1. N

    Mouse Events - seeking explanation

    I know how to use the MouseMove event, understand the logic behind the MouseDown/Up events. However, there seems to be a more advanced level, e.g. combining those 3 events to create a Drag&Drop opportunity for controls which don't initially have it (e.g. ListBox does). And I need to understand...
  2. D

    Vertical Scroll Bar fake copy?

    So I have been having this same problem for a long time. I just work around it, by scrolling with my mouse, which can be tedious. We used to have MS 2016, now we have Office 365. Problem existed on both. The document is a shared document, old school, not the internet sharing because I need to be...
  3. S

    How to allow "Mouse Click" event or "switch Excel tab" when a macro is running - VBA?

    I have a macro that extracts data from Microfocus RUMBA Mainframe Display and puts in Excel rows one after the other. I have created a Global Mainframe object and that is used for extraction to Excel. But when the process is running and if user decides to stop the processing he cannot click on...
  4. R

    Click the mouse with VBA not working

    For several years I have been using:- Function clickMouse() mouse_event MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN, 0, 0, 0, 0 mouse_event MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTUP, 0, 0, 0, 0 Sleep 50 End Function to click the mouse. However, after recent auto-upgrades, it has ceased to work. Anyone got any ideas why - and...
  5. I

    Trend cursor on Excel Chart

    I have 3 charts in a worksheet. All of the charts share the same x axis. I would like to a trend cursor to each of the charts to clearing indicate the y value for each of the charts at the x-value the mouse pointer is located at. There are probably several parts to this question. but looking...
  6. H

    Text cell list sorting problem

    I have a large set of cells with Text inside I need to sort into lists and in such a way that each list produced from the first omits one cell. The difficulty for me in particular is that the number of cells can vary. To illustrate simply below is a simplified set of cells with one word in each...
  7. S

    MouseMove Event : When mouse is outside the edge or border of command button would like to change the background colour of commandbutton

    Hello How is above statement in RED justified with below code as i am stuck and color does not change when the mouse is outside the border or edge of command button Private Sub CommandButton1_MouseMove(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal x As Single, ByVal y As Single)...
  8. M

    What is the quickest way to Paste Values by Transpose without using the mouse?

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste Values with Transpose?
  9. L

    List of Names: Extract Address like info into individual row list (eg. Husbands/Wives/Singles)

    I'm sure this has been asked before - if so please direct me. I have Fields: LastName,FirstName,Spouse,Position,Spouse Position It's a list that also includes people that are singles. Just looking for direction how to keep my original list AND elsewhere to have a list that derives and splits...
  10. TAPS_MikeDion

    Quick stupid question about "Sub ComboBox1_Click()"

    Since I'm not that well versed in VBA, unlike most on this forum, I was hoping someone could answer a quick question regarding "Sub ComboBox1_Click()". I thought this was a mouse click event, but as I seem to be finding out, it is also a key click event. Is this correct? I'm wondering...
  11. A

    Comment box with VBA, which pops- up on mouse hower

    Hello Everyone , I want to put a comment to a cell using VBA through command button. Once the comment is entered the cell is dimmed. The comment can be viewed by hovering the mouse on the cell, through a pop-up or button.
  12. Y

    Detect Mouse Click and Keyboard key

    Assuming I have two codes, how can I wrap my code to detect if Enter key was pressed or a mouse click? So, if it is enter key it should run one code, if mouse click it should run another code
  13. D

    Arrow keys and mouse not working consistently with scroll and panes

    Am running Excel 2016 (64 bit) on 64 bit Windows 10 machine. When a called macro changes to view a worksheet with Panes set, most times the keyboard arrows will not change the view. Sometimes they move the cursor off the page, sometimes the cursor is non-responsive. Also, cannot mouse click...
  14. J

    Find matching data in 2 wkshts, copying/pasting data from same-row col P to the others col P

    I have two worksheets' data. Worksheet Tags. Worksheet Records. Only Worksheet Tags has data in col P. Worksheet Tags has only SOME of the same data in col A that Worksheet Records has in col A. With matching data in col A, whatever I can do to copy Worksheet Tags' data in col P, inserting...
  15. J

    Find text in one column = add "#, " to different column?

    Hello Excel experts... I thank you in advance! :-) I need to find words in column U, and if found, add comma-space-assigned number in column R (in same row). (without disturbing content already in column R. I've begun doing this manually.) Example of what I'm trying to do: (Would love to...
  16. M

    return the row number when a match is found

    Hi all I am trying to find a value from column C in Columns AC:AE inclusive and if found return the row number of the initial value for example: If the value of C2 [DOG] is found in F7 then 2 is returned to A2 Column C will contain unique values Hope this makes sense - even if the example is...
  17. 6

    do an *action* when any key or mouse movement is detected

    Is it possible in VBA to detect a system wide key or mouse movement? I need to trigger an *action* when any key or mouse movement is detected system (Windows) wide
  18. P

    Mouse wheel no longer scrolling up/down in Access 2010

    Windows 10 v 1903 MS Office Pro 2010 My (wireless) mouse wheel has recently stopped being able to scroll up/down in Access tables/queries. I use this feature a lot, due to the nature of the length of the tables/queries I use, so it's a huge frustration for me. I've tried a different mouse but...
  19. Y

    Mouse Scroll wheel for frame scroll bar

    I need a code for mouse wheel to scroll the scrollbar on a frame. Note: the userform itself is modeless.
  20. J

    VBA: When conditions are met, a message box will pop up

    Sheet1: <tbody> 1 Cat 2019-05-21 Error... This, this, and this 2 Dog 2019-05-21 Error. This, this, and this 3 Mouse 2019-05-25 In order - that, that, and that 4 Fish 2019-05-26 Where, when, why, and how </tbody> Sheet2: <tbody> 5 2019-05-22 Dog ... 6 2019-05-22 Fish ... 7...

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