list box

  1. brendalpzm

    Populate an ActiveX combo box according to a List Box values

    I have a ListBox that is filtered by a TextBox, but I want it ot be filter by a ComboBox as well, This means that If the TextBox is filtering specific values, the values shown in the ListBox must be shown in the ComboBox. This is a visual example of it And this is the code that I'm using for...
  2. brendalpzm

    Filter a list based on a text box value

    I created a list box with the following code: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim arrdata() As Variant Dim lngIndex As Long Dim lngRow As Long arrdata = Worksheets("Current").Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Value With Me.lstHeaders .ColumnCount = 7 .ColumnWidths =...
  3. R

    ListBox Multiple Selection Issue

    Hi, I am building a fabrication tracking spreadsheet and have a userform that allows staff members to update the status of an item to "Complete" when the item is finished. The userform contains a listbox in which they can can select multiple items if required, with a command button to confirm...
  4. A

    Excel form with drop down list

    I've done some research on combo boxes and list boxes and userforms and I feel a little out of my depth at this point as I cannot recreate this form as I need it and I'm sure it's a lot easier than I'm making it out to be. I am not opposed to creating the form in a new method and I would greatly...
  5. L

    list of worksheet and dialogbox to select

    Hi I am trying to get list of all worksheets, popup Dialog box to select a worksheet, then work with it. I thought cud store the sheetname in array, but does not work, please suggest. Thank you Sub ListSheets() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim i As Integer Dim ArrayValues As ArrayList ' This...
  6. V

    Display clicked List Box value in cell to the whole Column

    I have searched whole web looking for answers. Hopefully someone can help me out here. I want the client to be able to click on any cell in Column "R" so the list box will pop out and the client can make multiple selections, hit Save and the cell populates with those values. If there are couple...
  7. T

    Selecting from source : Data Validation

    Hi! I am having a difficult time figuring if I need a VBA for this as I have a source or list with all the items and each cell, I want to select some of the items into a drop down list is that possible? Thank you.
  8. Y

    Getting one List (VBA ListBox) to filter into 5 categories based on selection

    I have a list box on my VBA form with a list of U.S. States. The person filling out the form will select states they wish to be licensed in for work. Following their selection and submitting the form I want the states they have selected to appear in 5 predetermined categories with a "," between...
  9. U

    Multiple Listboxes showing ranges from active sheets

    Hi Everyone, This is my First Ever Post: I am creating a user form that will function similarly to a school management system. One of the elements that are part of it is a Pupil Profile, which shows all information relating to the specific child. Currently, each pupil has its own sheet. When...
  10. Crimson Accilia

    Team randomiser based on selections in list box

    Hey all, In need of some help. I would like the names from all categories displayed alphabetically in the top listbox which is taken from the info worksheet. From there I want to be able to create two randomised teams based on selected names in the list box where each category is split evenly...
  11. S

    Reading in cells linked to multiple list validations

    I am trying to update 3 different list validation cells, running through all possible combinations of the 3, and then read in some cell values. The loop seems to work fine, and changes the list values correctly, but the final assignment of the cell values to my other workbook doesnt seem to...
  12. J

    Using list boxes to display distance data with multiple IF AND statements

    This is not about Nested IF statements. Hi I am trying to output data values when 2 list box selections are true. ie. List box 1 = Player position - Left Forward Pocket -Full Forward -Right Forward Pocket etc... List box 2 = Venue -Adelaide Oval -Bellerieve Oval -Carrara etc... When: List...
  13. R

    List Box Sizing

    is there anyway to loop through all my lists boxes and make them the same size when the excel file is opened?
  14. P

    List box

    Is it possible through VBA code to make a list box display its top value? How???
  15. A

    ListBox Range with Filtered Data From a PowerQuery

    Hello, I have a power query table on sheet2 that will have a different range each time the query is ran. I need it to populate a list box on sheet1. Kicker. It also has to be able to populate with filtered data also (filter selection is a combo box on Sheet1 "C26"). I tried a few different ways...
  16. R

    List Boxes Font Size

    I have 42 list boxes. When the file is opened on a different PC and then i reopen it on mine the font shrinks. Is there a way to loop through all 42 boxes when the file is opened and set the all to font size 24?
  17. M

    Read text file using ADO and populate a... Listbox in this example

    The below sub i created to populate a listbox using ADO to read a text file as Access and SQL were unavailable. I needed 2 columns from the txt file and one would differ per user so i used the persons computer username as the column name i would need (so it would work for anybody in the table)...
  18. W

    How to populate a userform listbox from excel data

    Process so far, the problem one is step 3 only: 1. Get file path of document and populate into a listbox (Code below) Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() 'GetOpenFile MultiSelect will return an Array if more than one is selected On Error Resume Next Dim FilePathArray As...
  19. X

    UserEntryForm Dependable multiple selection and entry of multiple rows at the same time

    Hello everyone, I would like to create a user entry form that would create multiple rows in the Worksheet in the following way: The user form would have 3 TextBoxes, 2 ComboBoxes, one multiple selection ListBox and a button for the entry An user of this form would write in the random...
  20. Q

    Create dropdown list with either listbox or combo box where dropdown list length is dynamic

    In Sheet 1, the user would would be choosing the options in the dropdown. I'm not sure whether to use a data validation drop down or a combo box to achieve my goals and how to do it. The items in the dropdown list is located on Sheet 2. The length of the dropdown list will change as new items...

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