match formula

  1. F

    Shortening Long Nested Formula

    Looking for a possibility of making this formula shorter, any ideas? Thanks =IF(AND(INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),7)=0,INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),8)>0),INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),1),"") This formula is producing this The active cell is A6...
  2. Johnny Thunder

    Excel Formula to Find Matching Variations of a String - Excel 2016

    Ok Gang, I have a project with a crazy time crunch and was hoping to have some help on the below. I have a query of data that has a column with my Lookup Value (Variation 1) and a secondary column with an offsetting value that is backwards (Variation 2). If you look at the data in column...
  3. T

    Help with complex search formula

    Hello! Here is the logic behind the formula I am searching for. I have a cell where I enter values A1, say 1 through 10. I have a master list of numbers 1 through 10, just for reference in the formula. Say B1:B10. Lets say I enter the number 7 in A1. I want another cell to then search a...
  4. K

    Match formula

    Hello, I have two column where I need to perform a match function or formula. If the first 4 or more characters in both "A" and "B" column matches, I want to see the results in the third column. For Example: Column A <tbody> MONTEFIORE MEDICAL CENTER-MARGARET KEALY...
  5. L

    Match formula does not work when made into a table

    Hi, this is my formula; =IF(ISNA(MATCH(E$2,INDIRECT("'"&$A3&"'!$b$8:$b$11"),0)),0,MATCH(E$2,INDIRECT("'"&$A3&"'!$b$8:$b$11"),0) i have rows of this formula which i want to put into a table (using excel for mac) but after highlighting and clicking a table template the results all change to...
  6. M

    Match/Index Formula

    I'm combining the index and match formula in excel to extract data given a specific reference. The problem however, is that my formula only finds the first listed piece of data rather than all the data that matches the reference. For example, I want to find ALL the projects that "Joe" is...
  7. M

    Vlookup Help!

    I need to pull data from one sheet and put it into another automatically. My home sheet has the following data... Column A: % of project completed Column B: Status of project (either in progress, on hold, or completed) Column C: Task Description Column D: Date project was started Column E...
  8. M

    Match text next to a variable over multiple worksheets

    Hello, I have been searching for a solution to this with no luck so will explain my problems here: I have three worksheets relating to three football teams. On each of these worksheets, B2:B19 contains the names of the players and C2:C19 contains the number of goals that each player has...
  9. S

    Time approximation in Index Match

    Hi there, I have a column containing a large-ish number of cells (column "A"). Each cell contains a concatenation of a dollar figure (can be pos or neg) & a card number & a datetime (MM/DD/YY hh:ss). Example: <tbody> -2.23|6202xxxxxxxxxxxx|08/06/13 10:02 </tbody> I have generally been...
  10. M

    How can I match multiple column and return a value

    <TBODY> I want to write a macro that match multiple column and return a value as I show in the table below</SPAN> Plant </SPAN> SLOC</SPAN> Grade</SPAN> Posting Date</SPAN> 1</SPAN> 555</SPAN> abc</SPAN> 3</SPAN> 777</SPAN> def</SPAN> 2</SPAN> 666</SPAN> jkl</SPAN>...
  11. E

    If, index, match formulas together

    Hey all, I am trying to get this formula to work properly. I want it to be able to grab the data for the selection of the date that was made. For instance, if I want to show only dates of the driver jake for Jan, then it will only return those dates for that month. Right now, the formula I have...
  12. D

    Finding last match

    I came up with this formula to find matches in another file which I cannot edit: =MATCH("*"&A2&"*",'[F4 2006_ECO Log.xls]ECO Log'!$D:$D,0) It works fine, except I want to find the last match in column D (there are something like 3 total matches). Match seems to return only the first match. I...
  13. P

    Concatenate formula questions about First Name Last Name and spaces not matching

    I have a spreadsheet containing 3 columns, First Name, Nickname and Last Name. In a separate column, I concatenate First Name and Last Name as =PROPER(D2&" "&F2) to return the following: Jane Doe It appears that there are many spaces between between First Name and Last Name even...
  14. D

    Match for a single Column using the same Column header in 2 different worksheets

    <colgroup><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> Worksheet 1 Posted Worksheet 2 Worksheet 2 John ? John Ben Matt ? Mat Scott Ben ? James ? </tbody> I need to return a match to worksheet1 if the names exist in either worksheet 2 or worksheet 3. The formula I normally use is...
  15. H

    How to MATCH EXACTLY 2 values & get the desired result

    Column D5:D9999 contains either of 5 values: ABC, MNO, XYZ, #N/A, null Column E5:E9999 contains either of 4 values: WORKING, NOT WORKING, #N/A, null. In F5:F9999, I want value of Z1 if column D MATCHES EXACTLY as X1 AND column E MATCHES EXACTLY as Y1 else AB1. Ex: Z1=Good, X1=ABC, Y1=WORKING...
  16. S

    Search Value (Index/Offset/Match) by using combo box

    Hi Everyone</SPAN></SPAN> I tried to find similar problem and solutions by searching the older posts in forums but I didn’t find anything so I apologize if this is a repeated question but I would really appreciate any answer and help.</SPAN></SPAN> 1) I have a data set updated every week –...
  17. Y

    Vlookup to match two criteria, data and code

    Hello All, I have been pulling my hair trying to figure out a formula that would work. Here's my issue: I have a database that keeps track of all material purchase for any specific day. Each material type is assigned a code. I have another worksheet that keeps track of the "selling" price of...
  18. A

    INDEX - MATCH - OFFSET - help please

    I have a list of Representatives that report to a specific Supervisor who then reports to a specific Manager. (see ex: below) <TABLE style="WIDTH: 180pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=240><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 77pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  19. L

    Extract specific set of numbers from a string in a cell

    Hi need a formula for the below example i need a formula to extract data table as below to match the string in a cell dec hex 48=0 30=0 49=1 31=1 50=2 32=2 ~ ~ 57=9 39=9 a1: 5289609277578033121594 a2: dec hex a3 49 31 (result from...
  20. J

    please HELP! Need to match up/lookup data in different columns in my spreadsheet!

    Hello, I really need some help here, and I was hoping that someone might be able to answer my formula question please (I've been trying to figure this out for 4 hours, and I know one of you experts will have it solved in 2 minutes :)) Ok, so I have a spreadsheet with this layout (see below)...

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