line chart

  1. S

    How do I make a line graph from this data?

    Hi, I want to create a line graph to map progress for a couple of people. On the X axis I want date, I have Min and Max but manually can do. On the Y axis I have 0 to 100%. The progress is entered in a three column table with Name, Date and progress. So Person 1 can have multiple entries with...
  2. M

    Line chart - multiple lines with gradient

    Hi! I'm looking to create a chart with multiple lines, each one representing a different day's worth of data. As I add more lines, I want the newer data to be shown in a different color as the older one, forming a gradient among the lines that makes it clear which data is more recent. This could...
  3. Jyggalag

    Color the area inbetween two lines in a chart/graph?

    Hi all, I currently have this graph here: I would like to color the area inbetween the yellow and the red line with an orange color. I would like to know: 1) is this possible, and if so, how? 2) if it is possible, is it also possible to make it do this coloring without pasting the orange...
  4. T

    Multiple Line Charts Based on DataRange Sheet

    I have 2 sheets in my excel file (Data and DataRanges). DataRanges sheet includes Start & End columns (multiple rows) which represent the range for each graph. The data sheet includes Data Serial which will represent data in serial for those ranges (start, end) to plot a simple line graph...
  5. C

    Extract Max Value (Minutes) per day into line chart

    Hello, I'm trying to extract my max value per day from the pivot table into the line chart, how can i achieve this ? Below is my current line chart I want the line chart to be able to extract only max value per day like below Thanks in advance p;s : My data source is in dynamic range
  6. B

    manipulating plotted lines on a graph

    I have plotted lines for three data sets and am required to manipulate the data in a couple of ways in order to make each line start at (0,0). I have attached an image of my raw graph for reference below. Essentially I need to extend the linear portion of the line to the x-axis as shown below...
  7. P

    Add 'Window' (?) To Line Chart

    I'm trying to add a window (if that's even the right term) to a line chart. I've done a mockup attached - it's just a line chart with a yellow rectangle drawn over it. Is there a way to actually add this rectangle as part of the chart and make it dynamic based on cell values? I want it to...
  8. E

    line graph not showing on top of bar stacked bar graph

    I have a stacked bar graph. I converted one of the series to a line graph (Change Series Chart type then select line graph) but the line series is not showing. Any advise? I am using Excel 2010 so No combo graph option.
  9. T

    Change axis bounds in Excel based on data

    I am creating many line graphs and would like to know of a way to change the vertical axis bound minimum and maximum based on the data itself? For example for set of data, the amounts ranges from 6 million to 12 million while another data set ranges from 3 thousand to 5 thousand. Same graph just...
  10. Z

    How to hide 0s in graph using VBA?

    I want to create a Line chart that doesn't graph 0 values. I know there are methods to change the data to be able to graph 0s but I can't do that for a variety of reasons. Is there anyway of not graphing the zeros? Or replace all the 0 values in an array of arrays that represent my data? I'd...
  11. V

    Create a line chart with flexible end columns

    Hi all thanks a lot in advance to the people that will help me with this. I have to create a line chart which should automatically updates according to the variable length of the columns of data that I want to display in my line chart. Any help/code that can help me? my line chart shows the...
  12. G

    Chart Not hiding 0 Values even after NA() formulae applied

    Hello, I've been trying to get a line chart to hide 0 values. I've tried forcing the formulae to make a blank cell and for a NA() but the chart still connects 0 values.- (Please see video link below) Any help on how to solve this would be hugely appreciated...
  13. J

    Creating multiple separate line graphs at once

    ​Hi, I have about 400 SKUs and I would like to track the demand trend using the sales figures. Is it possible generate multiple separate line graphs for each SKU? I'm aiming to get an output similar to the image below. Table 1 <tbody> ITEM_SIZE ITEM CODE (SKU) Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct...
  14. W

    Line Chart Peercentage Errors

    I have a spread sheet with percentages that I placed into a line chart; there are three separate categories (lines). However, the percentages in the cells do not match how they are plotted on the chart. It is almost line they are multiplied. I tried all the different line charts; when I use a...
  15. T

    plotting a chart, disregarding certain values.

    Hi all, I am trying to create a workbook that plots a line chart of two data sets. the problem i am running into is that some of the time-stamps from one set will not match up with the others, and thus need to be ignored. i managed to do this with if statements easily, and currently, any non...
  16. B

    Re-order Legend for VBA Created Line Chart

    Hi All, Feel like this one is easy but I can't find it... I have a task at work where I routinely plot several thousand coat weights and it's a bit tedious so I wrote a little macro to just take out the mundane nature of it. I wrote it so that I just select the 3 columns of data (always lower...
  17. C

    Excel line chart (how to change axis points)

    If I have the following data for example: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 70px"><col width="103"><col width="80"></colgroup><tbody> Weight (lb) Type of Dog Speed (mph) 50 Dalmatian 12 60...
  18. N

    PivotChart - Stacked column and line chart issue

    I'm trying to create a PivotChart that looks like this: However, since my data is organized like below I cannot find a proper way to do that. And my chart ends up looking like this, where I have a line for each sales stage: Is there any way I can sum the the perceived sales value, so...
  19. H

    Excel 2013 - x Axis label alignment on a line chart (how to rotate labels)

    I know how to do this in Excel 2010 but I can't seem to find options for this in Excel 2013. I would like to rotate my x axis labels. In Excel 2010 there is an option where you can set the angle of an x axis label. But when I choose Format Axis in 2013 I cannot see an option for alignment...
  20. S

    Line Chart

    Hi, I have 20000+ records in a table, and I want to produce a line chart from the following columns: 1) Number: decimal values 2) Date: can have duplicates 3) ItemGroup: can have duplicates The line chart should show the evolution of the Number for each ItemGroup over time (by Date). I am...

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