1. R

    Leading zero lost in Combobox

    I can't seem to find a way to save leading zeros in my Combobox list. The zeros are necessary since they correspond to unique IDs and are formated as text in the worksheet. These unique numbers may appear more than once so I'm using this portion of the form to narrow down my selection. The...
  2. megera716

    Keep leading zeroes after Text to Columns

    I have a comma-separated .txt file of employee bank account information. When I open in Excel and run Text to Columns, it removes the leading zeroes from bank account numbers that have them. Even in the formula bar if I click on one of the cells that I know was an account number with a leading...
  3. M

    Convert to Text and Value

    Hello Board! Ok, I'm trying to muddle my way through a large bit of code I'm cobbling together. It does several things but it's not very efficient or clean.. Here's what I'd like to do: -Prompt to open an xlsx file. (this works) -Determine the range of data and copy it to a new workbook. The...
  4. P

    Trying to convert m/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy

    I need the leading 0 in the single months. I have 1/01/2019 and want it to be 01/01/2019.
  5. F

    Remove leading spaces from text pasted in Texform of Userform

    Hello to all, I have a Userform with a TextBox and I need to paste to some multiline text from clipboard. The issue is that text I need to paste it has lines with many leading spaces for some lines and I want to remove those leading spaces (and trailing if there are) automatically when I paste...
  6. Z

    Keep leading zero

    I have some vba code that saves a file to a specific folder based on the month. The month is set by the user as a two digit format (01, 02, etc) and set as a variable in my vba code. However, when I run the code the file doesn't save, and I've found that it has to do with the fact that the...
  7. D

    VBA to apply Grouping based on Leading Blanks in an Essbase Indented Retrieve

    The Hyperion Essbase Zoom-in displays members of a hierarchical dimension in a single column, with leading blanks in front of the member names. The number of leading blanks indicates the Level (generation) of the member. The top of the hierarchy has zero leading blanks, next level has five...
  8. P

    VBA - Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces from a Column in Excel

    Hi Could anybody post a VBA routine to remove LEADING and TRAILING spaces from a Column of Text in Excel please. COL A will do for example purposes. Cant find exactly what I'm looking for on Google. Thanks
  9. K

    Leading zero in CSV

    So I have tried so many different ways before reaching out to you guys. Is there anyway to have a CSV file with leading zeros in a number field that will not drop the zero when reopening the file?!
  10. J

    How can I pass a number with leading zero's as a parameter in PQ?

    Hi, I've looked all over for a solution to this but nothing. I'm trying to pass a number as a parameter into a URL, keeping the leading zero's. Example: 000129832 When I enter this it gets passed as 129832 which doesn't work in the URL I have this: let SR=(ACNUM)=> let Source...
  11. M

    VBA to Remove Leading Space

    I am not well versed on macros and am looking for assitance on a VBA that would remove/trim leading spaces. Cell range is A1:AU500. I've googled around and searched the boards here, but I can't quite get anything to work. Thanks for your help.
  12. S

    Power Query is ADDING in leading zeros when convert to text

    I have a column with both numbers 1-99 and a few alphanumerics like U08. Import throws an error because "U" isn't a number. However, all my numbers now have leading zeros, 3 is now 003. Can I convert to text while maintaining the original numbers?
  13. K

    VBA: moving an array but keeping the format unchanged

    I have a list of suppliers codes, most of them are in text format like ABC, DEF, XYZ however I have a few that are just numbers, 12456 6789 00056 This last one is causing me problems as the leading zeros are lost I am moving the data, trying to avoid a copy paste...
  14. Z

    How to work with leading zeros and vlookup

    Help needed...again... I have a sheet that has 5-digit number codes in column B. I am trying to use a vlookup in column A to pull in names from a named table "CP_NAMES" in another workbook "Freeze Code Template". Column B sometimes has leading zeros (1 or 2), which makes the vlookup give me...
  15. P

    Macro Assistance

    While importing a text file with city, states, and zip codes, i run into an issue during my data review because Excel is dropping the leading 0’s from the zip codes. How can be this fixed so that leading 0's does not get drop? here is the code on which i was trying. Sub CombineTextFiles()...
  16. C

    CSV Fie import with leading 00's

    Hello, I have a CSV file that we use to import files into our ERP system. I have some parts that I need to import that are numbered parts which have leading 00's to start them. Ex. 005566770007. Saving as CSV does not allow me to save this as text as far as I know so the two 00's at the...
  17. E

    Right/Left Formulas and dropping leading zeros from result

    I am using the =RIGHT('Q-Tools Data'!A2,4) function on this data: 4004050.0001 and the result is 0001 How do I get the result to be 1 instead and drop leading zeros?
  18. S

    Extract Text to Left Before First Space and Return to Right Side (End) of Same String

    Good day. I have columns of analytical data, some have a leading letter(s) as part of the lab result (i.e., U, UJ, E, B, R), some have no letter. There is a space between the letter and number: U 0.042 I need to reverse the string: 0.042 U If there is no letter (e.g., 0.042 or cell is...
  19. L

    The Evaluate function drops a leading zero

    Hi is there a way to use the VBA Evaluate function and have it retain a leading zero, if the zero is there? I don't want to add leading zeros I just want it to be kept if it already exists. Thanks L
  20. K

    Leading Zeroes in a List

    Hi All, I am trying to create a list of numbers in one column. My list needs to have two leading zeroes. The problem is that once the list hits 10, it takes away one leading zero. For example, excel does this:001 004 ... 009 010 011 ... 099 100 101 I would like the list to increment...

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