is blank , then Order status(Column1,Row2) should show CAD PENDING, if (Column 3,Row 2), DYE PENDING is...
  3. M

    isblank and istext both return false

    Dear All! I've encountered a curiousity. A SAP download contains description within cells J to O. Both formulas, isblank and istext return "false". My goal would be to detect empty cells for deletion. All cells are formated manually as text and no value is shown when entering the cell...
  4. H

    How to cancel VBA code execution if cell ISEMPTY

    Im having a little trouble finding the correct syntax to stop macro, if certain cell is left unfilled. The code is following, which extracts certain bit of info from the excel sheet and saves to txt file. Private Sub Interactive Button to press() Dim wb As Workbook Dim saveFile As String Dim...
  5. H

    Highlight Blanks and not "spaces" - conditional formatting

    Hey there, i am trying to highlight if a cell is blank, but don't want " " (a space) to be considered a blank cell. I tried adding a ' before the space, and this doesn't work. Any ideas? isblank and not " "
  6. M

    HELP with IS BLANK statements

    Hello, I am trying to create a formula that will do; If C2 AND D2 AND E2 contain text (date format) then "READY" else "BLANK" in another cell. If any of the three cells have a date it still needs to show blank, only when all three have a date can it show ready. I have tried various If...
  7. J


    hello I have this formula =INDEX(Holidays!$A$4:$OE$92,MATCH(O66,Holidays!$A$4:$A$92,0),MATCH($Q$54,Holidays!$A$3:$OE$3,0)) I need to include if O66 is blank, how would I do that than you Jason
  8. L

    ISBLANK question conditional formatting

    Hi, I have a lot of dates from D3:D54. I would like to set up conditional formatting to show them red if they are past due. How can I make the blank cells not show any color format? I must be close but am just missing something. I've tried searching with no luck. ISBLANK(D3,"")=IF(D3<TODAY())...
  9. J

    Combo of ISBLANK and MIN formula

    Hello, I used the below formula to pull in the earliest date found in different cells...
  10. B

    ISBLANK Formula Returns #VALUE if field is blank

    I am still learning ISBLANK, IFERROR, etc. On the below how do I change formula that will return a blank result if Cell B5 is blank?
  11. N

    Nesting 3 functions IFERROR, VLOOKUP, ISBLANK

    So I hope that I can explain this clearly. So I am trying to nest three formulas, IFERROR, VLOOKUP, ISBLANK. The goal that I am trying to achieve is use the vlookup function along with the IFERROR to not get N/A where there is nothing for the function to lookup. That has been achieved but, if...
  12. M

    Help with isblank

    Bit of a novice here so please bare with me. Trying to use an ISBLANK formula like so: =IF(ISBLANK(B26),"","Food Cost: "&B26) B26 is the cost of food. I want this formula to tie into a text line and reference both "Food Cost and cell B26 together. For the life of me and cant get this to work.
  13. A

    How to check for nulls in a selection of multiple cells?

    Hi guys, Newbie here! So I'm in the process of automating some tasks at work and am really new to VBA. I have a VBA code that finds a column header and then selects the data underneath this header upto the last row. From here I want to create an If statement to see whether the selection...
  14. S

    Nesting Iferror or Isblank into Index/Match

    Hello from downunder (Sydney), Im trying to create an item master from approx. 8 spreadsheets. All in different formats. Most have duplicate unique identifiers (SKU code), but some sheets have dirty incorrect data. Ive therefore determined a sequence based on the cleanest source. I am using...
  15. J

    Determine FIRST ROW in Range based on Criteria

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a formula that returns the specific ROW in a range where either Column A = "FALSE" or ISBLANK AND Column B = ISBLANK. This new formula would appear in C1. GOAL - This formula will help me determine the first row in the range that needs attention. If there...
  16. M

    Problem with ISBLANK when there is a formula cell

    Hi again Today's problem involves lists and ISBLANK when i am trying to remove the blank cells. 1) I have a list over 3 columns, BV, BW and BX the lists go from Row3 to Row300. I have named BV3:BX300 as tab. Some have formulae in that produce text, others have a formula that produces a blank...
  17. R

    Using ISBLANK across multiple cells

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a super easy problem for all you experts out there but I'm trying to figure out: On Sheet1 using an ISBLANK formula to look at cells F8,G8,H8,I8 and display whatever is written in one of them in cell C4 on Sheet2. Only one of the cells will ever have information in...
  18. M

    Adding More Conditions to an Existing Formula

    I have a formula that currently works correctly that is located in cell L2: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,'Site Assignments'!$A$1:$D$131,4,FALSE),"ASK JON FOR INFO") Now I want to add logic that says if cells F2 and I2 are blank, then leave L2 blank I think what I need to add to the formula above is the...
  19. Y

    CONCATENATE (Part If Blank)

    Hi. I'm making codes and descriptions for a list of products, the code and description is based on the product details (detailed in the following columns). Im using the CONCATENATE formula, the problem is some of the columns are not required for every item, but if I leave it blank the answer...
  20. Y

    No Blank formula (oposit ISBLANK)

    Hi. Is there a formula that i can use part of =IF / =IFS (the cell is not blank). As there is =IFS(ISBLANK(A1). E.g. =CONCATENATE(IFS(ISBLANK(A1),"",(the cell is not blank(A1),"YES")

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