multiple arrays

  1. R

    Auto Populate Project Number based on Indirect Formulas

    Backstory: I have two companys that I am trying to merge into shift tracking system. We have over 200-300 clients and 500-600 projects per year. The file only shows 2 clients I made this work one way where I had two master lists of projects based on company names and the cell values for...
  2. M

    Multiple Tiers by Member Question

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I apologize as I am new to this community. I'm trying to create a workbook where I can grab the row of ranges that are specific to a member's calc. This would be similar to a vlookup of the Member's ID. In the example below, member XYZ has its own...
  3. H

    Category Mapping based on Multiple conditions

    Hi Team I am looking for help in getting require category mapping based on multiple conditions.... Here is the Dataset ... <tbody> Product Price Region P-1 360 N P-2 347 N P-3 452 S P-4 179 S P-1 345 E P-2 274 W P-3 207 E P-4 177 E P-5 177 E...
  4. S

    Lookup with multiple "or"-criteria

    Hi, I have been following the forum and it has provided me with some helpful tips along the years. However, this time I would have a problem I was not able to find an answer to. I would like to have a lookup or query function which contains multiple criteria which can also be in "or" format...
  5. T

    Array formula to sum data that meets multiple criteria.

    Hi, Everyone I am having trouble finding the best formula to calculate how much i spent on a particular item per year. The issue that I am having is when my monthly payment spreads across multiple years, I can't seem to create a working formula that can account for the cost that spreads into...
  6. B

    help with extracting multiple array data

    I have a project with a number of resources and different task to complete over a extended period. the maximum number of task assigned to an individual at one time is 7. I was planning to use a sum product which reference a drop down list of the resources,then task no, then date then tell me...
  7. G

    Help with Index match/countblank

    So I need to use Index Match and Countblank in order to arrange the number of parking spots I have available by using information from two sheets. The first sheet (Yard Configurations) is what we use for the arguments: <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="14" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  8. N

    Conditional Formatting: If at least one cell in a row contains at least 1 of 100+ options

    Is there a way to setup a conditional formatting formula to highlight if at least one cell on a row contains at least 1 of 145 possible codes. Column O contains a list of 45 codes. I need to know how to check that each row contains at least one of the 145 codes listed. There are over 1,000...
  9. B

    Using VLOOKUP across several arrays to return text

    Hi all, I am creating a database to search through medical journals. The way I have it organized is that I cannot use VLOOKUP to go through the list down vertically, and I must use multiple table arrays. As a work-around, I found this thread which shows exactly what I want to do, but the second...
  10. H

    Sum Product Query on mass amount of Data, 3 variables

    Good morning, Looking for a little bit of help on a sum product I have messing with my head! What i have is a mass expanse of data, 4380 lines long A-AZ wide, I need my Sumproduct to look over 3 conditions, Type, Wash and then week. Each cell will show me the total monies for that week, in...
  11. ProgramUser

    Look for offset value to the left from an array after only satisfying the match criteria of two sets first.

    Hi Excel Guru's, trust everyone is well today!!!.... I have been an avid reader of this excellent forum for a number of years and am a huge fan of Bill Jelen and Mike Girvin' work.....they have saved me many, many times. I can say the same for the many posters on this website who have also...
  12. A

    Autofilter data for multiple criteria and write name to all visible cells till last row

    Could you anyone please help me on below. I need my code to do following 1. filter for one criteria("=SE02") in column Q 2. Go to column R, write "AMC India" on all visible cells till last row 3. remove filter given in point 1. 4. Again filter for multiple criteria( ">= YC101", "<= MR107"...
  13. D

    Multiple text file importing

    Hi guys, I want to store data in 1 worksheet from multiple .txt files. Also, I want the first cell to contain the file name not the file path (if possible) so I can link it to the graphs later on. There is also AT MOST 7 columns in the data while the number of rows is variable and the first...
  14. A

    Shortening an index formula

    Hi, The formula below is a lookup using multiple values. It works well however I feel as if it could be neater. I am also bordering on the nesting limits if I would like to add any additional formulae. Could you please help me shorten it...
  15. S

    Is this possible - Internal LMS - only 250 records per page - 30 pages - 1 Import into Excel?

    Good Morning All! We have an internal LMS which houses courses and learners. For each of the courses in the system a maximum of 250 learners can be displayed on a single page. Some of the courses have up to 5000 learners which results in multiple pages to sift through. What I would like to be...
  16. B

    copying and pasting multiple columns to another sheet

    Hi All, Currently I have some code that looks like this: Range("A1:A30") = Workbooks(newbooks).Sheets(1).Range("A1:A30").Value Range("C1:C30") = Workbooks(newbooks).Sheets(1).Range("C1:C30").Value Range("E1:E30") = Workbooks(newbooks).Sheets(1).Range("E1:E30").Value This works fine however I...
  17. W

    Named Range Help

    Hello, I am trying to use named ranges to define a group of variables that will be used in a sumproduct, but I am return errors. For example: Sheet 1: Name ranges Apple = {1.000.1, 1.000.2, 1.000.3} Banana = {2.000.1, 2.000.2, 2.000.3, 2.000} Carrot = {3.000.1, 3.000.2, 3.000.3, c.0000}...
  18. A

    Cycling through two ranges to complete blank data

    I'm relatively new to programming so please be patient with me:confused:. I'm trying to find a way to cycle through two ranges and fill in blank cells. The worksheet has a "header"(A2:H2) that bascially determines how the rest of the sheet will be filled out. This header is subject to change...
  19. G

    Allocating multiple items to one master key

    I am relatively new to using Access and I have been asked to put together a database for allocating keys at our school. Every member of staff has certain keys allocated to them based on their role. There are also some keys which open multiple rooms. So for example a teacher will need a classroom...
  20. B

    selectively mutiplying mulitple worksheets

    I have 10 worksheets all with entirely different workings and I get a table of adjustment factors as the end result from each worksheet. An example of the resultant adjustment factor tables from 3 worksheets. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 218pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0...

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