1. J

    Issue with Macro

    I have created an excel spreadsheet showing a list of inventory. I wanted to be able to put an X in the final column to provide an easy move to the out page. This will let me know when thing are taken out of the warehouse. I have created both worksheets. I even got the code and them up and...
  2. Chris_010101

    Excel Data>Sort Issue

    Hello Wondering if an Excel expert can help. I'm wondering if this might be due to an update but i'm not entirely sure. I have a workbook at work which is used to track absence. There is a master data sheet which is refreshed with a system report every day, so on the absence sheet, all the...
  3. R

    Copy error - range is cutting and pasting to wrong sheet

    My code below: Sub arrange() 'all declarations for wkshts and wbs stated at top unless stated here Dim g1 As Range Dim g2 As Range Dim g3 As Range Dim g4 As Range Dim g5 As Range Dim g6 As Range Dim g7 As Range Dim g8 As Range Dim g9 As Range Dim g10 As Range Dim g11 As Range Dim g12 As Range...
  4. J

    Pivot: Double click value in a single cell showing all data

    Currently I am using Microsoft Office 365 at work, version 2102 (Build 12801.21278) Steps: Execute query> copy results and paste into new workbook>Insert Pivot table on all data>add columns and rows When using a Pivot table in 365, if I attempt to double click a cell to show the records behind...
  5. S

    Sorting Issues

    Hi there! Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for this, as it's been racking my brain trying to figure this out. Basically, I'm retrieving data from another table using the formula =VLOOKUP([@[Entry Number]], 'sheet3'!$B$2:$M$191,2,FALSE), which is fine working well...
  6. Chris_010101

    Remove old users to speed up shared workbook

    Hi All, My team use a shared, macro-enabled (.xlsm) workbook, with roughly 25 users in it at the same time, 24 hours a day. Over a few days, the shared user list gets full up, sometimes people's entries appear in there 4 or 5 times each. This causes the workbook to get bogged down which...
  7. D

    Export to PDF macro fails on Excel Office 365, not on Pro Plus 2019

    Hi, I have a button inside Excel workbook which exports certain pages to PDF with one click on a button. The Excel version I am using is Professional Pro Plus 2019 and my customers version is the same build, but an Office 365 version. If I hit the button in my version it works, but if my...
  8. E

    Problem with macro to copy vba to new workbook

    Hi, I don't know if anyone can help, I am not that experienced when it comes to VBA, I have found the following code online & modified it slightly to fit my needs. I am trying to copy a module called PrintQTYPAGESASCELL() If I am honest, I don't understand what each line is doing, I think I am...
  9. T

    Slow calculation of calculated column in Power Pivot

    Hi, I'm having a performance issue while running the following formula: "=Calculate(sum(lines[CB unit]),Filter(Lines,Lines[Index]<=earlier(Lines[index]))" I'm only iterating over 150K rows, but the calculation times out and never seems to finish. It works fine with 2K rows, but really starts...
  10. H

    IF statement Help

    =IF(C7="Rosemont University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Clayborn University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Branch College",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Eastern Wisconsin University",E7*$P$28)))) My issue is that I can seem to remove False from my cells. Any help is appreciated
  11. R

    Excel Issue between dates (specific month)

    Hi Guys, I have an issue with a formula. I need an if between dates with in the middle August. Example: 12/06/2019 12/10/2019 If in the range there is august do something, otherwise something else. I have no idea how to write it. Thank you guys, Have a nice weekend.
  12. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - Converting Date String into an Actual Date

    Hello All, Working on a weird issue here. Look on the interwebs and found nothing for my specific issue. The DateValue syntax doesn't seem to work in the event the data string makes no sense. So here is how some of the dates come in; <tbody> Date as it comes in Converted to General...
  13. D

    modify data based on range

    i want a macro that loops from column K in sheet I'll call "ABC" and checks the values against a data range called "filter" (which is in another sheet called "filter criteria") if it finds a row in column K that's also found in the data range "filter" (eg the number 005), then it'll zero out...
  14. N

    Index and Match formula

    Hello, I have 2 problems that I am trying to solved. I did my best to search forums but I just cannot seem to find answers (Probably I am not able to interpret the issue properly, been learning excel for more than a month now) 1. trying to use...
  15. H

    Formula to extract characters from text string

    Hi mrexcel forum, Could you please suggest a formula to help me with this issue? Issue A: I will like to extract out the numbers immediately before and after the dot. This is the volume information. Issue B: I will like to extract the 3 characters immediately after the Volume information...
  16. L

    Time vs Date - consistency issue in vba

    Hi I just wanted to know why excel is not consistent here. I wrote the code below. When I call Data() excel will remove () and keep Date only; However when I used Time(), excel will keep the () It is not big issue but curious why there is not consistency here. Sub mytest2() MsgBox Date...
  17. A

    Lag on First Data Entry after Recalc

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2016 64bit on Win10. I have a 195Mb workbook, 7 sheets. Set to manual recalc and the book calcs in 2-3 seconds which is fine. My issue is that enter entering a value in one of the 50 or so input cells (all on sheet1), excel is typically unresponsive for up to 20 seconds...
  18. E

    VBA: Issue with capturing cell formatting using Range.DisplayFormat.NumberFormat

    I'm experiencing an issue where the manual check of formatting for a particular cell does not match what the Range.DisplayFormat.NumberFormat returns (I've tried .NumberFormatLocal also). It appears it is replacing parenthesis characters () with a hyphen -. What I'm trying to do: A client has...
  19. D

    Textbox value to cell in active sheet rather then Specific

    Hey all new here. I am having an issue changing code to place textbox value to current active sheet rather than a specific sheet. I am working my way through to create an active form to generate data based on scanning an item into a single textbox. TextBox1.Font.Size = 28...
  20. D

    Runtime error 424 Object Required

    Hello, A "double click" on any of the cells in Column B "Trip" launches a routine which produces the following error at present. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Trip Order No. Issue Detail 31/08/2019 60A 1 Issue 1 blah blah blah 31/08/2019 39B 2 Issue 2 blah...

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