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    Set Min and Max Axis in a Line Graph

    Hi, wonder if anyone could assist, I have created numerous data sets that with be selected by a drop down box and would like to present a line graph, but the as with the variable I would like the graph to automatically adjust the min and max axis so it looks cleaner and easier to read. I have...
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    Line graph with error bars for range

    Hi All, I am hoping someone could help me. I have some data that I have plotted the averages of as a line graph: My supervisors would like me to add whiskers/error bars based on the range from the data: B-SC IR-SC SC-IR SC-B Initial Inoculum Average: 7.95E+07 Range: 7.90E+07 -...
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    Changing Line Graph Format

    Hello, I thought this would be simple to do but I am stumped by it so hoping someone can help me. I have a line chart with months on the x axis and the quantities on the y axis. All I want to do is have months on the Y axis and quantities of the x axis but just can't work out how. If Itry...
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    Creating a line graph that shows the relationship between my business's takings and the weather

    Hi, I'm in need of some help in creating a spreadsheet and graph for my business. I haven't used Excel since I left school so I'm a little bit rusty, but I'm a fast learner. I work in a pub with a large beer garden. I want to create a spreadsheet and line graph that show the relationship...
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    Line Graph dropping to zero

    Hello, I have a line graph with a date range of June 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018. There are no formulas. Each day a number is entered into a cell. From tomorrow through 12/31/2018 the cells are obviously empty. However, the line graph drops to zero and goes all the way to 12/31/2018. How can I...
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    Broken line in line graph when formula is NA

    Hello, I am using excel 2010. What I want to do is show a dotted or broken line to automatically be displayed in my line chart if the formula in the cell is NA. So I might have something like 100%, 90%, 95%, NA, 100%. It would be great if there was a regular line and then from 95% to NA to...
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    Graph multiple lines at once

    Is there a better and more efficent way to graph multiple rows of data. My sheet is set so that B2-B82 are classes C2-C82 week one scores D2-D82 week two scores E2-E82 week three scores F2-F82 week four scores Is there a way to create a simple line graph for each class, so that each class has...
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    Chart using data range from address function

    Hi All, Nearing the end of my journey to create a Graph that updates itself based on if data exists. Background: I have 2 rows of finance over time. However only some of those cells have data. I have successfully used index and address functions to work out the address of where data starts and...
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    Graphing Intercept Points

    Hi there. What I am trying to do is insert intercepts into my line graph, so that my line graph is more easily readable. The problem I am facing is that my line graph is always changing based on the data that is input. Basically, without going into too much detail, I am creating a calculator...
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    Changing the color on the line graph

    Hi, I need to change color on a line graph, but not color for the complete line, just for one change. For example. I have 5 entries. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I want that from 1 to 3 is blue color, from 3 to 4 red color and from 4 to 5 again blue color of the line. Please help :biggrin:
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    Automatically highlight a point on a line graph

    Suppose I have a set of data of price trend that is plotted on a line graph, labeled by date. I want to be able to input a specific date in that range, and the graph should highlight the data point on that date? Specially, I want to be able to draw a line down (This is bonus, as long as I can...
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    Chart Help!

    Needing to create a line graph showing oil production data for each month across several years. The way the data was logged included Jan-Dec as column headings and years 1986-2015 as row headings. How can I graph this data starting with January of 1986 and ending with December of 2015 across the...
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    Difference/Spread Between Two Line Graphs when Data does not Align.

    Hello! I have a set of data similar to the following plotted as two line graphs, one for Bills, one for Coups. As any point between the two lines, I would like to find the difference. The problem is, the data points do not line up, so I can't simply take Coups minus Bills. Is there a way to...
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    How to Create a time gap if you can

    I am currently working on my dissertation and have hit a wall. I have collected data every half an hour for 4 hours and plotted this on a line graph, however i also have data for 20 hours and 24 hours from the starting point which i cannot plot as i can't seem to create a "time gap" ? any help...
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    Graphing Question

    Hello, I am trying to create a line graph using excel, but the data sheet is not conducive to graphing. Specifically, I need cells C2 and R2 to be one line, and Cells D2:Q2 to be another line. I am sure this is possible I just don't know what commands to use. Thanks,
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    Changing colour of line graph

    Hi, I am trying to produce a line graph which tracks performance. I have a target figure to measure performance against but I want to track by day quantities produced where the figures above the target figure is green and below the target shows as red. Can anyone help?
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    InterActive Line graph help

    I would like to know if there is a way to highlight my line graph when the line passes the control limit. Also If there is anyway to highlight the line when I hover over it and show a lot more detail, that would be very cool. I have been looking around for a video or blog that would show me...
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    Is it Possible to Conditionally Format a Line Graph?

    Good afternoon, I have a line graph that has varying levels of slopes. I was wondering if there was a way to conditionally format the line to show more green the more the slope is flat, show more red when the slope is very steep, and yellow/orange when it's about halfway in between. Is this...
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    Creating a Target or Goal Line by giving starting and ending goal values

    I am creating a template/form for a table and a line chart that represents the data in the table. This is for progress monitoring in a school system. The table includes 37 weeks (columns). I want to add another row for a Goal line. The goal will increase each week (column). It would be really...
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    I need to make a graph

    Hello everyone, I am enrolled in an online math program and need to submit a geometric graph. It needs to have an x and y axis, but nothing fancy - it will just be a few line segments. I cannot find a way to do this in Excel (I have the 2011 version). Is there a way? If so, how can I do it...

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