1. A

    Excel - Max date by range from another workbook

    Hello, This is my first time posting in such a forum. I'm not very good with excel but I understand the basics. I've tried looking around the internet for a fitting formula to my problem and couldn't find something specific. I need a formula that will take 2 numbers from Workbook 1 Columns A &...
  2. R

    How to integrate VLOOKUP with MAX function?

    Hello everyone, Kindly let me know how to integrate the VLOOKUP function with MAX in order to format data of Table 1 for the given query ids as in Table 2. Moreover, I would appreciate it if you could help with the formula to populate the Max identity value in the neighboring cell: MS Office...
  3. B

    Need help recording max values an array changes going down a column

    I am sure something like this has been answered numerous times but I cannot seem to find something similar. Basically, I need excel to record the max value in Column A in Column B as it goes down Column A. I have attached an image showing what I need from a sample set by manually solving my...
  4. W

    Power Pivot - aggregate within groups to determine max value

    I'm looking for a formula (for Power Pivot) that aggregates within certain groups and across other groups to determine the maximum. Here's my data table: State Customer Fruit Qty NY A Apple 5 NY A Orange 1 NY A Pear 5 NY B Apple 1 NY B Orange 6 NY C Apple 2 NY C Orange 2 NY C...
  5. A

    Find days between two dates

    Dear All, I am looking for a simple formula, which will display the number of days in a year. Kindly help me. Name DOJ EOS 2013 2014 2015 Employee 1 01-01-13 08-08-15 364 364 220 Employee 2 05-04-14 31-05-16 270 364 Employee 3 15-02-14 16-04-15 319 106
  6. A

    Count Consecutive Text in Rows (MIN, MAX, AVG)

    I have a table with employees down column A and dates going across (3/20/20 - 4/4/21). Each date is tracked with that person's daily status. I already have a section that counts the totals of each status type, but am now looking to find the min, max, and avg of consecutive dates with the...
  7. M

    Find max value

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build a formula, but no luck. In the yellow cell (N5) I have a drop-down list of months that I can choose from. Currently, month "feb" is chosen. Now, I would like to get max value from the table below, from row coresponding to month "feb", so in this case from...
  8. Y

    How to find max value with empty cells & #div/0!

    Hello, I have inlcuded an example chart that I use regularly for work below (assuming it starts in cell A1 - so data range would be B2:AH34). Is there a way to find the max value of this chart, or even the top 5 max values (would be ideal but will settle for just one max figure for now if it's...
  9. R

    Find address of max value, sports stats

    Hi, I have a table of sport team, which shows, how many goals (with assissts) 2 players scored together (so if player 5 scored a goal and player 16 assisted on this goal they will have one common goal). There is an example of the table, players numbers are in the first column and row, common...
  10. D

    How to get a corresponding value based on the most recent date and name?

    Hi, I'm making a stock investment tracker where all you have to do is enter in the transaction and it gives you all the your positions, whether they are open or closed etc. I was finally able to figure out a way to find my average cost per share after buying/selling/rebuying. I have a column...
  11. B

    Finding the last text value based on cell value in another column

    Hi all So I have a table of data - here is an example: A B C 1 Code Stage Final Stage 2 455 Stage 1 3 455 Stage 2 4 522 Stage 1 5 522 Stage 1 6 616 Stage 1 7 616 Stage 2 8 616 Stage 3 9 616 Stage 4 What I'm wanting in column 3 is a formula to return the...
  12. A

    VBA - Max Values and Match

    Hi all, I am stuck on a problem. I have need to insert a vba macro into a sheet for my admin team. I want to find the highest value from a range in one sheet and return the value to another sheet if the adjacent column matches. I also want it to return it to the next blank cell in that row...
  13. S

    Pulling values from certain columns based on criteria from multiple sheets on the same workbook and populating in a separate workbook.

    Hi All, I have a real problem which I just cannot resolve, struggling to even know where to start to be honest! So.... I have a workbook called "Subcontractor Order Record". Within that work book are 2 worksheets, once called "Order Record", as follows: and one called "Payment Record", as...
  14. U

    Using Offset with MAX

    Hi, I have a workbook with data showing number of visitors at every hour for different dates. I have created another sheet which only shows the total number for each date. At first i used the following formula OFFSET('Sheet1'!$E$2,(ROW('Sheet1'!E1)*16-1),0) to copy the value in the 16th row...
  15. L

    Use newest date in a range for formula

    I am a Field Sales rep and I have an excel report of what hospitals I went to on what days. I'm trying to make a heat map using conditional formatting to visualize time passage regarding who I haven't visited recently. I'm using the below formula to pull up the visit date minus today's date...
  16. D

    MIN&MAX works for 18/19 but not 19/20

    I have a spreadsheet that for each item calculates the number of days that fall within the financial year and then the cost that would relate to it. The formula is: =I10*((MAX(MIN($Q$1,H10)-MAX($P$1,G10)+1,0))/365) Where:- P1: first date in the current financial year being reported -...
  17. J

    Find the offset value of the max of a column

    Hey guys I am working on this code and my plan is to go into a worksheet, get the max of column A. And if the max is found then go to the next row over and get the name associated with it. I wrote this code and the value of the name is coming up blank and I don’t what I am doing wrong. Dim...
  18. R

    New sheet with MAX cell values from other sheets

    Hello my dear friends, 1st post here.. I have a spreadsheet with several sheets where sheet name is the person's name (1st and last name). I need create a new sheet with consolidated data, where column A already have the person's name, and I need the MAX cell value from columns A-C at each...
  19. T

    How to automatically generate the next logical number for a list in Excel

    Hello, I have a list of numbers, the list is not in order nor does the list always start with the same starting point. My need is to find the next logical number in the list (I've tried vlookup/max/index etc). The closest I got was a combination of max + 1 combined with vlookup. However, this...
  20. E

    max of

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have an excel sheet with over 2000 rows. I want to have the maximum number of the Quantity of each item Code when the location is the same. For example, you can see in the excel sheet i have the ItemCode : 389-12-040 1107 01 4.00 1 1107010 A 389-12-040 1107...

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