1. B

    Unable to merge cells

    I am intending to merge every cells between the two objects "FirstCell" and "SecondCell". Still a relatively new user to vba, hence not really sure what went wrong. I have also declared "EmptyRow" in a previous function. Thank you!!!
  2. M

    Merging cells in multiple columns based on the value in a single column

    Hello again you wonderful people, I have hit another road block from the limit of my skills. i have some data that is download from a bespoke inspection system and unfortunately because of the way that multiple faults can be raised against the same piece of equipment the downloaded data...
  3. airforceone

    Count rows per Merge Value

    just thinking... although some might say that merge cells is the mortal enemy of macro :) but just the same I would like to throw this not so important question or not how or can we count rows of a certain column until merge value changes? say with the given table Bird row count would be 5...
  4. M

    Filter using mutiple sheets to create an array?

    I am looking to colate a list of values which appear on multiple tabs in a work book. Sheet 1 and 2 below have varying data but not all in the same columns. ABC1NumbersLettersColours2123abcblue3456defred4789ghiyellow...
  5. S

    Merging columns with one master overwriting blank cells

    I have a merged table from power query (full outer). now I have columns AA B C DD EE and lots of null fields. Now how do I merge the columns but only overwrite blanks from one column and discard if not required. I need to merge columns 1 and 2. I want to merge the columns so that column 2 is...
  6. K

    Merge excel files with multiple sheets (with same name) in one file with VBA

    Hi to all and thanks in advance for your effort to help me I have a problem. I am a basic user of VBA and it is difficult for me to find a solution on the following issue: I have two excel files than contain same structure data in columns. The first xlslx file is the master file with the name...
  7. T

    how to take only the first sheet on every workbook and sum specific cells

    Hi, I totally new at VBA Macro and I just got the task from my work to do some. There are 2 commands that I need to solve: 1. I need to merge / copy as value only the first sheet of every workbook 2. The next thing is that I need to sum for specific cells of the worksheet, whenever I need to...
  8. C

    Merge Same Column Name

    Hi Guys, Need help on how to merge same column names with data. Example City | State | Address | Address | Address Now I would like to loop through the column headers and if finds the same column header name in this example would be address it will combined all the text information in all...
  9. deadlyjack

    If / Loop / Merge

    I've got a little task where I need to merge 2 rows together IF the value is greater than 11. I got the first code to work, but this is only for a specific row... What I need to generate is a dynamic Loop throughout, x = 3 To 33. In this case I3 is greater than 11, so if this is the case, then I...
  10. O

    Merge Excel rows based on common column values

    I have a table similar to the image below. Column A has repeated values, while column B has values corresponding to column A. e.g. a single customer can have multiple orders. What I would like to do is combine the rows, so that there is only one row per unique column A value (customer) and in...
  11. B

    Excel VBA Merge PDF Files that contain strings then next string

    Hello, first time posting here. I have found plenty of helpful code and would like your help. Every month I get a list of statements and invoices that I would like to make a code that combines these pdfs and save them under the statement file. For example: Teststatement.pdf test1 testpart2...
  12. T

    How to Merge same name into one with indicator

    Hello everyone. Who can help me with one formula which can merge 2 Items with status into one. Also I have special indicator which helps me with process and show me what complete or no . Indicators split in 2 groups: 1-st one 1 &6 . 2-d one 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 . Condition should be next for SUM...
  13. K

    Combine rows, add values in spec. column

    Hello, I have just started with VBA and I need your help. I've attached a picture and I will try to explain my problem. In "lastat"-sheet, I will add stock/pallets that I will move to another warehouse. With "Move"-button i move numbers to "Lagersaldo"-sheet. This warehouse will use...
  14. C

    Power Query Merge rows with some duplicate data

    How to merge rows in Power Query if some columns are duplicate. Unfortunately I can't post an example, but the data I'm working with first needed the Pivot Columns function performed to move toward columnar data structure. The result is that I have multiple rows for the same metadata, with other...
  15. R

    How to combine lines that are down and to merge them into 1 cell

    please see attachment. my answers are in green. i just need a drag-down formula to get to these answers. Thanks!
  16. N

    Combining multiple Password Protected workbooks into a single workbook

    Hi All, I will be having around 85-90 password protected workbooks. They all will have different passwords. I shall collate them in 1 folder. I will have a list of the workbooks name and their passwords (preferably in sheet2). I need a macro or code which will open the workbook with the...
  17. S

    Merging contact info from different exports (sticking point: phone/address/email type column + 1 data column vs. multiple data columns)

    I'm working with some seasoned realtors that are looking to combine their client data for an import into their CRM, one realtor has data that is stored in iCloud, Yahoo, and Gmail, which are exported to separate CSV files. The trouble is that the exported phone numbers, email addresses, and...
  18. E

    Map different cells into a row based on other cells

    Hi! Is there a way to add rows with a data from one file to other based on cell similarities? Using Excel UI tools, VBA or formulas, whatever. For example, in the first file there is a complete database of clients, e.g. 1000 rows with records divided into 3 columns. Column A contains clients...
  19. P

    Power Query Merge or Append?

    Hi, I'm trying to combine 2 reports with inconsistent columns and column names into a single report. Is this possible in Power Query. For example report 1 has the following columns Fiscal Qtr Fiscal Wk BU Segment Rep Seg Alloc Territory PFAM Product Line Material Key Customer Customer...
  20. A

    Power Query, Merge, One-to-One, full outer join. Results are one-to-many join

    Thanks for your help. In a single workbook, I have two tables (on separate worksheets) each as the same 14 columns. table 1 has 1276 rows, table 2 has 989 rows. I have connections to each table in the workbook queries list. I merged the queries with table 1 first then table 2. I selected the...
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