link cells

  1. A

    Create a tracking link based on data from two cells

    Hello, I'll start by saying I'm a little past novice with the power of Excel, but also not super intricately skilled—so hoping someone with more knowledge can assist! I am trying to have excel create a tracking link based on which carrier an employee selects in Column G and the tracking # in...
  2. B

    Automatically Move Cell Info When Row is Added

    Forgive me I am a noob. I have an excel workbook that pulls data from an outside source that ends up adding rows for the new data. There are columns where we type in notes pertaining to the data in that row. I am trying to find out if it's possible to have the typed information automatically...
  3. Y

    Create book with reference to initial sheet

    Hi! I have an inventory sheet with data. Then I have a book, where each page has multiple cells relating to a line item on the inventory sheet. Rather than manually link 100 pages, how to I duplicate each page and have the multiple cells magically refer to the next line item? Thank you!
  4. H

    Hyperlink cell based on value

    I am having a sheet in which I want to hyperlink a cell such that it finds text mentioned in formula and moves cursor there For this I am using below formula =HYPERLINK("#ToDo!A" & MATCH("promc1",A:A,0), "display text") Above formula is entered in cell A53 Todo is sheet name in the same...
  5. C

    Assigning column values to a heading

    Hi, Yesterday I posted a similar question to this one but figured more context is needed in order for a solution to work for me :( For context, I have data in a primary table structured like below: <tbody> Name City Level Jeff Perth 5 Mark London 2 Phil New York 4 </tbody> The names...
  6. C

    Assign column values to heading? - Linking Cell Movement

    Hi! I want to be able to make cells move together if I change the value of one of the headings. I currently have the heading set up to come from another sheet using a vlookup. When I insert a column on the other sheet, (say, Jim) the second table below is what I get, but what I want to occur is...
  7. K

    Link Cells to Change Cell Value from Many Cells

    I don't actually know how to word this question. I'm not looking to simply link cells together with an = or similar function. Is there a way to set up cells so that if I change the value in any of those cells, they all change? Ideally, they will link across sheets. Example: A1, B2, and C3 are...
  8. V

    Number Formats, Decimals And Linked Cells

    Hi All, As a basic user, I'm having what I hope is an easy to answer issue, so apologies if it's been asked before. I have a spreadsheet which records scores for a charity quiz I run twice a year. The scores are entered into Sheet A (which is organised alphabetically by team name for ease of...
  9. K

    Formula to replace CountIf with a ">0" criteria

    Right now I have a Summary workbook (let's call it [Summary.xlsx]) which has links to about 60 other excel documents (I'll refer to as [Other.xlsx]). I'm trying to pull the last number in a column from the [Other.xlsx] documents into a cell on the summary workbook, but the [Other.xlsx] is...
  10. cricket1001

    Copy worksheet to new workbook with everything linked

    I want to copy a worksheet to another workbook where everything is linked. For ex: I have a workbook called "Budget 2016" with a worksheet called "Credit Cards" and a worksheet called "Budget IL & FL". In the "Credit Cards" worksheet I have all info about each credit card like the balance...
  11. N

    Automatically Change String Value of a Cell Based on the String Value of Another Cell

    Hi Forum, I've had a tough time searching for a solution with Google. I don't quite know how else to phrase it. I have an Excel workbook where users input data. In two of the columns, D and E, users select from in-cell dropdowns (data validation). Each column has three selections to choose...
  12. MrDB4Excel

    Link excel to PDF

    Is it possible to set a print area in an excel sheet that would hyperlink to a Bluebeam PDF document such that anytime changes were made in the excel those changes would appear in the PDF? In addition a change to the excel sheet might be a different, usually larger, size of print area. I assume...
  13. K

    Link values between 2 cells, same row different columns

    Hello All, I have a sheet that has a list of sheet names that "live" updates, when a new sheet is added or a sheet is moved in the workbook the list updates accordingly to keep the order the sheets are in. However, the column next to that list of names allows the user to place an "x" in cell...
  14. M

    autofill and autocopy of cells from other worksheets

    Hey everyone, Can anyone please tell me how to do this? Just bear with me until I explain what I need to do. Thanks and... here we go! :) I have 1 MAIN worksheet that is named TOTALS and 12 secondary worksheets (one for each month of the year) that are called.... January, February, etc. Now...
  15. E

    Link cell data, hyperlinks, and formatting from Workbook 1 to Workbook 2 in Excel 2013

    I need to create a workbook, called “Roundup.xslm,” that links back to cells in the primary workbook, “Articles.xlsm.” Each record (row) has six columns (A:F). One of the columns is hyperlinked to a file or Web URL. I need to link the rows in Roundup to the records in Articles so that when the...
  16. L

    Click on a cell to link to a cell on a different sheet with same string

    With Exel 2003: Sheet 1 <TBODY> A B C </TBODY> Sheet 2 <TBODY> C B A </TBODY> I want to be able to click on a cell in sheet 1 and get linked directly to a cell with the exact same string in sheet 2. I have just been asked to do this for my boss and I havent...
  17. K

    How to link cells to each other by 2-way dynamic link?

    Hello, I want to link 2 cells to each other so that the user can enter a value in either cell, and the value is automatically copied to the other cell via a 2-way dynamic link. Is there any way to set this up without using VBA? I would be surprised if Excel does not have this capability, but...
  18. F

    Date and Number Linked to a Conditional Formula

    I want to have a cell that contains a numeric value that's connected somehow to a date. Is there a way to make a cell that contains a value to be "date specific". Here's what I'm trying to do. I'm making a sheet that is helping me determine inventory quantities at the beginning of each...
  19. 9

    How do you lock, link, or associate a single row of data so it stays together during a sort on another worksheet?

    I have a spreadsheet in which Worksheet 1 is a master list of names andgroup assignments. Worksheet 2 sorts these names into the respective groups. Worksheets 3 and 4 are group specific worksheets, pulling the sorted group lists from worksheet 2 into column A. Attendance Data for each...
  20. H

    linking cells

    How do i link cells ie if i input somethng into say e5 I want it to add 1 to d5 then if i put info into e6 it will add another 1 to d5 making d5 =2 so E5 =lost18 e6 =won 18 then d5 would =2 e7 =won 9 then d5 would =3 but e5 is on 1 sheet2 and d5 is sheet 2 but in same workbook

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