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    Creating a mastersheet with synced sheets

    HI, I am trying to do something that I thought should be quite simple. I am using Google sheets, not excel, on a Mac in Chrome. I have 10 columns and multiple rows of data, which is my master data. In the same workbook, but on a separate sheet, (so not importrange) I want to reflect that data on...
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    Linking Excel Through Email?? Automatic Update?

    Is it possible to create a excel sheet and then send it via email in such a way that allows multiple users to access it, but updates to every sheet? I am not sure if that is clear. But I want to have multiple people be able to open the sheet on different computers/locations/times and be able to...
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    Dynamically Linking Workbooks to update when master is updated

    Hello, I am trying to create a series of workbooks which enable me to manage a number of different email distribution lists. Workbook 1 contains all the data of everyone on all email distribution lists. Workbook 2 contains all the data of everyone in distribution list 1 Workbook 3 contains all...
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    I wish to get the macro codes for a Drop Down List spredsheet

    I want a main sheet and 3 sub-sheets. All sheets have 3 columns <tbody> Date Number Type </tbody> I want them to sort by Date first, Then Number. The type cells will have ‘drop down lists’ on them; 1, 2 and 3 corresponding to the three sub-sheets. I would like the...
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    How to get results from a different table/sheet that dynamically changes.

    Hello, I have tried the search engine and I don't think I have worded my issue correctly. Pardon my English as it is not my first language. I'll explain what I have and what I need. What I have. 1. I have a workbook where it contains several sheets. 2. The first sheet will contain results...
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    Sharing Data between sheets of a workbook

    Hello all, I am struggling with creating a macro that can link the data in one of my sheets to specific locations in other sheets in the same workbook. I have written on macro that has the users (7 people) use a form importing the needed information. I am trying to figure out a way to write a...

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