linked table

  1. M

    Linked Access Data Table not acting as I would expect

    Hi all, Sort of a hybrid Excel/Access question possibly. I have a database that has a query which feeds into a direct connected sheet in my workbook. I inserted it as a table, and the weird thing is that it populates all of the numbers, out to several decimal places. Looks like 10-15 decimal...
  2. A

    Excel VBA to run Access Macro-Linked Table issue

    Hello, I have an Access query that creates a data table based on user defined parameters. The data table is linked to excel, with a shared connection to access. I found some VBA code to run an access macro from Excel, that basically reruns the query and updates the access data table. The...
  3. B

    Formula range changes when linked table is refreshed

    Greetings! I have a table linked to Access, with a column I inserted into the Excel table, so I could use a formula. However, when I refresh the table, the range in the formula changes. Nothing else in the formula changes, just the range. Here is the formula as it should be: Cell T3...
  4. J

    Insert Row in Table Linked to PowerPoint

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my linked tables in PowerPoint. Currently, I have a master excel file that contains a lot of tables on different sheets. The tables link perfectly fine to my PowerPoint file. However, when I try and add/delete a row in the master file, the linked table in...
  5. iggydarsa

    live connection between an Access table and a SQL server table

    Hi, I have a table in Access called "Client". I also have a table in SQL server named "TAT". They have the same data structure and I already exported the data from Access to SQL. However, everytime there are changes in Access, I want it to be reflected in SQL as well. I created a linked table...
  6. C

    Best approach to updating/adding records in Access that are linked to Excel Table

    It's been awhile since I've had to use Access. I have a roster database in Excel that I want to be able to create reports for in Access. So I linked the table in Access and created my report. What is going to happen when I add records in Excel and use Custom Sort? It looks like I am not able...
  7. E

    Powerpivot: fixed data type for linked table

    Hi, I currently have an excel table linked to powerpivot. Powerpivot will automatically set the data type for that field to numbers when the data is updated. However, when I delete all data from that table and update the data model, powerpivot then changes the data type to text since there is...
  8. R

    Dynamic link named table

    Is there any way to link excel named table with word, but in that way when table change size in excel it automatically changing in word... Thanks in advance and hello to all, this is my first post here :) sorry for mistakes, i don't speak english well
  9. nuked

    Updating records in linked Sharepoint table

    Bit of a long-shot on here, granted, but I wonder whether anyone could give me some generic advice. I have a sharepoint list with about 50k records (I know this has busted the recommended capacity by a considerable degree!), and I have linked this list in MS Access 2003. Now, this list has...
  10. C

    Using VBA to update range of Word table linked to an Excel file

    Hello, I am working with a Word file that has tables linked to different ranges in Excel. Since the size of the table can change in Excel, I am looking for a way to update the ranges of all the linked tables in Word in an automated fashion instead of manually having to update them. To...
  11. V

    End(xlDown).Value deletes data in a Linked table

    Hi All, There doesnt seem to be a post on this, and it's really probably a simple problem that is now really starting to bug me. My VBA says: Dim SampleNumber as Variant Columns("B:B").End(xlDown).Select ActiveCell.Value = SampleValue But everytime my code executes the activecell.value...
  12. T

    Query linked tables with same field name

    I have a database (access 2000) for each project that I'm working on, which has a table named RawData. Data is dumped into this table which has a field FileName that I'm trying to query. In each project database I can query this field and return a result for the number of filenames in a given...
  13. M

    Issue: Access data not showing up in Excel

    I have an Access database which pulls data from three different Excel reports, combines it, then runs queries to get a single month's data, and feeds that into a table in another Excel document (which is linked so it automatically updates). Normally this works fine, but my most recent query...

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