1. Z

    COUNTIFS to Exclude Blanks that contain formulas

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with counting cells using two exclusions: "x" or BLANK. I'm running my test against two tables: One without and one with formulas. The one without formulas produces the correct number (C25), but the one with formulas (G25) is counting the BLANK cells when it...
  2. S

    IF ISBLANK TRUE do this, IF ISBLANK False do that, IF no input do not show

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to make the Balance column not show if the IN or OUT column has no value I am not sure if this is possible or not 🙁 This is where i'm currently at right now. If B17 is blank, calculate D16-C17 If B17 is not blank, calculate D16+B17 Any suggestion would really be...
  3. A

    Power Pivot Table Does not count rows with blank adjacent columns

    Hi all, I have this data, where all the rows with "Response" as "Distributed" have only blank cells next to it: RoleExperienceResponseIndexDistributed1Engineer≤ 10 YearsComplete2Engineer≤ 10 YearsComplete3Technician> 10 YearsComplete4Technician≤ 10 YearsComplete5Engineer≤ 10...
  4. R

    IF ISBLANK VLOOKUP function is bringing back #NA if the cell it pulls data from is empty.

    I have a spreadsheet that pulls personnel details from my main sheet (Nominal) to my other tab. B1:B50 with contain staff numbers when they are required. so while the tab is empty is shows #NA. When i put the staff number in the formula works fine. I was wondering if anyone could help to see...
  5. M

    count day with isblank formula

    Hi this is so dumb but google cannot help. I need to count the days between a date and to, but to be blank if the date is blank I have put =ABS(IF(ISBLANK(D5),"",TODAY()-D5)) which works apart from leaving blank if D5 is empty it show #value. If this is possible please help, if not please...
  6. E

    How can I skip blank cells when looking for the first row with a value?

    I am running an analysis and in some runs the first appearance of a sample will be blank and the second will have a value. When I use vlookup it returns blank. Is there another method that will return the 1st number? Well ID Name Well Conc/Dil Lum Mean CV (%) Normalization - Mean CV (%) %...
  7. W

    Exact formula to ignore blanks

    Hi, I'm looking for a formula to compare differences between two columns (A & B), so that it returns a comment - "No change" or "Difference" - in column C. But I would like the formula to return a blank (or a statement to say "Fine") if the value in column A is also blank. Essentially, I need...
  8. K

    Need formula to return the earliest Date with the first blank "$ Amount" field that matches a specific ID

    Hi! I have a spreadsheet that we use to track contracts, Purchase orders, and Invoices/payments. I am trying to create a field that will show me the next soonest invoice date that doesn't yet have a dollar amount populated (because that date is the next invoice that we haven't yet paid... the...
  9. MrDB4Excel

    IF(ISBLANK Returns #VALUE!

    In this workbook, I have tried in vain to get cells to show nothing when there is no value in specific cells. Cells A2 to A8 show a date while cells A9 to A11 are blank. Cells C2 to C11 has the formula =IF(ISBLANK(A2),"",A2); obviously each successive row the row number changes, for example: In...
  10. Jyggalag

    Conditional formatting for blank cells containing formulas?

    Hi all, I currently have this setup: I have a row of formulas saying IF(ISBLANK(cell below),return blank value, otherwise return value to the left + 7) to advance the week one week ahead when data is entered. I want to create a conditional formatting for this row, so whenever a value is...
  11. I

    How to merge two formulas in to one formula

    Hello Excel specialists, I have two formulas I would like to merge: First formula =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A8,List2!A:T,9,0),"Value not found") This formula is checking if cell value of A8 exists in List 2 Second formula =IF(ISBLANK(VLOOKUP($A8,List2!A:T,9,0)),"Empty",VLOOKUP($A8,List2!A:T,9,0))...
  12. Z

    need help with countif formula

    hi, i have a table called mytransaction. in this table there is a column, R, to indicate the user has checked on the transaction. there is also another collumn call source where they select which account is involve in that transaction. so now in one of the cell i would like to count how many...
  13. S

    First NotBlank Column C and First Blank Column E

    Hi folks, I am looking for a VBA to search two column in a worksheet. As the title suggests, I would like the code to find the first non-blank in Column B (it will be text, if that makes a difference) Once it finds the first non-blank in Column B, it should look to see if Column E is Blank...
  14. M

    Prevent entry in cell i cell is not blank

    Hey Is it possible to use Data Validation to prevent someone from overwriting text in cell if there is already text in it? So that the cell has to be cleared before you can type in something new? I've tried =NOT(ISBLANK(A1)) and a few other formulas, but none worked. Regards Mads
  15. M

    Use the Isblank & Iferror Excel function With Date/Time Cell reference

    Hello, I'm ashamed to say having a harder a much time then I hoped to create an excel formula for a work report and ask the experts fo your help. Please! I have a straight forward excel table and reference a date/time/AM/PM from one cell and perform a text string function to break out the...
  16. 2

    Multiple ISBLANK Query

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> ORDER STATUS CAD PENDING DIE PENDING STONE PENDING CAD PENDING </tbody> These are my 4 columns, if (Column 2,Row 2) -> CAD pending cell is blank , then Order status(Column1,Row2) should show CAD PENDING, if (Column 3,Row 2), DYE PENDING is...
  17. M

    isblank and istext both return false

    Dear All! I've encountered a curiousity. A SAP download contains description within cells J to O. Both formulas, isblank and istext return "false". My goal would be to detect empty cells for deletion. All cells are formated manually as text and no value is shown when entering the cell...
  18. H

    How to cancel VBA code execution if cell ISEMPTY

    Im having a little trouble finding the correct syntax to stop macro, if certain cell is left unfilled. The code is following, which extracts certain bit of info from the excel sheet and saves to txt file. Private Sub Interactive Button to press() Dim wb As Workbook Dim saveFile As String Dim...
  19. H

    Highlight Blanks and not "spaces" - conditional formatting

    Hey there, i am trying to highlight if a cell is blank, but don't want " " (a space) to be considered a blank cell. I tried adding a ' before the space, and this doesn't work. Any ideas? isblank and not " "
  20. M

    HELP with IS BLANK statements

    Hello, I am trying to create a formula that will do; If C2 AND D2 AND E2 contain text (date format) then "READY" else "BLANK" in another cell. If any of the three cells have a date it still needs to show blank, only when all three have a date can it show ready. I have tried various If...

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