message box code

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    VBA Message Box for conditional formatting

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with columns G-J setup with conditional formatting based on dates. the cell will change to yellow if the expiration is 60 days out, and will turn red if the expiration date is 30 days or less. I would like to setup a vba code that will give me a pop-up message upon...
  2. B

    VBA Message Box

    HI, I want a message box to automatically appear conditional on a checklist being completed. I am currently using Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("B3").Value = 0 Then MsgBox "Checklist Completed- When XXXXX" End If End Sub B3 contains a countif, i.e...
  3. T

    Message Box VBA: Multiple Criteria

    Hello - I am trying to figure out how to create a message box that appears based on multiple criteria. I have tried doing research and still can not figure it out. I know minimal VBA, though I am confident it is possible. I currently have a workbook that my project manager enters his crews...
  4. 1

    Duplicates message with explicit cell value

    Hi, I have a sheet that I use for tracking invoices and have written VBA to highlight if an invoice with the same number has already been entered in column K as follows: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column = 11 Then If...
  5. K

    display message box when cell color is red

    I have a cell with conditional formatting to turn red when a certain condition is met. is there a VBA code that will display a message box stating duplicate based on a cell color? so what I need is when a cell turns red, a message box to appear showing duplicate. here is the code I have but it...
  6. A

    VBA Code for Message Box

    Hi, I have a workbook where they will be either a YES or NO Value in columns E, F or G. There will mostly be all NO values, but if there is a YES, i would like a message box to pop up and say "There is a negative fund, investment, or source!". This is what i'm using now, but the message box...
  7. S

    Message Box VBA

    I am trying to get a message box to fire automatically based on a cell value. Here is the setup: I have a "configurator" tab (Sheet 2) that has an ActiveX drop down box with a list of names that corresponds to a table of names/job titles on a logic tab (Sheet 3). When you select your name on...
  8. V

    Need cells to lock until a comment is added in the comment cell then unprotect sheet

    I am new to visual basic and need some help with some coding. I have a excel template that has an plan end date and actual end date (2 separate columns) if my actual end date is greater then my plan end date, I need a message box to explain they need to write a comment. If there is no comment...
  9. T

    Vacation Time Error VBA Code

    Hello Everyone, I currently have a worksheet that will populate days with the initials of the Staff that has been assigned a task that begins and ends in a certain time frame. I've used an IF function for this. I now have another task I must do. My boss wants there to be an Error Message...
  10. C

    BeforeClose optional message box

    I have a workbook setup to not close if certain cell(s) are not filled out to prevent error (code below). However, it has become rather annoying if we need to open a sheet just for reference as we have to fill in all of the cells to before excel will close. Instead of preventing the worksheet to...
  11. S

    Multiple variables in MsgBox

    Hi There, I am trying to get a pop up message box to display a list of names that may change each time you open the sheet. I deal with new starters at work and want to have a popup box that finds the users who are starting in the next 2 weeks and haven't already been assigned a laptop. I have...
  12. B

    Create a list in a message box

    Hi, I am trying to create a msgbox that has a list of items. I have values in a column E. If the value in this column is greater than 1 I would like to take the information from columns B, C, D of the same row. There might be no lines where the value is greater than 1 and there might be more...
  13. D

    VBA to auto close msgbox or not!?!

    Hi All, I'm trying to automate a report in Excel 2010 and have got everything working expect for one small problem. Whenever I open the report, it runs the code (which is what I want but bear with me). I would like to have the workbook automatically open (occurring from Time Scheduler) then...
  14. C

    VBA MsgBox - Excel 2010

    I have a macro that runs and throughout the macro the user is presented with several vbYesNo message boxes. However, when they make their choice on each one, each message box stays displayed on this screen. Once they pick Yes or No (or Cancel), I would like the message box to go away and the...
  15. G

    Message Box Help Please :)

    Hi, I need help and I hope someone is clever enough to un-jumble what I've written below and then help me sort out what I need :) I've created a time sheet for my work. Within the time sheet I have created an IF formula to work out how many hours the person is supposed to work each day so that...
  16. C

    MsgBox, Retry or Cancel

    I have a userform that has the user input a worksheet name, which I wave to the variable BorName. I have one IF statement to find out if the worksheet already exists. If it does exists then I want a messagebox thrown and want it to retry or cancel. The second IF statement just allows the sheet...
  17. already

    Formatting % in vbea messagebox

    Hi I have to put the results of a percent calculation (A3) in a message box in format '00.00 %' I use the following code but I can't format the decimal places to only 2 digits Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A3") & Format(" %", "0.00") Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards Al
  18. M

    Compare two columns in different worksheets and create a message listing the missing data

    Hi, I'm sure this query has been answered somewhere else but I can't seem to find it. I basically have information in two worksheets in the same workbook which need to be compared and the missing values from one worksheet need to be listed in a message. There are duplicate values in both...
  19. S

    Message Box When Closing Excel

    Hi all, Thank you in advance for your help. I'm okay with VBA but I always get a bit confused with these message boxes when they link. So what I want to do is to have a message box that pops up when this Excel file is attempted to close that says "Have you uploaded the data?" "Yes" or "No"...
  20. D

    Warning Message Needed for User Who "X" Out of Certain Form

    I am attempting to have a pop message display when users of a certain form "X" out of the form. Below is what I came up with but it does not seem to be working: Private Sub IntroUpdate_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Call MsgBox("User closed the program before any formulas were updated."...
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