1. R

    Find Max value, then subtract based on several conditions

    Hi All, I have the following data set: ID Sequence Type Time R0000039 0 Manual 03:11:45.014 R0000039 1 Manual 03:11:45.018 R0000039 2 Manual 03:11:45.441 R0000059 0 Manual 03:14:33.857...
  2. S

    Return a date based on it being Monday, Thursday or Friday

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that gets dates manually inputted into it. What I need is a formula to return a date 7 days on from the manual input but has to be a Monday, Thursday or Friday. I.E. Manual input is 1/10/19 or 2/10/19 I would want the returned date to be 10/10/19. Manual input 3/10/19...
  3. S

    IF with two conditions

    Hi I need formula with if command in column E based on data from A to D, Secondary no Discount <tbody> Segment Transmission Value Discount % Result Primary AUTO 1000 20% 200 Primary<strike></strike> MANUAL 1000 10% 100 Secondary AUTO 1000 0% 0 Secondary<strike></strike> MANUAL...
  4. D

    Concatenate different columns with delimiter

    Hi there, I am trying to concatenate different columns from 2 sheets, which are in different order one to each other. This would be the columns i need from the Auto sheet, and their counter from Manual sheet: <tbody> Auto Manual Column Column Q AB S T T U U AN V V W AQ X AT...
  5. B

    Manual enter formula 'conflicts' with VBA created formula

    I have a rather complicated table of formulae which could be easily corrupted by manual manipulation (I'm aware of password protect but that is not my concern). I have set about rewriting all of the formulae in that table in Visual Basic. Now in one particular column the formulae are of the...
  6. G

    Manual Calculations questions

    HI Can you set excel up so that I can do manual calculations on one workbook only? I know how to do it on formulas tab but it sets all my excel workbooks for manual calculation and need one specific book only to have it. Any Ideas?
  7. R

    Manually Entered Data Shifting After Refresh

    I'm using Power Query to pull data from 3 different tables within the same workbook. Once that data is collected, I'm putting it in a master list. This master list table has additional columns of data that can only be added after the master list is compiled, and these additional columns are...
  8. WaterGypsy

    Formula Calculation switches to manual

    ok folks ... I'm grasping at straws here. A couple of times recently a colleague has had a problem that I have resolved as being caused by the formula calculation option being set to Manual .... it wasn't too much of an issue because I knew when she called what the problem was. However the issue...
  9. J

    Pause or stop VBA for a manual edit to the sheet

    Hi All, I have a sheet with approximately 75K rows. My code is adding columns, formulas and formatting working great. I would like to stop the code in the middle/at specific points with a message box to allow me to do a manual edit on the sheet. For instance, have a message box pop up with...
  10. O

    Automatic numbering in the unsequence's row for grouping

    Can any one please help to make a excel's formula for the automatic numbering instead of manual as below sample <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> description automatic numbering w1 1 w1 1 w2 1 w3 1 w1 2 w3 1 w2 1 w3 2 w3 2 w3 3...
  11. H

    Comparing Timestamps

    We have a system that we are using to generate login and logout times throughout the day (that you can export to excel), and we also have a manual excel tracker that we use to input the time we logged out and logged back in and the reason we logged out at that time. Now, the official report is...
  12. E

    Index Match Multiple Criteria - Two Tabs

    I am trying to do an index match. I want to match the Vendor ID and Max Manual Date in the Audit tab to the corresponding row in the Quality tab to get the Manual Rating and then to match the Vendor ID and Max of EtQ Audit Date to get the EtQ Rating. None of my formulas work. Can someone...
  13. K

    Use VBA "FIND" without effecting the previous (and future) manual searches.

    I can't figure out why this has changed. I run a manual Ctrl+F find to find a 5 digit number, Run macro that uses a find function Set Loc = Sheets("comments").Range("a1:a10000").Find(search_string, , , xlWhole) Once the macro is complete I want to Ctrl+F to search again for the same 5 digit...
  14. T

    Search product codes, find manual entry and add to same product code for multiple entries

    Hi all, I have a data set that contains 1000 rows of similar data with various products. The 10 different products are repeated multiple times for different batches, but in some cases there is a manual entry which I need to erase, but before erasing I must take the value of the manual entry and...
  15. M

    Can you do automatic/manual formula calculation BY workbook?

    I have a very large workbook that i need to have open all the time, but I need it to be in manual or else excel/my computer is too slow. During the day I open other workbooks that are normal-sized, and it's annoying that they can never be automatic. Is there a way to have one workbook that is...
  16. P

    Workbooks in manual calculation

    Morning, I've recently noticed that if I open a new workbook they now all open with manual calculation. This happens even if no other workbook is already open, so it is not being caused by an original manually calculating workbook, i am presuming this is the default template ....any ideas on...
  17. D

    Data On Multiple Sheets Presented In Table

    I have no idea if I am dreaming with this but I have a series of spreadsheets (30) that output data that looks like the attached at the bottom of each sheet (one for each player).!AiBk9WsyEESSgpVxt_0_XjHt6lYRbA Now if I had to I could manually paste all these into one...
  18. L

    how to split data into multiple workbook with hearder

    Hi All, I need some help with how to transfer data into multiple workbook with header . I have macro which split the data but don't bring the header into workbook 2 and workbook3 and etc and I like to do that please. Below data is little sample but I have 100K of rows and bigger header name.. I...
  19. zookeepertx

    Spreadsheet changing to Manual calculations and recommended fix doesn't work

    Hello! Every now and then, completely randomly, Excel changes itself to Manual Calculations. There's no telling what workbook it will happen on or when. I've had it happen on a workbook that was operating fine until 2 minutes ago, then - POOF - it's now on Manual. I've searched this site and...
  20. P

    how to evaluate one group of numbers by another group of numbers

    Hello, I am a self taught excel user and I bumped into a problem which after many tries I can't solve and I am not even sure how to approach it. In my work I have to manually input in excel on daily basis about 150 numbers in a single column and there are more than 50 columns like that with...

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