1. gravanoc

    How is it possible for the same exact value in one cell to fail my conditional formatting while elsewhere it doesn't?

    Here is what I'm trying to do. A meeting or documentation turn-in needs to be scheduled for a certain date & be held, otherwise the cell where the date goes turns red and bold yellow font. I use an internal calendar with key dates being referenced including today's date, the date of the...
  2. D

    Help - vba convert slicer to pdf file?

    Hi, I have a horse racing spreadsheet and want to convert each slicer data into a pdf file. for example i want to print the race meeting (slicer 1) and each race number (slicer 2) at that meeting into a pdf. is this possible using vba?. basically i want the pdf file to read like this race...
  3. J

    Extracting a location from a meeting - VBA

    Hi, I am not sure if this is possible, but I have a macro that is building onboarding schedules in Word and filling in details based on an excel spreadsheet. The current problem I am having is that the locations of the meetings do change every couple of weeks. These locations are in Outlook...
  4. S

    How to use conditional formula to change color when a field is less than other and contains Name

    Hello, I need help using the conditional formatting colors on Close Date. When Close Date is less than (270 days, 180 days , 120 days, or 60 days) from As of Date from the NAME (e.g., Introduction, Meeting Scheduled, Meeting Confirmed, and Sales closed) I want the close date cell to change...
  5. M

    Meeting Mix Up

    I am struggling to find a way to solve the problem below and wondered if anyone has any ideas on the best way to solve this. I have a number of people, lets say 40 to start with, attending a meeting where there are 4 groups of 10 people. The goal is for the 40 people in the room, each will...
  6. S

    VBA to find the closest meeting date and return the date and meeting values into textboxes

    I am trying to get my userform to populate with data from a worksheet "Project Master" based on a Combobox selection "CmbFindProject". The form populates fine apart from 1 set of data. This data is a list of Meeting types and dates. There is currently 1 Combobox "ComboBox1" and 2 textboxes...
  7. R

    Posted replies not showing in thread

    Hi, I have replied to a thread i started last week, and it hasn't been posted, i did the first one about 11am AEST +10GMT and it worked fine, bu then i replied to another quote, i pressed submit, and had a meeting to go to. I came out of the meeting an hour ago and checked the thread and the...
  8. S

    Comment section of next step list, capture date, feedback at the current date and change the revision of the next step

    Good day, I have a next step list where each next step listed has a comment section in column G, the comment section is usually only one cell with the text. Every meeting the feedback must be captured with today's date then feedback from the project manager and then if next step is not...
  9. L

    Summarise cells - row by row

    Hi, I need to be able to summarise the table below to show who was doing what hour by hour so that this can be used in a database. Essentially I need to extract an hour by hour view from the large table below to just return this: <tbody> 08:00 name.1 SALES 2 08:00 name.4 TRAINING 08:00...
  10. J

    Populating data in one cell by selecting another cell

    I have an excel calendar (Sunday-B1 through Monday-H1). Each day has four horizontal cells in to allow for several entries. For example, Wednesday the 1st uses E2-E5, Thursday is F2-F5. The next Wednesday would be E6-E9 and so on. In those cells, I have names of meetings. What I would like to do...
  11. U

    Extract data from multiple worksheets with specific criteria into one sheet

    Hi, I have created a meeting minutes/actions in excel. Each new meeting will be created into a new sheet with the template. Now I wish to extract all the actions from the minutes into a new 'action log' sheet so that I can track the actions and create a log for it. The following may simplify...
  12. G

    VBA for Outlook meeting room booking

    Hi All, I have an excel workbook with the list of meeting rooms mentioned in column A of Sheet1. For example, I have "Room1" mentioned in cell A1 in sheet1. If I select, a time ,let's say 1pm to 2pm, in cell B1, a new link or button should appear in C1. When I click this new button in C1, it...
  13. H

    Returning a value based a list

    I have 4 categories Group, Mental, FC, FM. If I select Group or Mental I need in the first cell to put "90" and if it is FC or FM I need it to enter 180. I will then have that hidden as my calculation for the number of days until the next meeting. For example my first meeting was 01/01/2019...
  14. M

    Dynamically updating / changing CSV files from an Excel worksheet

    I have a macro enabled workbook that is used to manage room(3) allocations. I would now like to upload to a google calendar. I understand that goggle calendar requires a .csv file format. The main worksheet, Year 2019, is made up of many rows for the complete year (>2500) e.g. 01Jan19 to...
  15. H

    Sum Function

    Hi All, I am using the below array function to count the number of weeks which are meeting the criteria of >=100, from last 4 weeks which have scores and ignore the weeks containing 'NA'. However it is not giving me the desired answer. The formula is working fine if the criteria is <100 but...
  16. J

    Meeting room data

    Hi - hoping someone may be able to help please. This is way beyond my level of knowledge: I have one set of data from a meeting room booking system (booked data) in one tab and another set of data from sensors in the meeting room (actual data) in another tab. I want to compare / match various...
  17. M

    Timestamp that won't change

    :banghead: I'm trying to do a Timestamp that won't change every time you reopen the workbook :banghead: . In this linked workbook I have "Meeting Date" in column B. Column E is where I want the Timestamp. So, I can get the timestamp to display the date (I added the hh:mm:ss to test), every...
  18. V

    ComboBox1_Change - Code

    Hi Guys, Dont understand what wrong here.. Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() If ComboBox1.Value = "Projects" Or ComboBox1.Value = "Process Training" Or ComboBox1.Value = "Tech Meeting" _ Or ComboBox1.Value = "Allocation" Or ComboBox1.Value = "Stake holder reviews" Or ComboBox1.Value = "Reporting"...
  19. WarrenCarr

    Using Excel to Create Outlook Calendar Meeting

    Hello, I would like to integrate Outlook and Excel. I have a workbook that I use to keep track of clients and prospects. It keeps track of where they are in the sales process. When they get to a point that they want to have a meeting, I have to manually mark the day in Outlook to make a...
  20. R

    VBA or Conditional Formatting to Insert a new row of data base on cell value.

    Hey y'all. I've been scouring the internet to piece together codes that would be able to accomplish the task at hand. I currently have a worksheet that has the names of clients (a), when their next meeting is (b), and was the meeting completed? (c). I'm trying to make it so, once a meeting...

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