linking data

  1. C

    Linking Content that has not yet been created

    Hi All, Hoping to find a solution to a problem I'm having at work. I work at a real estate brokerage and we have a Comparables Database on an excel web workbook. I want to link SOME not all of the columns from the master file to a newly created client file that we can share with our...
  2. U

    VBA Powerpoint to Excel

    Hello Excel Gurus, I'm trying to link my excel tabs sheets to a powerpoint template. However, whenever I run the macro, the charts overlaps in the slides. Is there any way where I can set the slide view to 100%? Whenever I open the PPT, its always set to 115% - not pretty sure if this is the...
  3. M

    Linking Data of a cell in the same worksheet from another excel sheet

    Hello Sirs, I have an excel file as drawing register showing the details of drawings received - such as Reference Number, Attachments details & Drawing Titles etc. (Say the file name name as "Register1"). I wanted to make transmittal for each item in another excel file (say file name as...
  4. Y

    Linking Data

    I have a list of students and there appropriate targets and grades they are separated into there classes in separate tabs at the moment i need away of linking each students data onto a master sheet as the separate tabs have more info than the master sheet requires is there any way of doing this...
  5. M

    Linking data from Excel to Word Question

    Hi! The company I work for recently decided to try and automate our reports. Most of our information is calculated in Excel sheets. I decided that linking the Excel data to the report in Word would be the best way! All of the Excel sheets and the Report templates are saved in the Dropbox so...
  6. E

    Get Data from other excell files

    I have 12 excel files that contain a column with dates. The dates occur multiple times. I need to count the number of occurances of each date on all 12 files. Is there a way to do this with a formula or array? Example, <tbody> Date column on file 1 6-1-2015 6-1-2015 6-3-2015...
  7. R

    How to auto populate a worksheet using a reference cell

    I have two spreadsheets, one which contains job data, and the other that is set up as a job sheet form. Currently I link each cell of the form to the appropriate cells in the data sheet, but figure someone here may know a way that I can populate the needed data from the data sheet into the job...
  8. S

    Help required in linking sheets!

    Hello, My source sheet contains a huge set of data spread across 5 different sub-sheets within it (average of 5000 line items per sheet). The output analysis (using sumproduct formula) from these sheets are formulated into an output sheet which is a seperate excel file. The problem I am facing...
  9. K


    LOL, Thank you in advance for answering my question. There are some really good excel pros around here! Im having a problem linking additional information from a pull down list. I have a list cell of restaurants from a pull down list in a sheet. The cells next to the restaurant cell have...
  10. M

    Employee Scheduling in Excel

    My Problem: I currently create my employee schedule in excel and I am trying to find a way to decrease the time I spend entering date. Currently worksheet A lists the employee name in the first column and the days of the week as column headers, where I input the employee shifts for the week...
  11. K

    linking with data matches

    I would like to link two excel spreadsheets such that the information will match itself to a particular data point. That is, I want my inventory updates to link into my sales spreadsheet, but I also want to correlate the data so the item numbers match up. The way the spreadsheets are created...
  12. S

    Vlookup two workbooks

    I am using a VLOOKUP function to bring in data from an additional workbook. It does not seem to work unless I give it a little push start. I either need to click on the cell and then the formula box to somewhat activate the formula and then hit enter. Which it will bring it in or I can bring up...
  13. D

    Trouble linking fields together in one table

    First let me apologize for this posting. I am an Access noob, with little intention of mastering it. However, I'm very savvy with these kinds of things normally, and have passed my frustration threshold. I am fairly certain that this is a very basic question, but so far can only find info on...
  14. A

    Linking many source files to a single data table

    Dear Excel gurus, I have a customer whose Finance Controller is spending hours (if not days) every month to produce a Balanced Scorecard. He has set up links from the scorecard to over 20 external files. There are two challenges as I see it: 1) The names of those files change monthly (i.e...

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