1. S

    Forecast Trend formula needed

    I am building a forecasting model that will allow for multiple ways to trend actuals data forward and I am looking for a formula to help me do that automatically where I don't have to adjust the formula every month. Below is the example data. I will have 2 full years of actuals up to the...
  2. mayday1

    IFERROR or ISERROR or something if no file or no tab

    I have a report with links to files that might not exist and to tabs that might not exist (but are in files that do exist). I'd like my report to be the same every month requardless so the same file works every month whether or not certain files or tabs are missing. How can I do something...
  3. S

    Calculate the Number of Date Entries Corresponding to the Month and Year of Todays Date

    Hi, I have a large workbook comprised of sheets dedicated to a specific product. Each product sheet has a list of dates. I’m trying to create a macro that would tally the number of date entries corresponding to the month and year of todays date. So if today is “13 June 2019” the macro should...
  4. B

    Coding in an employee count month by month and per region/department

    Thank you for reading my post. Need to count the number of employees in each month, by category and region. I have linked below a worksheet which hopefully demonstrates the problem best.!AtncZKajpjWngrAPs8RZSmOhLO4VWA
  5. F

    Adding a month to duplicated cells

    Hi Everyone! First time posting. So I am running a VBA to duplicate rows a number of times that match a cell value. One of the other cells contains a date in it. I would like the date to move a month forward for each of the duplicated rows. What can I add to the VBA to make this happen...
  6. D

    VBA for Collapsing Rows based on date entered in column A

    I want to be able to enter the month in a cell at the top and collapse all rows with the date in column A that are outside the month selected.
  7. I

    Automatically enter month in a cell

    Morning, I use the same worksheet template every month. I would like to put a code etc in Cell B1 which would just enter the month. So say starting in July the cell is blank. I open the worksheet the code looks at the current month from pc etc and enters JULY into Cell B1 Next month i would...
  8. A

    Excel VBA Autofilter field as a variable

    I am trying to develop a code that will autofilter a field, that will change month to month. I have a userform where the user selects the reporting month, then the script finds that month across the top of a structured table, and then drops down 1 row to select the header of the structured...
  9. K

    Help with getting the correct information to show in my sliced pivot table

    I am trying to make a list of all suppliers my company has used this month. I want the pivot table to show the rolling 12 month period of the information, but only show the suppliers that have a value for the current month. Currently it will only show this current month of data and not the full...
  10. P

    Find values in columns that may change

    How do I search a pre-defined pivot table with Month names as headers, then the pivot table has 2 values Cost and Quantity so when these are in the Values field in the Pivot table and I have let's say 4 months selected in the year, the first 4 columns will be Cost, the next 4 will be Quantity. I...
  11. T

    Pivot table, display weeks

    Hi, I have created a pivot table that is displaying expenditure by year, quarter and finally month. Is there any way I can get it also diplay break done for each week in a month?
  12. H

    Sunburst Chart – Show Total Values in every layer

    Hi Expert, I have a challenge in completing Sunburst Chartfor one my dashboard and I am stuck… browsed thru onlnsomesolutions but somehow I am unable to figure it out. So seeking expertadvise. I have created 3 layer Sunburst Chart, my 3rd Layer (outer layer) hasthe value in Excel sheet. I want...
  13. P

    How to use GETPIVOTDATA

    Hi All, I am trying to get a value from a pivot table using GETPIVOTDATA formula. Below is the formula. GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Distinct Count of id]",$A$3,"[Table1].[timeline]","[Table1].[timeline].&","[Table1].[approved (Month)]","[Table1].[approved (Month)].&[May]","[Table1].[approved...
  14. X

    Matching given month to a column containing the same month

    Hi Guys, Hope all doing great. I need a quick help. I am doing a Business case. In the assumption sheet I will be entering the launch month (Eg Mar-20). Then in the working sheet my revenues and costs should start from this launch month, if I change the launch month the variables should also...
  15. J


    In column A I have all the days of the financial year, in column M I have my daily takings for each day. I would like to be able to have a total for each month, what’s the easiest way please?
  16. S

    Cannot get multiple criteria search to work. Ok, its been a whilesince retirement and I am REALLY rust but I just can't get either the lookup ormatch to work in the sheet linked below. I am working on a rental trackingsheet that I need to...
  17. M

    Linking cells to pivots

    Bear with me, I hardly use pivots as I get by by using formulae................... I have inherited a spreadsheet with a pivot table that each month gets "wider" as a new month appears. So eg JAN FEB MAR TOTAL this month, JAN FEB MAR APR TOTAL next month etc etc In cell A1 there is a formula...
  18. J

    Eomonth conditional formating

    I am trying to add conditional formatting using end of month. What I am hoping to have is this: Enter a date in "A1" Next "A2" has formula "=EOMONTH(A1,36)" I would like to have three conditional formats showing "Green" if today's date is in the preceding calendar month or earlier than "A2"...
  19. S

    Post NOW() in column that has header of todays month

    In Row/Column B5:b16 I have months, Apr, May, June, July, August...... etc What I need is when my VBA Code is run, for whatever row I am in (say row D) , I want it to look at the correct column header for that month (so today is June) and then place a timestamp Many thanks

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