1. G

    De-duplicating/merging rows while keeping any data

    I need to determine whether any people have downloaded any applications. But the database that spits out whether a person has done so can only generate lists for one application at a time. So, I have one spreadsheet showing that Bob downloaded Messenger, and another showing that Bob downloaded...
  2. smozgur

    Parent & Child Relationship Between Sources in Power Query

    As long as there are matching fields in the source tables, we can join the associated queries (one-to-one, one-to-many, etc.) by using the Merge feature. We are going to use the following sample source tables to demonstrate parent & child merging. These tables have a parent-child relationship...
  3. S

    merge duplicate data

    BCDE1Before After 2Sunday Sunday 3Sunday 4Sunday 5Sunday 6MondayMonday7Monday8Monday9FridayFriday10Friday11 Hello if i want to merge duplicate data, from before to after is it possible with VBA? Thanks 🙏
  4. M

    How to SUM / merge similar rows in Excel using VBA and save as each sheet to CSV ?

    I'm trying to build a simplemacro in VBA for Excel that would SUM [merge] all the rows that have the same name (value in the first columns) and save as each sheet to CSV file. So for example : sheet1 Apple 20 Banana 50 Banana 10 Apple 80 Sheet2 Orange 10 Melon 15 Orange 25...
  5. iosiflupis

    Merging/Combining different columns from different worksheets

    I have five (5) different files that have .csv files in them. The five folders of information have five different columnar layouts. Is there a tool/trick/workaround in Power Query or Power BI where I can pull the different columns into one worksheet/table that has all the columns that I would...
  6. J

    Combining cells with the same data but keeping some data separate

    Good afternoon all. Have a tricky goal to try and combine two rows with the same data, so merge it into one row of data. I will need a formula that can combine them as ill have lots of this data coming in. As you can see below - A, B and C all share the same data and i need them merged into...
  7. D

    VBA Merge PDF's based on path

    Hello! I need help getting VBA to Merge PDF's based on the path. I've attached a photo. Column A, B, C are file paths as they currently exist. I need VBA to grab and merge all of these columns files and use the Output location in column D as the reference for the new path name and where it...
  8. A

    insert row under a s selected cell and merge a cells

    HI Sorry I'm not familiar with VBA but I need this for my project I need to create VBA button with a code to insert a row under a random selected cell "let's say D" and then merge each of the cellS before it ",C,B,A" with it the new cell inserted under it; for example C2 with C3, B2 with B3...
  9. I

    Power Query Statistics Greyed Out for Certain Columns

    Was trying to add a Z-score column and needed to calculate mean and median but I can't for certain columns with a large number of null values. Both columns are in the same merged query data source and are both decimal types. I can calculate statistics for one and not the other.
  10. M

    Merging data and creating variants

    Hello. I desperately need some help with a csv file I need to create to upload products onto shopify. The aim of the game is to sort through the 22 000 lines of data, in order to create a new list which contains maybe 10 000 products with TAGS. This part I've done. (The other 12 000 lines are...
  11. S

    Merge Cells Automatically using VBA

    Hello I'm looking for something to automatically merge text of the text in a cell. This can either be immediately or by using VBA and running a macro to do all of them at once. Example for data merge data football, and I'm looking to merge by using VBA to data volly, basketball, and tenis...
  12. C

    Substract based on row and column label

    I have to table that I have to substract value from base on a row / column label to create another table. I'm basically merging (calculating) two pivot tables N4 cell value should be: =(B6-B18)*M3 But sometimes pivot table are changing depending on source data. I would like formula in 3rd table...
  13. T

    VBA to filter out entire row on the value of a single cell in a column

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to Excel and this is my first post here so please excuse any errors or stupidity on my part. I currently have two problems. Firstly, I need to merge two columns that contain numbers. The problem is that when I do this it is deleting the zeros in the middle. I have...
  14. B

    Unable to merge cells

    I am intending to merge every cells between the two objects "FirstCell" and "SecondCell". Still a relatively new user to vba, hence not really sure what went wrong. I have also declared "EmptyRow" in a previous function. Thank you!!!
  15. M

    Merging cells in multiple columns based on the value in a single column

    Hello again you wonderful people, I have hit another road block from the limit of my skills. i have some data that is download from a bespoke inspection system and unfortunately because of the way that multiple faults can be raised against the same piece of equipment the downloaded data...
  16. airforceone

    Count rows per Merge Value

    just thinking... although some might say that merge cells is the mortal enemy of macro :) but just the same I would like to throw this not so important question or not how or can we count rows of a certain column until merge value changes? say with the given table Bird row count would be 5...
  17. M

    Filter using mutiple sheets to create an array?

    I am looking to colate a list of values which appear on multiple tabs in a work book. Sheet 1 and 2 below have varying data but not all in the same columns. ABC1NumbersLettersColours2123abcblue3456defred4789ghiyellow...
  18. S

    Merging columns with one master overwriting blank cells

    I have a merged table from power query (full outer). now I have columns AA B C DD EE and lots of null fields. Now how do I merge the columns but only overwrite blanks from one column and discard if not required. I need to merge columns 1 and 2. I want to merge the columns so that column 2 is...
  19. K

    Merge excel files with multiple sheets (with same name) in one file with VBA

    Hi to all and thanks in advance for your effort to help me I have a problem. I am a basic user of VBA and it is difficult for me to find a solution on the following issue: I have two excel files than contain same structure data in columns. The first xlslx file is the master file with the name...
  20. T

    how to take only the first sheet on every workbook and sum specific cells

    Hi, I totally new at VBA Macro and I just got the task from my work to do some. There are 2 commands that I need to solve: 1. I need to merge / copy as value only the first sheet of every workbook 2. The next thing is that I need to sum for specific cells of the worksheet, whenever I need to...

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