1. E

    Iterate number only in certain row, within sets of rows

    I currently use the code below. I now have data in column H, so I have changed the range part to Range("A2:H3001"), as I want to iterate numbers in column H, too. However, this column contains different formulae in the rows, and I only want the script to iterate the number every 3rd row in each...
  2. K

    Goal seek with intermediate iterations

    Howdy all! I've got a problem that requires tweaking one input then running a pile of iterations between tweaks to the input. Basically a goal seek with ten or twenty thousand iterations per cycle....imagine sitting a through a whole tv episode with your finger on f9 ;) Check if the...
  3. S

    Reduce time taken for VBA loop

    My VBA code currently loops for 5,000 iterations and takes about 25 minutes to collect the output data in the Output excel sheet. Is there a way to reduce the time taken for instance by improving the copying and pasting of values, collecting the output data in some kind of array etc.? Given that...
  4. mikecox39

    Options returns me to the worksheet

    I want to set Iterations on my worksheet but when I click on File/Options I am immediately returned to my worksheet.

    Sequence Formula

    Below I have written a sequence of #'s in Red. I would like to be able to type in my sequence (usually a 1-20 digit #) and then put how many iterations i would need in Red below that. I would then get my sequence generated in column "A". Thanks in advance to anyone who gives this a shot...
  6. A

    Iterations in multiple rows

    So, it's the first time I'm using iteration in excel. When I first tried it out in just one row it worked fine. The problem is that I need to do it in 23 other rows in the same sheet. The iterations work fine in the first row (row 3), but for the remaining 23 rows I only get the #NUM ! error...
  7. S

    Charts in VBA

    I am working on constructing charts with VBA within a For loop. There are two main problems I am facing. The first iteration generates a chart with five data series despite my intention of including only two. One is a multiple range source, and the other two are 1 values. On the second...
  8. M

    IF (function) is TRUE, LIST the corresponding values

    I currently have an excel sheet with 5 columns. The first 4 have data, the last column has the function: =IF(AND(D2<b3,d2>C3),A3,"") So if (TRUE) the value in column D is between the values in columns B and C it prints the corresponding value from column A to column D. If (FALSE) the function...
  9. L

    Cumulative Sum

    I'm looking for a formula that will sum the cumulative based on a fixed amount and number of iterations. For example, the amount is 100 and the iterations is 3. So the answer is 600. 100+100*2+100*3. I want to be able to change the fixed amount and number of iterations to calculate the...
  10. W

    VB Macro Help - Multiple sheets - Export to Seet or File

    Hey first off thanks for stopping by. Requirements: I have two sheets of data. First sheet("SCENARIO") defines the amount of lines needed to replicate, and the data that needs to be replicated. The second sheet("DATA") houses the unique data to UNION to the first sheet. It then needs to spit...
  11. T

    Macro to extract and transpose data from multiple tabs into a single sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook that contains data for ~200 companies in different tabs in the same format. The format has all the years in a single row at the top, with multiple columns eg 2010,2011...2016. Also there are metrics listed in single column (first one,extreme left) eg revenue, cost etc in a...
  12. S

    Random number - multiple iterations

    Hello. I need your advice related to the following matter. I want to generate a random number for multiple times say 100, take the average of all 100 iterations, and put it into a particular cell. I am currently using this simple code for generating a random number. Sub RandomNo() Dim rng As...
  13. V

    Macro shortcut, skip blank rows, and saving copy of worksheet

    I was able to get my macro to work with the code below and then I was asked to tweak a little and now I'm having problems again. Assistance on the tweaks to my code is greatly appreciated. The tweaks I am to add: 1) Add a keyboard shortcut. However, when I do this, the macro stops running at...
  14. C

    Help to speeding up VBA code

    Hi all, I've recently inherited a Financial Forecasting Model which was created rather a long time ago. The model was using lots of pre-2007 Excel formulas, which I've tried to get rid of. In addition to this, it...
  15. M

    Trying to perform an action, move one cell, and do it again

    I am trying to get a macro to perform an action which finds the maximum value in one cell that translates to a minimum value in another cell. The macro works for a single cell (see code below), however, when I added in a for loop, it sets the first value to zero and then stops running. The part...
  16. J

    Iterated Dealing Random Cards

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking for a while when I run into questions on something I'm doing. I haven't been able to find an answer to my question this time: what happens when you want to deal card hands iteratively? I have some code that deals 15 of 52 cards randomly...
  17. D

    Formulas not converging

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help me with a convergence problem. I am attempting to replicate the following online video that details how to calculate a simple rating system for football teams: Excel Iterative Tutorial - Sports-Reference's library However, I cannot get the formulas to converge...
  18. M

    Save "limit iterations"

    Hi all, I have an Excel sheet that I send to customers that has one intended circular reference. This is no issue when I check "limit iterations" box and set it to 1. However this setting is not saved to the workbook and each time a customer opens the workbook he/she gets the circular reference...
  19. M

    trying to trigger multithreaded calculations, no such luck.

    I have an excel workbook that do a monte carlo simulation where the recalculation take much too time for the purpose. In an attempt to speed things up I have made radical redesigns and the recalculation time has improved some but not enough. I really need to trigger multithreaded...
  20. A

    Nested for next loops not iterating the outside loop.

    I have a range of data from A2:A34 with various names in it that I need to copy to the range E9:E14. I only need to copy and paste unique names (I don't need a double of the same name). I am pretty sure using a nested For Next loop is the way to go but I'm having trouble getting the outer loop...

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