1. L

    LEFT() versus --LEFT()

    Hello, I am using this formula --LEFT() instead of LEFT(), and I get different results, but I do not actually understand why. Can anybody explain what the -- does to the formula?
  2. M

    How to seperate into firstname, secondname etc...

    I've got this nagging situation/s. In my excel files I've this: examples in the tables are as below: Names FirstName MiddleName LastName Roberto Engelesias Darwin Subramurthy s/o Thirumurthy Abdool Kassim ibnu Murshid Azmi Bin Abdullah How do I seperate it into...
  3. E

    Cannot use "Right" Function. Apparently meaning has changed.

    I have a large VBA project I'm working on that uses the "Right" function a lot. All of a sudden it gives me an error message of... "Compile Error Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignments." When I try to compile, with the "Right" Function highlighted. What's really strange is...
  4. L

    conditional formatting - bar based on value

    Hi I created a conditional formatting based on the value of the cell excel would insert bar as below. The bar can move from left to right or right to left. My question can I create similar bar but move from bottom to top? is that possible? Thank you very much
  5. willow1985

    LEFT function of a certain word by a certain amount of characters

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that can find a certain work and return only 10 characters to the left of that word. For example OTHER INFORMATION.... FOR PO# 55222 FROM COMPANY Left of "From Company" I want it to return the PO# 55222 Any help would be appreciated Thank you! :) Carla
  6. J

    LEFT() for each rows in a single cell?

    The following data is in a SINGLE cell. I'm trying to get the phone number from each line and output it as just a list of phone numbers in a single cell. FROM THIS: <tbody> (734) 435-8519 < Sent TXT 14/25/09 @ 08:54 (734) 917-1416 < Sent TXT 14/25/09 @ 08:54 (734) 742-6437 < Sent TXT 14/25/09...
  7. G

    Extract text between a character and first space left of that character.

    Hi, The title says it all. I'm trying to extract the text between a character (character is "%") and the first space to the left of that "%" character. I figure it would need to include the left and find functions but I am having a hardtime figuring out how to put it all together. Any help...
  8. willow1985

    Multiple IF AND statements including LEFT

    Hello, Quick question. I am looking to do a multiple IF AND statement including LEFT. The below formula gives me a #VALUE error so I know I am doing it incorrectly: =IF(AND(C2="Blue",(LEFT(D2,1)="C"),"250",""),IF(AND(C2="Blue",LEFT(D2,1)="B"),250,"")) C2 has to be Blue AND D2 has to start...
  9. C

    Trying to create a new table based on the results of 2 joined queries

    Trying to create a new Access table based on the results of 2 join queries (see below). Each query individually runs fine with no errors, but when I use UNION I receive an error message "An action query cannot be used as a row source". Can someone help? Thank you! CODE: SELECT...
  10. H

    Get Nearest value from a range based on a reference cell value

    My Data Range is B2:G10 having 4 columns B,C,D & E. These 4 Columns are ‘continuous’ & have values which are either ‘INCREASING’ from B to E or ‘DECREASING’ from B to E. Reference range is from G2:G10 Output required: 1. I2=’Nearest’ value from B to E with reference to G 2...
  11. A

    Number formatting into Sets of 3

    I have numbers in column A that look like this <tbody> 13,065,102 13,165 4,051,065 600 18,013,092 </tbody> But when I click in the formula bar they are really this (real numbers) <tbody> 13065102 13165 4051065 600 18013092 </tbody> What I need to do is to is put the...
  12. D

    where is properties window vba?

    hi, i cant find it? i pressed f4 and it's not showing. also, before it disappeared, it was "free flowing" and not locked as it usually is at the bottom left corner? how do i lock it? (first i need for it to show up, my first issue)
  13. S

    Match value from another worksheet, if they match return value from left of matched value

    Hello all- Trying to cross reference one worksheet with another(old format) and return the relevant data that is in the left column if they match. HELP
  14. smide

    VBA to get a number for a HTML style value without the "%" suffix

    Hello. In cell A1 (Sheet 1) I'm receiving a huge HTML code. I need to extract somehow values for 'top' and 'left' without % suffix. for: style="top: 54%; left: 13%; I need only 54 and 13 Results should be placed in column B for top values (B2:B300) and column C for left values (C2:C300)...
  15. J

    Using "Left" function nested within a "Match" nested within an "Index" function

    Hello, I can't seem to figure out where to place the "Left" function in the below formula. Cell "EA7" contains a number followed by three letters. These letters will only always be one of the four. "Eng", "Out", "RWK", or "Cust". Not all the numbers in Column EA will be followed by these...
  16. D

    Remove Characters from Both Sides of a Formula

    Hello again, You guys are so helpful! I currently have the following formula on a cell: =INDEX(DI1:DT1,MATCH(MAX(DI2:DT2),DI2:DT2,0)) It is working great. However, I would like to add additional functionality to the formula, where 19 characters of the output are removed from the left, and 31...
  17. L

    Monthly deduction formula

    Hi, What I a after if possible please is a formula where it can work out how much money is left that month. I would like to enter an "income" (that is variable) figure in a cell and in a return cell get how much of that is left depending on today's date with any upcoming bills for that month...
  18. E

    Pop up window

    I am making a userform in excel using VBA. I want whenver a textbox1 is left blank after clicking a save button a pop up window is trigerred saying "the textboox1 cannot be left blank" I know how to do this Function ValidateForm() As Boolean ValidateForm = True If Trim(a1.Value) =...
  19. M

    COUNTIFS with OR

    Here's my formula right now: =COUNTIFS(Q$2:Q$1127,$B1136,F$2:F$1127,"Y",$A$2:$A$1127,"Provider") I want to COUNTIF $A$2:$A$1127 contains "Vendor" OR "Investor" along with the conditions for ranges in Q and F. I tried...
  20. M

    ActiveX button Not Working

    I have a few active-x buttons in a .xlsm file that I sent to a coworker. He can execute the macros manually so I know macros are enabled but when he clicks a button the button shape and text appear briefly above the actual button and a bit to the left and then vanish and NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS...

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