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    Reading in cells linked to multiple list validations

    I am trying to update 3 different list validation cells, running through all possible combinations of the 3, and then read in some cell values. The loop seems to work fine, and changes the list values correctly, but the final assignment of the cell values to my other workbook doesnt seem to...
  2. J

    Using list boxes to display distance data with multiple IF AND statements

    This is not about Nested IF statements. Hi I am trying to output data values when 2 list box selections are true. ie. List box 1 = Player position - Left Forward Pocket -Full Forward -Right Forward Pocket etc... List box 2 = Venue -Adelaide Oval -Bellerieve Oval -Carrara etc... When: List...
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    List Box Sizing

    is there anyway to loop through all my lists boxes and make them the same size when the excel file is opened?
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    List box

    Is it possible through VBA code to make a list box display its top value? How???
  5. A

    ListBox Range with Filtered Data From a PowerQuery

    Hello, I have a power query table on sheet2 that will have a different range each time the query is ran. I need it to populate a list box on sheet1. Kicker. It also has to be able to populate with filtered data also (filter selection is a combo box on Sheet1 "C26"). I tried a few different ways...
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    List Boxes Font Size

    I have 42 list boxes. When the file is opened on a different PC and then i reopen it on mine the font shrinks. Is there a way to loop through all 42 boxes when the file is opened and set the all to font size 24?
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    Read text file using ADO and populate a... Listbox in this example

    The below sub i created to populate a listbox using ADO to read a text file as Access and SQL were unavailable. I needed 2 columns from the txt file and one would differ per user so i used the persons computer username as the column name i would need (so it would work for anybody in the table)...
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    How to populate a userform listbox from excel data

    Process so far, the problem one is step 3 only: 1. Get file path of document and populate into a listbox (Code below) Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() 'GetOpenFile MultiSelect will return an Array if more than one is selected On Error Resume Next Dim FilePathArray As...
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    UserEntryForm Dependable multiple selection and entry of multiple rows at the same time

    Hello everyone, I would like to create a user entry form that would create multiple rows in the Worksheet in the following way: The user form would have 3 TextBoxes, 2 ComboBoxes, one multiple selection ListBox and a button for the entry An user of this form would write in the random...
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    Create dropdown list with either listbox or combo box where dropdown list length is dynamic

    In Sheet 1, the user would would be choosing the options in the dropdown. I'm not sure whether to use a data validation drop down or a combo box to achieve my goals and how to do it. The items in the dropdown list is located on Sheet 2. The length of the dropdown list will change as new items...
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    Expanding List Box Beyond 32K rows.

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can increase my list box beyond the 32,000 rows. I have 130K employees that I am tracking and the list box only goes to ee's with last name starting with the letter "E"? Regards, Diesel24
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    List box selection to a number of tboxes

    Hello all,, please forgive me I posted a similar question a couple of days ago but did not explain very well Im trying for our local charity to write a medic logging VBA Excel,, one of the user forms is to log up eight drugs (ufmedication) the form consists of a listbox (lbdrugs) sourced from a...
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    Userform listbox populates after pressing enter

    I am new to VBA and am trying to teach myself while putting together some things for work. I am hoping that one of your geniuses can help me out. I have used this forum often and it has a ton of great people so lets get to it. Goal: I want to be able to add an item number and quantity to a...
  14. C

    Extracting Data from Multi Selection List Boxes in Excel Userform

    HI I have a userform that contains text boxes, combo boxes, data pickers and list boxes. There are 2 list boxes, both of these are set up to allow multiple selections. I have code that loops through each control in the form to extract the data to a worksheet. This works fine for everything...
  15. A

    Copy - paste multiple selections in a listbox to a cell

    Hi I have a named range set in Sheet 1. I have inserted a List box in Sheet 2 and provided the named range in the input cell. But How do I save the selected values from this list box to a cell separated by ", " Pls help.
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    Fill a ListBox with extracted data

    Hello, can anybody help with this? I have a list box that I want populated by extracted date from this code: Sub Listing_Cousrse_Titles() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim r, a, Lastrow As Long Lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row a = 6 If Cells(a, 37) <> xlnull Then MsgBox...
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    ActiveX command buttons and list boxes not working in a UserForm

    Hello, I'm trying to write only my second UserForm and have bitten off more than I can chew! Here's hoping that some kind soul will be able to help me out. I'm using Excel 2010. My user form contains a series of frames which contain text boxes, labels, list boxes, option buttons and/or...
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    List Drop-Down boxes data to a table

    Hi, Is there a way of adding data that has been selected as drop down boxes into a table? - I have added a list box as a data validation in cells D3, D5, D7, D9 - Can I add a button that takes this data and adds it to a table and then deleting the data in cells D3, D5, D7, D9 to allow the form...
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    comment box will not stay in place

    I am creating a dashboard from survey data. I have created a comment box that will generate comments into a nice box with a scroll bar. However, the box changes sizes, moves location, and the font is barely legible after saving or reopening the dashboard. I don't have any of issues with any of...
  20. O

    VBA Script to allow formulas and drop down boxes?

    Hi from reviewing the forums I think VBA might be able to help solve my problem but I'm not sure how... Any thoughts gratefully received! I have a list of sections that will be selected as installed or not installed and all part numbers within that section need to first be switched to match...

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