1. K

    Combine rows, add values in spec. column

    Hello, I have just started with VBA and I need your help. I've attached a picture and I will try to explain my problem. In "lastat"-sheet, I will add stock/pallets that I will move to another warehouse. With "Move"-button i move numbers to "Lagersaldo"-sheet. This warehouse will use...
  2. C

    Power Query Merge rows with some duplicate data

    How to merge rows in Power Query if some columns are duplicate. Unfortunately I can't post an example, but the data I'm working with first needed the Pivot Columns function performed to move toward columnar data structure. The result is that I have multiple rows for the same metadata, with other...
  3. R

    How to combine lines that are down and to merge them into 1 cell

    please see attachment. my answers are in green. i just need a drag-down formula to get to these answers. Thanks!
  4. N

    Combining multiple Password Protected workbooks into a single workbook

    Hi All, I will be having around 85-90 password protected workbooks. They all will have different passwords. I shall collate them in 1 folder. I will have a list of the workbooks name and their passwords (preferably in sheet2). I need a macro or code which will open the workbook with the...
  5. S

    Merging contact info from different exports (sticking point: phone/address/email type column + 1 data column vs. multiple data columns)

    I'm working with some seasoned realtors that are looking to combine their client data for an import into their CRM, one realtor has data that is stored in iCloud, Yahoo, and Gmail, which are exported to separate CSV files. The trouble is that the exported phone numbers, email addresses, and...
  6. E

    Map different cells into a row based on other cells

    Hi! Is there a way to add rows with a data from one file to other based on cell similarities? Using Excel UI tools, VBA or formulas, whatever. For example, in the first file there is a complete database of clients, e.g. 1000 rows with records divided into 3 columns. Column A contains clients...
  7. P

    Power Query Merge or Append?

    Hi, I'm trying to combine 2 reports with inconsistent columns and column names into a single report. Is this possible in Power Query. For example report 1 has the following columns Fiscal Qtr Fiscal Wk BU Segment Rep Seg Alloc Territory PFAM Product Line Material Key Customer Customer...
  8. A

    Power Query, Merge, One-to-One, full outer join. Results are one-to-many join

    Thanks for your help. In a single workbook, I have two tables (on separate worksheets) each as the same 14 columns. table 1 has 1276 rows, table 2 has 989 rows. I have connections to each table in the workbook queries list. I merged the queries with table 1 first then table 2. I selected the...
  9. Y

    Merge/Unmerge Cells in a Protected Sheet

    Hello everyone, I have an excel sheet where I have some cells protected, unfortunately I can't merge/unmerge cells while the sheet is protected. So, I have written this VBA code Sub MergeCells() Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveSheet.Unprotect "Password" Selection.Merge...
  10. I

    Copy content from 2 worksheets to 1 and remove formatting

    Hi Everyone, I could really use some help - been on this for a few days now. I am no expert at VBA but learning as I go and normally solve things on my own. Is there a way to; Create a new worksheet and name it "Print Summary" Copy content from ActiveSheet to "Print Summary" (preserving...
  11. Dermot

    Merging Excel to Word and Powerpoint

    It is not difficult to merge Excel data to Word documents, but this destroys the bookmarks, and if you find you want to redo the merge after you've substantially modified the Word document, that can be frustrating. I wanted a merge that could be repeated as often as required, which meant...
  12. F

    Creating a master customer database from several sources then divining it back up to appropriate destinations.

    Hi All. hope everybody is well. I've spent weeks trying to do this manually and I give up. It should be so easy if you know what you're doing. I use software called Tradify for managing my electrical installation business. The customer database isn't great. Only one landline, one mobile and...
  13. T

    Combine (Merge) multiple excel files (.xlsx) into 1 file (Same columns stack 1 another)

    Hello all experts : ) I would like to Combine (Merge) multiple excel files (.xlsx) into 1 file (Same columns stack 1 another) Below are some screenshots from the files I would like to merge, there are 130 files. Let's start with smaller sample, I would like to combine file 117 and 22...
  14. G

    Merge multiple rows based on duplicate cell

    I have a list of movies that have won or been nominated for one or more awards in various years. I want all award information for one title to appear on one line. Is there a way to do that? Each award has three columns of information: award name, whether the film was nominated or won, and year...
  15. G

    Consolidate/merge data in duplicate rows separated by delimiter

    Hi Experts, Project: I am working on Power BI project where I am fetching data from many JIRA projects. The only problem here is one field which is not used in a harmonized way for across all JIRA projects and i.e. Release Information. For all JIRA projects in my report, I derived that...
  16. W

    Combining Columns with Dynamic Values

    Dear Pros, Please how can I use formula to create COLUMN C from A and B?
  17. S

    Merging workbooks

    I'm trying to create a macro that will create a new workbook and then copy all sheet(1)'s from all other open workbooks to it except for the workbook where I have all my macros stored. So far, I'm able to create the new workbook and save over it if needed (and it will be). But it's not copying...
  18. F

    Merge data and delete duplicates VBA

    Hi all, I am trying to build a tool in excel that can simulate and give an overview of packing plans, but i am having trouble getting a "timeline" to work. The sheets with the timeline are imported based on choice and will change in how many are imported. It needs to be VBA, the persons who...
  19. L

    Conditional Merge

    Good evening everyone, I had a question ... btw, excuse my bad english: I have a couple of tables, CONTRIBUTION and BILLING, which have an "ID" field with which I relate them (the relationship between the tables is * (CONTRIBUTION) -> 1 (BILLING)), as well as a CONSUMPTION (numeric) field , a...
  20. A

    Loop to merge cells does not work on last few rows

    Hi all! Im having some issues with my code below. It works fine on majority of rows, but towards the end, it's having some issues. What my code does is this: - if values of cells (i,j) and cells (i+r,j), basically 1 cell and the cell below it are the same, then they merge and other columns...

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