1. N

    SUMIFS between two dates noted in cells

    Is there a way to switch it so that instead of listing the dates in the SUMIFS formula [ =SUMIFS($F:$F,$A:$A,">=1/1/19",$A:$A,"<=1/26/19") ] when totaling the value between two dates to make it so I can put the beginning and end dates in cells and having the formula refer to the cells? It gives...
  2. D

    Automate the Comparison of 2 excel workbooks

    Hello!! New user and beginner to VBA. I'm trying to automate the comparison of 2 excel workbooks and have a message box in the masterfile pop out, telling me if theres a math between the total sum of items in "Books-Raw Listing" & "Raw Listing" workbooks. Here's the tricky part, the...
  3. L

    Using VBA to Return Multiple Matches and Aggregate Responses on Different Cells

    Hope you are well, I have a large data base and I need the below in excel using VBA preferably or a formula. AT moment data is below. I have multiple company names that have chosen a huge amount of products. I have the listing name in one cell and listing ID in another cell and the products...
  4. P

    Coupon Usage Report

    I have a downloaded report in Columns A through L and a listing of activities in columns P through Q. On the report, I am trying to match the descriptions in Column C with the listing of activities in Column P and then entering the account number in Column R to the appropriate cell in Column D>...
  5. C

    Close Save As Workbook

    Hi all Hoping for some help on the below please. I have an xlsm workbook (Work Order Listing) that I want to save as as a unicode txt file (Cheops Upload) without prompts. The VBA code is in the Work Order listing workbook. I can achieve this but with the below but is closes Work Order...
  6. S

    Clear text within cell

    This is probably another simple one. I have values stored in column B, and I need to take some parts of the text out. Here's an example. Testing 1; Testing 2; Testing 3 In this scenario, I need to sometimes delete "Testing 2; " but in other scenarios "; Testing 3" would need to be removed. I...
  7. S

    PowerPivot table Multiple subtotals

    Hi, I'm wondering is it possible to have a power pivot report table that has the details of units sold by one criteria. Then also shows multiple subtotals at the end. IE: Total units sold by Brand is the report. Then I have a subtotals at the bottom listing the season. Another subtotals listing...
  8. I

    Listing of numbers within different postcode ranges given in one column

    Help please, I have a listing of postcodes in a col. A with some of them given as a range. Is there a quick way to list the postcodes individually in a separate column within that postcode range given and match the corresponding zone associated with it. Example: POSTCODE ZONE 200-203...
  9. S

    Drop Down Listings w/join

    Hello, I am trying to create an Excel workbook where users must select an original value from a drop down listing, and then fill out remaining information using additional drop down listings that are dependent upon the original drop down listing. There is one catch. The dependent drop down...
  10. S

    Dependent listings

    Hello, I am trying to create a shared spreadsheet where users can select an original value from a drop down listing, and then fill out remaining information using additional drop down listings that are dependent upon the original drop down listing. There is one catch. The dependent drop down...
  11. M

    Font Listing

    Hi, Is there any way that I can download a listing of all the fonts that I have and in each cell they change to that font? For example: CELL A1 - would say Arial - in the that font CELL A2 - would say Arial Narrow - in that font
  12. L

    What Comes Next after Excel

    I am looking to broaden my skill set and enhance my career prospects in managing and analyzing data. Besides Excel, what are the next programs to learn or skills to acquire? I see tons of job postings listing out required skills such as SQL, Java, Python, SAS, R, Tableau, etc. What do the...
  13. P

    Account Reconciliation - Eliminate Transactions

    Hi All, I've got a problem that I suspect has probably been asked before, but I can't find anything on it, so I'm starting a new thread. I have a series of accounts which need to be reconciled. That is, an account may be made up of hundreds of transactions but the majority of them net to...
  14. D

    Listing Unique Data for 2 Lists

    I am comparing a membership rosters for two different years in excel. I need to find records from 2016 that are not listed on the 2017 listing or are not listing with the same chapter from 2016 (Criteria: ID from 2016 must be on list from 2017 AND ID from 2016 cannot have a different chapter on...
  15. M

    If row exists help

    HI Guys i have a problem that i cant quite work out i have data such as this Where A1 is a product code, B1 is the Qty of product allocated and C is the Date the requirement was generated. I then have a starting position say for example C0005=1000 peices. I want to be able to look at A1 and...
  16. S

    Slicer question

    Morning all I have a database full of dwell times (for drivers on site) that are in the below format. Is it possible to insert a slicer that can be changed to have options to select all entries over 4, 5 & 6hrs? When I am inserting the slicer it is listing all entries and as you can imagine...
  17. mikecox39

    formula replaces text

    I have a lists worksheet with an account listing in A13. In my Master worksheet I have an account column with that account name in cell A18. In the details page that account doesn't display in the accounts column I entered =Lists!A13 in cell A18 on my Master worksheet, the account name went...
  18. V

    Removing price from string

    Hi Experts, Any help would be appreciated in this case to removing price from given sample string, <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> <colgroup><col width="1017"></colgroup><tbody> Product Bought </tbody> <colgroup><col width="753"></colgroup><tbody> Output...
  19. S

    Auto Cut & Paste a Cell into different Column

    I am looking for some help and I don't know if I can just use a formula or if I need a macro for this... I have a 2-column worksheet In Column A is a product Listing. In Column B is a number listing based on the alpha sort from column A People will be adding products into cell B2. How do I get...
  20. P

    insert hyperlinks

    Hello. I have a budget sheet that has a macro that creates a copy of that budget and inserts the data (budget number, customer name, and date) into a listing. I am trying to create a code that when entering this data in the listing the code create a hyperlink in the number of the budget so that...

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