large data volume

  1. M

    Multiple crashes of Excel for Mac 2011 with large data sets

    Hello all, I have a MacBook Pro that is 3 years old that has undergone some physical damage (a few drops). A few months ago, I was working on two Excel worksheets (one had >850 rows and 3 columns and one had >12000 rows and 24 columns) and a Word document (around 60 pages long)...
  2. S

    Can I move certain data points that are in their own rows to be in a single row that creates a "master data point"?

    Hi, I apologize if my title did not accurately represent my problem, but the image below illustrates my issue: imgur: the simple image sharer Basically, I am working with a large set of study data, and I need to pare it all down to a single row per study entry. As you can see in the image...
  3. L

    Alternative to Excel for handling large datasets

    Hello Everyone, I have few datasets containing millions of records. Is there any program that can be used for the purpose of handling and managing such large datasets? Kindly note that each dataset is contained in one table. ATM, I am using Excel, but the problem is that I have to split the...
  4. R

    First Post: Listing variables in a Column

    Hey All, new to MrExcel so please be kind, I fear my question may be viewed as simple by some. I have a datasheet with 6000+ entries. One column has lists of companies, of which there are around 300 and their are entered into this column multiple times. I organized and identified the largest...
  5. A

    Formula returns 0 with lots of data

    Hi - using Excel for Mac and have a large volume of data (40k records) - col A is customer name and col B is policy type. To count how many customers have (say) 3 policies I was previously told to use: To count how many customers have three policies...
  6. A

    Calculations on Large list of data with Duplicates

    Hi - new to this but thanks to all for help (Excel for Mac 2011). Have searched and can find lots to help but the size of my data means am crashing by usual methods of sorting - I need a formula for this rather than pivot tables. I have a list of c. 40,000 rows. Col A is client name (largely...
  7. G

    VBA to concatenate all cells of the same date and agent with breaks

    Excel 2007 Windows XP Hello! I currently have a set of data for the activities of agents for up to 6 weeks of dates. Right now each activity is on its own row. I would like to have only one row for each agent for each date and combine all the activities in on cell with a break after each...
  8. K

    Handling of very large amount of data in one worksheet

    hi, I have a large amount of data (168035 * 374) which i want to process. My task is to search some specific record on user input. e.g., If user is asked to input some number. Then this number will be matched with all A1 (168035 rows)and if the match occurs in multiple places, it should fetch...
  9. C

    Opening data sets in excel that are too large for excel

    Hey Guys!!:) I've got a dataset that is too large for excel, (a few million rows when the limit is 1048576) To overcome this I've been copy and pasting within this limit which is time consuming, is there any way to automatically paste excess data into the next column? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. R

    VBA efficient copy of unique values for large data set

    I have a large data set with many complex formulas, and I started running out of resources getting errors. I've created a VBA procedure that will import a new data file, set up the appropriate formatting, named ranges, etc. The rest of the spreadsheet updates automatically using many VLOOKUP...
  11. P

    Find & change subsequent duplicates to FALSE

    Hi, all! I have a large sheet with, after a boatload of formulae, a TRUE or FALSE returned in column AZ. I thought I was finished, but apparently there cannot be two TRUEs with the same value in column D. I need a formula to keep the FIRST true event true, and change all the duplicates to...
  12. R

    Charting color map

    Ok, so this has probably been posted before, but I can't find it on any google searches because I'm not entirely sure what you would call it... I need the end user to see a chart of at least 400,000 values (1000x400) simultaneously (and potentially 4M :eek:). This has perplexed me for quite...
  13. PirateJenny

    Large volume text

    I am a research assistant extracting data from Word documents and copying it to an Excel sheet. Some of the data is lengthy and (for the purposes of the research) cannot be broken into multiple cells. At a certain row height (242.25) or character volume the text will no longer wrap. I have...
  14. H

    Speeding up userforms / calculations

    Hello, I have made a spreadsheet which people will use to look up cancelled bookings made with one airline through lots of different travel agents. The users will type in the (normally but not always unique) booking reference, and will get a small table of information about that booking, which...
  15. D

    Exporting to CSV based on column/cell location.

    I have a bit of a tricky problem. Hopefully someone can help me because this one has me a little stumped. I'm pretty new to Access and VBA for Access is not the same animal I know from other Office apps. After exporting to Excel and running a module to remove the unnecessary data (which I...

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