1. R


    MATCHES is a powerful enhancement to the Excel's built-in MATCH function and returns the relative positions of all items in a one-dimensional array that match a specified value Excel's built-in MATCH function returns the relative position of the first matching item in a one-dimensional array...
  2. R


    ISXTYPE, companion to XTYPE, is a powerful alternative to Excel's built-in type-based conditional functions such as ISNUMBER, ISTEXT, etc., while packing other useful features as well ISXTYPE was designed to provide conditional output after assessing the precise and high-resolution data type of...
  3. R


    XTYPE outputs the precise data type of a cell/range or the elements of an array beyond the resolution of Excel's TYPE() or CELL("type",) XTYPE was designed to provide detailed and high-resolution information about the data type that a cell or cells of a range/array contain. Thus, it is...
  4. J

    Excel.Workbook how do I list worksheets from "this workbook"

    Hello, I am trying to use =Excel.Workbook() to list all of my sheet names. I see the syntax: Excel.Workbook(**workbook** as binary, optional **useHeaders** as nullable logical, optional **delayTypes** as nullable logical) as table But for **workbook** how do I say "this workbook" without...
  5. M

    Late fee IF 30 days LESS than two different dates

    Good day to you all, I need help. I am trying to create a column for late fees, if either Registration Date (C) or RX received (D) are LESS than 30 days from Camp Start date (I). Basically if we receive either the registration or the Rx less than 30 days from camp session start date I have to...
  6. D

    Conditional Formatting

    Can someone please help me, I've been stuck on this for so long. I need to use a formula to create a conditional formatting rule that will format the values in the selected range in the dark red font color if the employees have worked overtime hours. Using relative referencing in the logical test.
  7. excelbytes

    Selecting Logical Operator From Data Validation Drop Down List

    How do I create a formula using an operator chosen from a data validation drop down list. For example: if in part of an array formula I have a logical test of $A$2:$A$50>=$B$1 and I want to be able to change the >= to <= or another by referencing a data validation drop down list in cell $C$1...
  8. K


    I am looking to create a SUMIFS using multiple criteria; not sure if what I am attempting is possible, any and all help is appreciated. Below is (to me) what would seem the logical formula, however, it is returning a incorrect sum. Thank you in advance...
  9. K

    IF function with two logical tests

    I need help with creating a formula with two logical tests. I got the first one but can't figure out how to include the second logical test. I also need to add to this formula that if M40="6%" than times 106%, if blank N40. I tried adding a second IF, using AND function but not getting what I...
  10. K

    count number of cells contain logical values

    Hello I have a column with logical values (true, false). I used countif command to count the number of those cells, but the outcome was zero.. The command I used is: =COUNTIFS(R2:R5433;"TRUE";R2:R5433;"FALSE") I also wrote the above command without the second criteria (for false) and I got...
  11. VBA learner ITG

    VBA Delete Row based on Cell value

    Good evening peers, I am trying to figure out a logical way of deleting the highlighted rows in RED on the attached example workbook. the data is variable so it can change location and im trying to determine what logical approach i would take to delete the unncessary rows generated. I have...
  12. O

    count / average formulas to be affected by filters

    Hi all, I'm looking to filter data and have the displayed results averaged in a column header. Between the data and column header I have the filters. I'd like the totals at the column header to take into account only the data being shown below. There must be a really logical way of doing this -...
  13. A

    Simple Logical Formula

    Hi, I'm having a hard time in trying to simplify my IF formula without restating the logic if the value was not achieve. Say I'm trying to get the difference between years then add one and if the answer is 5, then it will take 4 instead of 5 so I'm using below...
  14. B

    If logical test

    Could you please help over this formula where I need to have separate logical test where if two certain cells contains special text like medium or high an x should be replaced in other certain cell formula is like but not working...
  15. L

    students marks to grades (using if and logical operation)

    Hi What is the best way to convert numbers to grades. For example 0 to 50 is F 50 - 60 is C 60 - 70 is B 70 - 80 is A 80 - 100 is A+ What is the best way or formula to do so. I was thinking of If() with logical operations like AND, OR etc Any idea would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  16. F

    Conditional Formatting Value_if_false

    Hello! I'm sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, though I couldn't find it if it had. I'm using a logical formula that returns a number value based on whether the condition is true or not. The formula is like this: =IF(A1>A2,A2/A1,A1/A2) and works fine for me. I want to use...
  17. M

    Help with a logical formula

    Hello All, I'm not very good with Excel at all and I need help in creating a logical formula with more than one value. I appreciate any help :) Thank you ! It goes like this: If anything in E2 through E101 is "1", and anything in F2 through F102 is 'JR", and anything in G2 through G102 is...
  18. V

    Can I used a nested IF function here?

    Hello! Here is my formula.. =IF($A$2>DATE(2017,MONTH(L$3&"/1")+1,1),0,($D78-L76+L77)) A2 = today's date Column D = stock L76 = monthly forecast L77 = deliveries due in month L78 contains the above formula & as is referred to as the 'availability' So basically if the month is in the past the...
  19. T

    IF function with 3 logics

    Hi - so I have this sheet for work. I need it to do a few things and I can't seem to do it I have the formula to populate my weekly dates using my EE Assigned initials based on the Begin Task and Task Deadline date ranges What I can't seem to do, is to get a nested formula, or conditional...
  20. A

    If formula

    I want a formula associated with IF using in E6 I have a negative or positive currency number, and in F6 I have another negative or positive currency number I want to formulate in G6 if E6 is equally or less then have of F6 should resulting Good if not should resulting 0 for example F6 is...

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