matching data

  1. N

    asking about matching name and sku

    hi, i new here my manager give list of sku to me. then he ask me to find name represent for the sku. he also give me all the data sku complete with name. my question is can excel matching the sku with name on other sheet i just want make my jobs faster tq for your helping
  2. L

    Matching data on multiple sheets

    Hi All - Is there a way to compare data in a column of one workbook tab with data on another tab (multiple columns) to see if there are ANY matches in the string of data?? For example: Sheet 1, Cell A1: "Red, Yellow, Car, Truck" Sheet 2, Column A is "Color" and Column B is "Vehicle Type"...
  3. R

    Matching various values to one master

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with various credit and debit amounts, what I need to do is match a number of the credits to one of the debits (exact amount needed). Is there a formula or macro that would enable me to do this. Help greatly appreciated
  4. C

    Comparing data from two sheets, find the matches

    Hi, let me start by saying I don't know much about excel. I don't work with it regularly but I was asked to try and figure something out for my boss. I have exported data from two separate sources, there is very little in common between the two except for the customer names and the amounts...
  5. J

    Want to Match a List of Numbers in One Sheet to a List of Numbers which match in another

    Hi, I currently have an empty (B) column which I want to populate with a list of numbers which are listed on a separate sheet. These need to match line by line with another list of numbers in the same (original) sheet in column D. The list in column D is much longer than the list on the...
  6. H

    Matching Duplicates to verify Data

    I am looking to match data from 3 cells in a row to another 3 cells in a row on one sheet. I want to compare column B,C,D to column F,G,H unique to their rows (Name, City, State) so that I can see if there are duplicates. Rows, B,C,D are from one Database and F,G,H are from another. How can...
  7. S

    Matching against multiple fields

    Hi, I’m working with two address databases where Address1 sheet has the following headings: Property number – Column G for the sake of below example formula Additional Text Add-Text2 Name Name2 Suffix Street – Column I Town – Column K Postcode And the other, Address2 sheet has: Property...
  8. E

    Trouble with Matching Algorithm

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to write a matching algorithm to compare text & number from two different worksheets. The first will have one row of information, which I have stored in a dictionary object, and the second will have many rows, which I will look through with the for loops. If all the...
  9. E

    Automate Excel to shift data so the values in two rows match?

    Hello! Please help me with this quandary for my internship. I would greatly appreciate it :) Here is my problem: </SPAN> I want to match ID numbers in two columns by shifting the ID from Source 2 (and shifting its unique attributes along with it) so that it lines up in the proper row and matches...
  10. P

    Sorting Multiple Columns to Match/Align with Data in Column A

    Scenario: - I have Column A filled with roughly 3000 product IDs. (These are the products I want to update) - I have Column B filled with roughly 45,000 product IDs (These are all of my product IDs, in which the 3000 or so from Column A are in...) - Columns C - AZ have data that is connected...
  11. F

    Matching Names Between Worksheets

    Hi Excel Gurus, This is the first post of an excel novice, so please bear with me. Here is what I have: On worksheet X I have two columns, A and B, each column contains list of names. On worksheet Y, I have column P that contains a list of names. I want to match the names on column A of...
  12. D

    VBA for matching two lists

    Hoppefully someone can help as I have no idea where to start. I have a workbook that contains 2 worksheets. In Sheet1 I have a list of unique identifiers in column a (currently it is 25 long) in Sheet2 I have a number of columns of data but in column b for each row are the same unique...
  13. M

    Lookup latest date and other criteria to return value

    Greetings excel guru's, I have a maintenance spreadsheet that has the following information (A)Tag #, (B)Date...(G) Condition What I'm trying to do is on a master spreadsheet, lookup the latest entry for the matching tag # and input the condition. I have tried using INDEX/MATCH, and am able...
  14. A

    Please help! Positive/Negative Account offset???

    Hi There, I have a spreadsheet containing approx 36000 lines of information. Column headings are: Business Unit, Cost Centre, Account Number, Amount etc. I need to be able to identify the positive and negative Amounts on the same Account within the same Business Unit. Ideally delete these...
  15. F

    Unifying Lists

    Hi! Newbie to the forum, I am currently developing an Excel template that lists and ranks candidates that have taken tests from an online platform our company uses. The main list contains all candidates by first and last names, their location, and tests taken. Many times a single candidate is...
  16. C

    Matching data from two or more timeseries

    Hi there, I have a number of timeseries (stock prices closing prices) which have different date ranges due to the fact that exchanges are on holidays at different times. I need to figure out a way to quickly "match" these timeseries so that the dates and line up with each other. I would...
  17. R

    Matching records

    I've lost the Html maker addon & can't download (404 message) it again so will try to explain without it. I have a list of names, address & member numbers - say 3000. At year end 2800 of these people pay, using an online payment system. Giving their name, address & member number. I want to match...
  18. V

    Need help Matching numbers

    I have a very large file with two columns with about 40,000 rows, is there an excel formula to match the same numbers in column A to the same numbers in column B and all the other non matching numbers to be pushed to the bottom of the columns?? please help me
  19. P

    paste special (transpose) based on common cell contents

    Hi All, First of all I'd like to apologise if this has been answered elsewhere, i have searched, but haven't been able to find a solution. Some might come close, but I have no VBA experience (yet!), so I'm not sure how to customise previous answers to suit. Anyway, here goes... I have a...
  20. K

    Coordinate Order of Mass Employee Desk Moves

    I am assisting in the efforts to coordinate a mass move of several hundred employees from one desk to another. I need to determine via macro or automation which group of employees can move first if their destination is not occupied. Then once the first group of employees is moved, determine...

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