1. F

    Moving rows upwards ... one at a time

    Hi, I currently have some code that looks at data in row 2 of a worksheet. After pressing a button, the VBA pulls the information from the cells in that particular row, through to other cells in the workbook, it then automatically saves this info as a new document and then returns to the first...
  2. R

    Moving data to new table with slightly different headings

    Hi, I am in the process of moving data from one platform to another. The source data contains some 8-9k rows with 20 colums. The destination will have the same amount of rows (I expect max 500 to be dropped as they are outdated). However, the fields (colums) in the destination are slightly...
  3. D

    save excel sheets as pdf via vba

    i need to re-arrange the tabs so that it saves the PDF in that there way to do this without manually moving the worksheets? i tried re-arranging the sheet names in the vba array code, but that didnt seem to do the trickl
  4. E

    VBA to Save workbook and then save as/save copy

    Hi all, If possible I need a VBA that does the following:- Saves the current workbook then, Save as/copies the workbook into txt format. I have the following code but, it appears to be bypassing the first step (just saving the sheet) before moving onto the second step...
  5. I

    Moving ToggleButtons

    Any ideas how to stop toggle buttons from moving every time i open my spreadsheet. I have a few of them. I have grouped them, set them to don't move or resize but they still do it. Many Thanks
  6. J

    Moving Date Marker

    Is it possible to put a marker or line signifying today's date on a chart? I want this line to automatically move based on today's date =TODAY().
  7. D

    Deactivate connectors from shapes

    Hi all :) Does anyone know a VBA code that would allow me to deactivate connectors from shapes. Here see an example Because what I would like is to turn the shapes at 180 degrees without moving the connectors. That's why I'm...
  8. V

    Moving one workbook to another workbook

    Hi Everyone, I am utilizing the following code I found online to automatically group rows based on a "export criteria" and save them into a new workbook. This is the code: Sub ExportData() 'Declare variables Dim ArrayItem As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Dim ArrayOfUniqueValues As Variant Dim...
  9. K

    VBA: moving an array but keeping the format unchanged

    I have a list of suppliers codes, most of them are in text format like ABC, DEF, XYZ however I have a few that are just numbers, 12456 6789 00056 This last one is causing me problems as the leading zeros are lost I am moving the data, trying to avoid a copy paste...
  10. L

    moving sheet and keep activating one

    Hi I have 3 sheets named 1,2,3 and I am moving them around using the code below. sheet name "2" has the button which run the code. I want to do the move but keep going back to sheet("2"). I did it as below. How you would do it yourself? Is that good and efficient programming? Thank you so much...
  11. D

    Min Value with Formula?

    Hello Everyone, You guys always blow me away with your solutions when I've needed them. Thank you! I have a formula, =Round((AW2*.85)+IF(V2="yes",-700),-2) and it works perfectly but I would like to add a min value of 4000. I have tried =MIN(4000, formula, but not been able to get...
  12. A

    Moving A Worksheet To The End of all Existing Worksheets

    I am not having any luck with moving a worksheet to after the last worksheet in the workbook. With ws_src ag = 365 .Unprotect dt_row = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(CLng(Date), .Columns(2), 0)...
  13. DataBlake

    VBA Runtime 1004 error - How to change sheets?

    Hello all, I'm having a problem where i try to run a column moving macro using Worksheets("MHT").Activate Dim lastRow As Long lastRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Columns("F:F").Select Selection.Cut Columns("A:A").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight...
  14. C

    Moving to the first empty row in a column below the active cell...

    How would you rewrite this code Range("A10").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select so that it works on ANY column? Thanks for anyone's help. cr
  15. T

    Stop ranges within formula from moving when a new row is added

    My array formula below works BUT, I think I need to apply maybe an INDIRECT function to stop the ranges from moving when I add a new row to my data set. Can anyone help? {=IFERROR(INDEX('EIRF Tracker '!$N$9:$N$2000,MODE(IF('EIRF Tracker '!$G$9:$G$2000="Injury",IF('EIRF Tracker...
  16. L

    Moving a decimal VBA

    G'day guys. Need to do a tricky one... I'm not sure how this can be done with a VBA sub routine. Once the data shifts to another sheet ("DATA Currently") I need to run a VBA script afterwards to convert it into the "Data needs to be" values. Anyone got ideas? I'm sure there would be a way...
  17. M

    Shape Moving

    I have a macro assigned to a shape and I would like it to follow the page as I scroll down is this possible? Thanks
  18. J

    Forecasting Price if target Exponential Moving Average value is known

    Hello, Here's my problem. You can download my example file here : Colomn A shows closing prices ; the prices *always* alternate up and down ; there cannot be an occurrence that prices moves up or down twice in sequence. (see Point and...
  19. ellyzadg

    Move negative sign from left to RIGHT

    Hi SAP accept negative values with "-" sign on the right. what would be the formula when moving negative sign from left to right. I am usually seeing from right to left. TIA!
  20. L

    $ and moving the cell not the formula

    Hi I fixed $J$1 in the formula and accidentally moved J1 (dragged and drop it somewhere else), the formula below will update $J$1 to the new location for example $L$20. I thought $ will fix the address? I know I am not moving the formula but still? Thank you so much. <tbody> I J name date...

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