1. D

    How to get a corresponding value based on the most recent date and name?

    Hi, I'm making a stock investment tracker where all you have to do is enter in the transaction and it gives you all the your positions, whether they are open or closed etc. I was finally able to figure out a way to find my average cost per share after buying/selling/rebuying. I have a column...
  2. B

    Finding the last text value based on cell value in another column

    Hi all So I have a table of data - here is an example: A B C 1 Code Stage Final Stage 2 455 Stage 1 3 455 Stage 2 4 522 Stage 1 5 522 Stage 1 6 616 Stage 1 7 616 Stage 2 8 616 Stage 3 9 616 Stage 4 What I'm wanting in column 3 is a formula to return the...
  3. A

    VBA - Max Values and Match

    Hi all, I am stuck on a problem. I have need to insert a vba macro into a sheet for my admin team. I want to find the highest value from a range in one sheet and return the value to another sheet if the adjacent column matches. I also want it to return it to the next blank cell in that row...
  4. S

    Pulling values from certain columns based on criteria from multiple sheets on the same workbook and populating in a separate workbook.

    Hi All, I have a real problem which I just cannot resolve, struggling to even know where to start to be honest! So.... I have a workbook called "Subcontractor Order Record". Within that work book are 2 worksheets, once called "Order Record", as follows: and one called "Payment Record", as...
  5. U

    Using Offset with MAX

    Hi, I have a workbook with data showing number of visitors at every hour for different dates. I have created another sheet which only shows the total number for each date. At first i used the following formula OFFSET('Sheet1'!$E$2,(ROW('Sheet1'!E1)*16-1),0) to copy the value in the 16th row...
  6. L

    Use newest date in a range for formula

    I am a Field Sales rep and I have an excel report of what hospitals I went to on what days. I'm trying to make a heat map using conditional formatting to visualize time passage regarding who I haven't visited recently. I'm using the below formula to pull up the visit date minus today's date...
  7. D

    MIN&MAX works for 18/19 but not 19/20

    I have a spreadsheet that for each item calculates the number of days that fall within the financial year and then the cost that would relate to it. The formula is: =I10*((MAX(MIN($Q$1,H10)-MAX($P$1,G10)+1,0))/365) Where:- P1: first date in the current financial year being reported -...
  8. J

    Find the offset value of the max of a column

    Hey guys I am working on this code and my plan is to go into a worksheet, get the max of column A. And if the max is found then go to the next row over and get the name associated with it. I wrote this code and the value of the name is coming up blank and I don’t what I am doing wrong. Dim...
  9. R

    New sheet with MAX cell values from other sheets

    Hello my dear friends, 1st post here.. I have a spreadsheet with several sheets where sheet name is the person's name (1st and last name). I need create a new sheet with consolidated data, where column A already have the person's name, and I need the MAX cell value from columns A-C at each...
  10. T

    How to automatically generate the next logical number for a list in Excel

    Hello, I have a list of numbers, the list is not in order nor does the list always start with the same starting point. My need is to find the next logical number in the list (I've tried vlookup/max/index etc). The closest I got was a combination of max + 1 combined with vlookup. However, this...
  11. E

    max of

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have an excel sheet with over 2000 rows. I want to have the maximum number of the Quantity of each item Code when the location is the same. For example, you can see in the excel sheet i have the ItemCode : 389-12-040 1107 01 4.00 1 1107010 A 389-12-040 1107...
  12. M

    Find Max value

    Hi, I'm trying to find a formula that works with older versions of excel (not MAXIFS) to look up the client name in G3 the current month in H2 and give me the highest value in H3 for john in January 2019. I can make this work with a MAXIFS...
  13. V


    ABCDEFGHIJ10123456210.5300300300300450600750900300.252000501001502002503004011000100200300400500600510.25600600600600600600750900610.3100100100100100120150180710001150130016001920240028808901300101112123134145D2:J6D2=SUM(MAX($A2, ($B2*D$1))*$C2)D7:J7D7=SUM(D2:D6)B9B9=SUM(MAX($A$2:$A$6...
  14. K

    Using Vlookup or Index/Match based on a Max value

    I have a data set that has a list of interactions, including organization name, status of interaction, date of the interaction and score of the interaction. I am hoping to write a lookup that can find the score, for the most recent, completed interaction with each organization. Example of what...
  15. R

    Extracting PARTIAL words from cell

    I'm in a worksheet and trying to extract the words after the 3rd and 4th hyphens when they're available in column A (see table below for representation). <tbody> Digital - workbook - sheet Digital - workbook - app Digital - workbook - test Digital - workbook - sheet - max - version1...
  16. F

    How do I get Excel to return a value based on the max value in a table?

    0 1 2 3 4 5 1 1 2 3 4 5 3 6 7 8 9 0 5 1 2 3 4 6 7 2 3 3 4 2 I have a table as such with rows and columns in bold. I know the max value within this table is 9. How can I get Excel to return "3" and "4"?
  17. D

    Min and Max in sequence

    Good day, I have two columns of data, 1st is time and the second are values, The time column is from 4.00am to 4.00am the next day increasing by 1hour intervals, the values increase to a max and then decline in a series of highs and lows. I want to calculate the change in value meaning the...
  18. K

    Find Max in changing data

    In a excel sheet I have in column A a list of items, in column B a list of corresponding values. These values are updated daily over the course of a year. In column C I would like a list of the max value listed in column B over the course of time. I have tried putting the current MAX value...
  19. J

    Max unless blank

    I would like to calculate the Maximum date resolved from a column of resolved dates, unless there are blanks in the resolved dates column. If there are blank cells in the column, I would like the result to come back as blank. The intent is to highlight whether there are outstanding service...
  20. E

    MIN MAX AND AVERAGE - Excluding Zero value

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help please. I need to find the min, average and max values from a column in excel. However, I need to exclude any "0" values, and to save be changing the range I need to also find the average based on a set criteria. So, like an average value in one column, but...

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