1. L

    Conditional Merge

    Good evening everyone, I had a question ... btw, excuse my bad english: I have a couple of tables, CONTRIBUTION and BILLING, which have an "ID" field with which I relate them (the relationship between the tables is * (CONTRIBUTION) -> 1 (BILLING)), as well as a CONSUMPTION (numeric) field , a...
  2. A

    Loop to merge cells does not work on last few rows

    Hi all! Im having some issues with my code below. It works fine on majority of rows, but towards the end, it's having some issues. What my code does is this: - if values of cells (i,j) and cells (i+r,j), basically 1 cell and the cell below it are the same, then they merge and other columns...
  3. L

    in PQ can we merge multi sheets in Multi Workbook at same time

    Hi all i have 5 files for 5 regions each files contains From 4 to 10 sheets ( each sheet for Product sales Anaysis ) i merged it by my PQ File file then i use PQ also to Merge it all in one file that is mean i use PQ 5 times for 5 files then i use it again to merge it all in one file can...
  4. S

    Mail merge multiple data rows to one email address

    <tbody> Email Data 1 2 A B </tbody> Hi guys is there a way that I can mail merge 1 email with several rows of data, instead on several emails with 1 row of data? desired result - Ste recieves 1 email which states...
  5. A

    Mail merge with excel

    I use excel spreadsheets (xls, DDE) as the database for my mail merge in word. After the upgrade to Word 2016, the excel open a new file (Book2) automatically when I open the word file. The main problem is that when the new excel file (Book 2) was opened, all the previous entered data was not...
  6. B

    What is early binding and late binding

    Hi I am new to these concepts. Not requesting for exact answers. You may also help me with useful links for these two. I know Google will help, but trying to seek help from experts here. Also, I have another question here. Not sure if I can merge it here only. How does early binding or late...
  7. A

    Code merge data of multiple sheets in one sheet

    hello i need help to find code merge data from 3 sheets in one sheet i have 3 sheets every sheet contains data in table with headers begins from b4: h10 i would code to merge data from theses sheets to sheet4 also when happens every change automatically changes in sheet4 i...
  8. E

    Using VBA, easy way to copy data from a few tabs into 1

    Hi all, So I have a few tabs with changing names, that sometimes are there and others there aren't. For example. I will always have a "Sheet1" then after that they may not be there, "Sheet1 (2)", "Sheet1 (3)", etc. I need help writing a macro that will copy the data from "Sheet1" into Cell A1...
  9. P

    Merge Empty Cells with a cell with a date

    I am trying to merge 5 columns together where only one column will have a date in (dd-mm-yyy) and the other 4 will be blank. The column that contains the date is random and changes as you go down the spreadsheet. Can anyone shine a light on a formula that KEEPS FORMATTING of the date when the...
  10. A

    Organizing Columns w/ First and Last Names

    Hi, I'm working on a stats project and need some help. I've got my two columns, one for first names and the other for last names, and I'm trying to figure out how to merge them so they read in one cell as the full name and then alphabetize them by last name; if it is possible. I've gone as...
  11. H

    Call Word document (with mergefields ready) and MailMerge it from Excel (all hosted on Sharepoint)

    I have to setup a series of mail merged forms for my school to invite guest speakers to our classrooms. For that, I have setup a table called Guest_Speaker_MM. I've already created all the merge fields and tested them using manual mail merge and they worked fine. However, when these files...
  12. H

    Merge two ranges together and wrap them into each other

    Hi all, I want to merge two ranges together. The first range is equal to Sheets("1").Range("B1:AA100") the second range is equal to Sheets("2").Range("B1:AA100") I am familiar with the UNION-function, but I want to merge them differently. Basically, I want to merge them column for column...
  13. D

    Getting Power Query to add new values to the bottom

    Hi All, I have searched the internet for a solution but cannot find one. can someone help me with Power Query in excel. so i have separate tables for items which can contain a varied amount of rows. i then have a merged copy of all these individual tables in another tab as one big table. so...
  14. D

    merge sheet vba help

    Hello everyone. Is there a way to tweak the below vba so it only merges 2 sheets from my workbook vs ALL the sheets in the workbook? For instance i need it to merge sheet name "hello" and sheet name "bye" THanks!! Sub merge() Dim wrk As Workbook Dim sht As Worksheet Dim trg As...
  15. K

    Mail Merge - Blank Spaces

    Hello, I am working in a mail merge document, and I need the output to look something like this: Vacation: Life Insurance: Disability: etc. However, the issue is that sometimes the fields are blank, and if they're blank it messes up the spacing. I want the document to ignore any blanks...
  16. S

    Merging With Same Cell Value and Matching Other Column Value

    Hello Experts, Following is actual data and the common column in both sheets is "Style No.". The two sheets have thousands of records. Lets say first sheet is with prices and order quantity and the second sheet is with actual shipped quantity. TABLE 1 WITH PRICES...
  17. A

    Mail Merge that inserts a pdf between merged pages

    I have an spreadsheet that summarizes various documents and includes the file path to each document. I have created a mail merge that creates a document summary page for each document based on the data in the spreadsheet. What I would like to do next is generate a single PDF that places the...
  18. H

    Consolidating multiple rows into one single row - large data file

    I have a file consisting of over 17 thousand rows of information. The file lists out employee data in columns A-H. This portion of the file is ok. However in column I a list of questions are referenced vertically. Each question appears in a separate row. The employee's answer to the question is...
  19. Weeble

    Merge "duplicate" tables different workbooks

    I have two different workbooks that has identical table headers. It's used for timesheet registration but I have 2 computers set up so people don't have to be in line. I've created a connection between the 2 workbooks so I can pull the tables to a "Master" workbook. I've manged to get the two...
  20. A

    IF statment MERGED Cells

    Hi, Is there a way that as a result of an IF statement that 3 cells become merged? IE: IF cell 1A> 2 merge cells 2A, 2B, 2C Else Nil Thanks Aaron

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