1. P

    Need help to create a new List

    I have.... Column A) Part Number, Column B) Locations of that parts and Column C) Available qty per location for each part The locations (Column B) I have are divided into A(Right side of the rack) and B (Left side of the rack) for each Rack. Ex. location NN.34.03.A and NN.34.03.B are...
  2. L

    Duplicate rows and fill in new columns based on master list

    Hello all, This is my first time posting and I am hoping you can help me out with this problem in Excel. I have a Final sheet which has locations repeated a fixed n number of times (in this case, n=2) and has its own property columns as shown below: <tbody> Location Property3 Property4 X...
  3. I

    Value VLOOKUP is searching for is negative - returns #N/A

    Team, Trying to keep this example simple. I have a pivot table: <tbody> A B C 1 Aisle # Locations Units 2 001 229 1569 3 002 1 -12 4 003 12 214 </tbody> I am trying to combine information in a spreadsheet from three pivot tables using the VLOOKUP. However, when I try to display the...
  4. R

    Drop Menu with static options to count defined cells

    Hello, My title isn't the best description, but this is what I'm look for and a link of the data. I am looking to have a Macro create a drop down menu (or some other way to make the selection) on worksheet "Agency" with 7 unchanging options. Location 1, location 2, location 3, location 4...
  5. M

    Show result based off indirects

    Hi, I have a series of lists based off indirects, all to get me to a final product code. Now i have the code i want to show its current location. It can be in one spot, in many spots, or in no spots which will spit out an error ("no location found") I have the list K9:T292 for the locations...
  6. J

    Extract Data from Another workbook , Match data and Paste

    Hello Guys , I am Beginner in Excel VBA . I have 2 Workbooks with Bus Numbers and Locations . Workbook 1 Contains Bus Locations in A ,C,E,G and Bus Numbers in Column B, D,F,H. Workbook 2 Contains some Random Bus Numbers In Column A and Missing Bus Locations in Column I . Workbook 1 gets...
  7. A

    fleet spread sheet

    Hi guys Would like some help with this one please I have a spread sheet/ workbook assisting me with my fleet of vehicles and their varying locations daily that my staff (working different duties) require However, some days my fleet requirements are greater in some locations than others...
  8. J

    2 separate Conditional Formats for a Location

    Hey everyone, I've been searching around and can't quite piece together how to achieve this. Problem: I want to apply conditional formatting to a pivot table. This pivot table contains a list of names for the rows, and weeks on the columns. The values are the sum of hours. Data that is...
  9. J

    [Expert solver] Assignment problem

    Hello everybody, I'm working on a basic assignment problem with the solver. I would like to assign a customer to our company's office. So, I would like to minimize the transportation costs between these two locations. I have no difficulties in accomplishing this. but if the distance...
  10. N

    Count Of Locations Using Items

    I am looking to count what locations are using a specific item. I am not sure the best way to do this based on how my data is generated from an external source. I don't like adding sheets/columns if needed. Any suggestions? CURRENT SET UP SHEET 1 COL A= Locations (70,000 rows, but only 10...
  11. D

    Looking for a more efficient formula using a criteria range in an SUMIF Formula

    In a SUMIF or SUMIFS formula, I'm looking for he most efficient way to enter a value range in place of the 8000 to 8002, I actually need go up to 8099. My worksheet is dynamic so the cell locations containing the 8000 series #'s will vary each week...
  12. T

    Creating a Survey in Excel??

    Hello, I am looking to create a Survey inside excel. I have 45 different locations and I would like to know what locations the customer has been to. I have created a check box list of all the locations. I would like the customer to select all the locations they have been to and then on then on...
  13. A

    Inventory Slotting

    Hi, We are setting up new location in our warehouse and need to assign items to those locations. Some items will have multiple locations. Each location has a maximum number of cartons that can go in that location. I have a SKU number, number of cartons for that SKU, item locations, and...
  14. Z

    Dynamic Table

    Hi, I have table that is dynamic and changes whenever I change the a value (Employee ID) in specific cell of a drop-down list. So when I change this ID then locations related to this ID should change, the issue I'm facing is that each Employee ID has different number of locations, some has 5...
  15. V

    Group worksheets with different cell locations in Excel 2010

    Hello! I am setting up a spreadsheet with three separate worksheets that have some overlapping columns, but in different locations. e.g, "File #" starts in M3 on one sheet, but is in D2 for another sheet. How can I set up a code that automatically groups the overlapping columns between the...
  16. E

    timeline and rotation with vba

    Hello there , I have a rotation problem at the workplace where I work. I'd appreciate it if you run. There are 6 employees. <tbody> Name of Employees Emp1 Emp2 Emp3 Emp4 Emp5 Emp6 </tbody> There are 3 locations. <tbody> Locations Loc1 Loc2 Loc3 </tbody> Creates a team...
  17. B

    Spreadsheet idea containing formulas over my current skill level...

    Hello all, This is my first post here so hello everyone, pleased to meet you all :) I'm a self taught Excel user so my skills at this stage are unfortunately a bit limited and quite rough on the edges as well. I recently started working for a new company and I'm working on a spreadsheet...
  18. X


    Hello I have a spreadsheet with 2 columns, both columns are text I was wondering if I can count the top 5 highest locations (col D) that had the colour black in column c, there is over 300 locations in spreadsheet. I don't want to use pivots is there another way using analysis? Column c...
  19. T

    Floating Chart While Scrolling

    I have been searching for an answer for this fix but I have not had any luck. This is what I need help with: 1. I have created command buttons to scroll left and right in an excel sheet 2 columns at a time. It also keeps a column count is cell E40. 2. I have 4 charts, Locations K30, P30, J46...
  20. S

    how to prepare a table for 6 locations, 10 destinations, 8 items and 550+ order numbers...

    Hi all, I have 6 locations (LOC1,LOC2,LOC3,....), 10 destinations (DEST1,DEST2,DEST3,.....) and 8 items (ITEM1,ITEM2, ITEM3,...). To release ANY item from ANY location to ANY destination separate "Release Orders" (R.O) are used. The list of all R.O goes to above 550 lines which makes finding a...

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