1. S

    F8 not working as it should?

    Hi While using excel today i noticed that when i use F8 to select cells, it selects the first two as i press the down down arrow key and if i press it a third it disengages and then only highlights the 3rd cell. I can still do it using a mouse but not using the keyboard. This is a normal...
  2. I

    Keyboard Shortcut changed from Today to Ellipsis

    Hi All Randomly my excel has changed CTRL + ; from todays date to ... When i go into options there is no option for keyboard shortcuts. Has anyone any ideas how to revert this back? Checked a colleagues version and only difference I have is having fuzzy lookup installed. Thanks!
  3. J

    Excel Keyboard shortcuts

    Hi Guys, I have office 365 insider. My question is that for Power Pivot the keyboard shortcut should be Alt + B + M. Instead I have to use Alt + Y4+ M. is there a setting I should do?? can I change the Keyboard Shortcut?? For me it is 1 key extra. Thanks for your help.
  4. D

    Arrow keys and mouse not working consistently with scroll and panes

    Am running Excel 2016 (64 bit) on 64 bit Windows 10 machine. When a called macro changes to view a worksheet with Panes set, most times the keyboard arrows will not change the view. Sometimes they move the cursor off the page, sometimes the cursor is non-responsive. Also, cannot mouse click...
  5. G

    Keyboard Shortcut to Copy Down a Range

    Hi, I have data in A2:A1000 and would like to put a formula in cell B2 and then copy it down from B3 to B1000. I know that I can use the fill handle and mouse to copy it quickly to B3:B1000. If I wanted to use the keyboard, is there a shortcut key sequence that I can use to select the...
  6. M

    Need help opening onscreen keyboard when clicking on combobox in user form

    Using windows 10 on a tablet and would like to have the onscreen keyboard automatically pop up when I click on a combobox in my user form. Any ideas?
  7. M

    Open on-screen keyboard when clicking on combo box in a user form using vba...

    I'm using a microsoft surface pro 2 with windows 10 and would like to have the onscreen keyboard show when I tap my combo box in my program's user form. Any ideas? I have found a few forums with similar questions but I still get errors.
  8. S

    Excel User Form using VBA

    Hi Folks, I am very new to VBA as well as this forums . So i need your support. 1. Need code for deleting the values in the textbox using keyboard (like using delete/backspace on the keyboard) - Deleting values like last words , not by single single alphabets. Eg : if the textbox contains (...
  9. S

    Keyboard locked after shortcuts

    Hi, I've been having a problem for a while throughout on different laptops (HP, Asus, Lenovo) and never seem to find a solution for it. What happens is that after a while working on excel, when i issue a keyboard shortcut like paint a cell, turn text bold, copy paste, freeze panes, etc... excel...
  10. C

    Several keyboard shortcuts not working

    I am completely flustered on this one. I was working in a sheet today and hit control+c like I always do to copy a cell and the next thing I new There was a different active cell and and several rows were hidden. I assumed it was a mistake on my part, but sure enough, every time I hit...
  11. R

    Consolidating Recorded Macros in Personal.xlsb into one Module.

    Greetings All - Happy Friday! Got a pesky one here - (at least for me it's pesky) I have many recorded macros in my Personal.xlsb Workbook using (at least for now) keyboard shortcuts to trigger them When I record these macros the Personalxlsb creates a new module to put it in; which is fine...
  12. Uncle_Lewis

    Workbook Recovery On Ctrl+C

    Hi, Using Office 365. I have a workbook I have been using for several year where I refresh pivot tables every 2 weeks. Today all of a sudden when I highlight a range on data in a Pivot Table or just a range on a worksheet and hit [Ctrl]+[C] on the keyboard, Excel immediately begins recovering...
  13. JenniferMurphy

    Can I get a list of the defined keyboard shortcuts for a sheet?

    I want to assign a macro (Sub) to a keyboard shortcut. When I do this in Word, it tells me if the shortcut is already defined so I don't screw anything up. Excel does not appear to do this. Is there a way for me to find out what all of the extant shortcuts are in any sheet?
  14. C

    Runtime error only when using keyboard command for macro

    Hi, I've made a spreadsheet that compiles data from 8 separate spreadsheets with 8 different passwords. It's the same group of people using all of them and it's a pain to type in 9 passwords - including the compilation one. The thing is, the macro works fine if you run it manually - View/Macros...
  15. R

    Go to dependants

    Hey guys. I know that to go directly to a specific dependants you can use the shortcut ctrl + [ This, though, does not work on my excel. I am italian but I use excel in egn and both with Uk keyboard and italian keyboard it doesnt work Could someone help me please? Thanks
  16. F

    Zoom In and Zoom Out Keyboard Shortcut No Longer Working

    I am operating Excel 2016. "Ctrl + Alt + -" was my keyboard shortcut for zooming out "Ctrl + Alt + +" was my keyboard shortcut for zooming in. It was great for ditching the scroll wheel on the mouse. As of recently, it has stopped working and I cannot figure out why. Was wondering if anyone ran...
  17. P

    Help, pls, for Macro to Sort Column, within Row Range, for Sheets Jan - Dec, whichever actve at time

    Using Excel 2010 (& 2007) Windows 10 I would appreciate some help, again, please :wink: I have a spreadsheet, consisting of a sheet for each month, ie x 12 (Jan – Dec) plus ‘Summary’ sheet. I want to be able to have a button/or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-B, which will, on clicking...
  18. Z

    Changing build-in keyboard shortcut?

    My company uses a set of macros with assigned shortcuts. One of them is Ctrl+Shift+L, which overwrites the default Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut that filter the current selection. For consistency's sake I want to leave the macro shortcut unchanged, but is there a way to assign a new keyboard shortcut...
  19. J

    pivot tables

    keyboard shortcut to open pivot tables old view is CTRL+D+P what is the equivalent shortcut to be used in an excel spanish version ? where can i find the list of keyboard shortcuts in english with their equivalences in spanish thanks
  20. L

    keyboard skill to unhighlight a range

    Hi Lets say I have date in range A1:A10. I clicked on A1 then shift_ctr_down arrow, to highlight all the range. I still have A1 is selected. Excel now show the last cells in the range, to move up I used Ctr+backspace. Now I see A1, A2, A3,... and A1 is selected and The reset are highlighted. Now...

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