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    Handling a large dataset: turning many datapoints into one

    Hi all, I have a problem with analyzing a large dataset for my thesis. My problem is this: I have a huge dataset of a river gauge, with measurements on certain parameters. These parameters are measured for period of 30 years, daily, every half hour. The problem is, I only need 1 value per day...
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    VBA for data validation on massive input sheet

    Hello. I'm sure that many of you will know that Excel's data-validation tool from the ribbon is easily overridden by copying and pasting a cell from elsewhere. I'm aware that VBA can be used for validations but I don't know how to do it. I found one macro online that seemed to work but very...
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    Excel file that takes long time to open

    I have a file that takes significant amount of time to open. While it is opening, it causes excel to show "not responding". To counter the slowness, I have broken the links so that the file is not looking to reference other files. There is one link that I am not able to break, which I think...
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    250MB File, 30 million cells, freezing, crashing, etc

    Hello, I have a very large excel file with around 30 million cells, with approximately 2 - 3 million of those cells being formulas. The file is about 250mb. When doing a sort, adding or deleting columns, or pasting formulas, Excel either can take around 5 - 10 minutes to complete the task, or...
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    Any Suggestions on how to Minimize a File Size for a Data Heavy calculation?

    BACKGROUND: I’ve been developing an excel file that would take 2 years of historic data. Each line of data includes a “Zone/Room”, “Date”, “Case Type”(4 types) and 24 cells of binary data depicting each hour of a day either “1” (occupied) or “0” (unoccupied). I have to SUM each ROW of 24...
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    VBA insert entire Rows in large numbers

    Hello I'm once again troubling this forum's community with a puzzle that has been driving me crazy for the past 2 days. I wrote a code that has to insert rows when certain conditions are met. The code finds the conditions, reads a number (X) in a row that meets those conditions and inserts X...
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    Difficulty deleting rows + columns

    So I have a user who has managed to max both rows and columns with empty cells in excel 2007. Even with everything else closed, I can only delete a few rows or a few columns at a time before I am forced to save. Generally if its maxed on either rows or columns, I can CTRL END and delete + save...
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    SNP Excel tough one

    Here is a challenge, that can probably only be solved by an Excel expert. Can this be organized into rows and columns properly? The below data is from 3 SNPs. I have a text document with just over 148,000 of these. I would like the below data to be turned into 3 rows, with as many columns as is...
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    How large are my worksheets?

    I have an Excel 2003 workbook w/ >10 worksheets (Pivot Tables, 'raw text', cell-formated text, no graphics/charts/images, VB Script). The total file size when saved is >2MB. I have an general idea of where most of the 2MB's goes within the file, but I also know that sometimes what you think...

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