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    Populate cells from list box drag/drop, can't find first empty row on worksheet

    Hello, I am running Excel 2010 and Windows 7. I have been working on this project for several weeks and this problem has eluded me from nearly the beginning. See Photo I have a form with a main list box and several other list boxes. I drag and drop records from the main list box to the...
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    Filter Pivot Table using list box on table with multiple lines with list box using same data validation source

    Here is an interesting one for you folks looking for a challenge: I have a table "RecurringINVReceipt" that resides on "sheet14" used to enter a list of inventory to be received that starts out empty for the user. I am running Excel 2010. Row 9 is the first non-header row of the table. Cell...
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    Options disapear when clicked in list box

    When I run the following code the values in the called sheet populate into the list box. However, when I try to click them on the user form sheet, the values disappear and I get a blank box. Can anybody help? Thanks! Private Sub Product_Change() Application.EnableEvents = False Product.Clear...
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    VLookup / Valdation Help

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to figure out how to acheive something quite simple, but have become a little stuck... I'd like a dropdown box in A2 to select from a list of 2 products, then in B2 i'd like to be able to have a dropdown box to select the product variation. The products and variations will...
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    vlookup based off drop down options

    Hello: I have created two drop down lists. The first drop down provides seven options and then the second drop down gives options based on the first selection. After the second selection is made I have created a v-lookup below to display all information relating to this selection (around 10...
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    ListBox Click event not working

    I currently have a set of ListBox controls on a worksheet tab. They are all configured as multi-select and i have the values populated via the ListFillRange properties. Each listbox has an '{All}' option; when the user clicks on this value I want to de-select all other previously selected...
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    UserForm unload multiple selections from ListBox

    I have a userform that has a listbox named Instructor. From the listbox the user can select multiple Instructors in the list. I want these selections to populate my spreadsheet. Right now it only populates the first item in the list no matter what selection is made. What am I doing wrong...
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    Question about linking a "List box" to a cell.

    So I have a lot of text that I need to have in a cell. I thought having a list box would be a good idea because it allows you to scroll down and helps in keeping the information neat. The problem arises when I try using filters, the list boxes get all over the place. Does anyone know of a...
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    Display Listbox Selected entry

    Hello all again, I have a form control listbox, which is populated with filenames from a specific directory. When the user selects an entry I need that text to appear in a cell in the workbook. This is then concatenated with a folder path to open the file to copy and paste some data out into...
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    Active X listbox Multi-Select

    Hi, I'm an absolute VBA novice and am stuck with some code that I've been give to output multi listbox selections into a single cell. I've searched for an age to find an explanation I can understand but failed miserably - please help me retain my sanity :banghead: Everything works well until...
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    ActiveX List Box and Freeze Panes

    I've been working on a Survey template for a project at work. The workbook has multiple worksheets (1 for each question) and a series of repeating List Boxes for responses corresponding to multiple locations. Each list box is populated from a static named range on another worksheet...
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    Update query- Access 2010 Win7

    Hello, I'm attempting to perform an update query to a table for the field "periodyear" and "period" using a text box and a list box that live on a form in front of the database. The text box's name is Year_Label and the list boxs name is Quarter_Label. I've had this working at one point where...
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    Listbox question

    Hello all, I created a file that I want to send out to all employees in my company. In this file, I have three List Boxes (Active X Controls). I'm noticing when I email this file to other individuals in the company the size of the list box changes in relation to the rest of the Excel file...
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    Filter contents in listbox

    Hi Guys, Really need someones help on this! I have a listbox "EventNameListBox" with contents displaying info on clothing etc that gets its info from Sheet2, all works well but I need is to filter the contents in the listbox even further. I need to filter the contents in the list box to display...
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    Assign values to list box array

    Trying to create a list box with values in a column = value . Using VBA I was able to cycle true the records = trying to populate a list box with those field seems an array was needed to be defined....found code and adapted to my logic and it populated list box...
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    Listing Data in a ListBox Challenge

    Hi Guys, I have a form with 4 TextBoxe's "TexBox1,2,3 etc" and a ListBox1 were the whole idea is that you enter a value in TexBox1 and the VBA code looks for any and all items on your data "respective worksheet" and lists any/all data that it finds "corresponding to the value in TextBox 1" in...
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    Hard To Describe What I Want But Please Look

    Hi everyone, I would like users to be able to add values from a list that I have stored say in sheet 2 of my file. My document is a specification for a programming task, so the requester has to select the variables that they require...however they usually typo these or just dont do it right...
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    Multi list problems - Newbie

    Hi I am a new user to form controls and VBA and I know most of you will be thinking I could search for the answer, but after around 4 hours of reading posts I am still a little confused and can't find what I'm looking for, as they all go a little more complex All I need is a List Box that...
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    Data Validation Lists go away

    The data validation lists i have in many cells in my spreadsheet disapear when I close excel. When I reopen my spreadsheet the lists will be gone. How do I set up my spreadsheets so the data validation lists always stay.
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    Cells w/ a formula & a list box

    I have a worksheet that has 2 Colums that have 500 rows with a formula & also a Drop-Down List box. I want to be able to use these cells mainly for the formula, however sometimes a use the list in the drop down menu. I want t be able to restore the formula(s) in the cells able using them through...

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