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  1. T

    General Precautions we can take while operating 2 excel sheets

    Hello Gurus, I am working on an item, where I need to compare 2 excel sheet ranges, Say File1 Sheet1& File2 Sheet1 I am invoking File2 Sheet1 by File.Open Copying the respective range from file 1 & file 2 into Rng1 & Rng2 I am concatenating column values for each row in Rng1 & Rng2 & putting...
  2. E

    Comparing data from worksheets in a folder

    So I am trying to compare and match data from 2 workbooks in a folder at once. There is about 700 workbook files in the folder. For example: compare the cells in workbook 2 to workbook 1 and the cells in workbook 2 that are not in workbook 1, paste the cells and show the number of cells. The...
  3. K

    How to include file names while merging multiple files through VBA

    Hey, there! I am trying to merge about 400 excel files into one master file, which I have been able to successfully do. HOWEVER, I also want the first column to include all the file names corresponding to the data. Can anybody help with that? I am quite new to VBA and trying really hard to...
  4. U

    VBA Remove Password on Word Documents

    Hi Guys, I'm using below codes to remove password and save excel files without password. Can you help me modify the codes so I can use this for word files? =================== Sub RemovePassword() Dim xlBook As Workbook Dim strFilename As String Const fPath As String = "C:\My Folder"...
  5. D

    Transfer of data divided into chunks from one file to multiple files.

    Hello everyone, I have multiple destination workbooks each one with a list of 100 symbols (one symbol per cell) in column A starting from cell A25. I have also file "Source.csv" with a list of 2000+ symbols in column B starting from B2. To copy and paste all 2000+ symbols in the column of a...
  6. K

    Errors with sending different pdf attachments to different recipients - VBA

    Hello all, I'm attempting to help a coworker automate part of her daily tasks. A PDF named in the same format is sent to different people about once per day. IE Person A gets his company's invoice, Person B gets his company's invoice...etc, etc. Invoices are all named in the same fashion -...
  7. S

    Code to remove specific lines from a large number of .csv files

    Hello all, I have no prior knowledge of VBA code, so please bear withme if this question has been answered before in some way or another. The context of the problem is that I have a relativelylarge (>100) number of .csv files which all follow the same format and the samethree rows need to...
  8. D

    Conditional formatting; Format Fields based on values in another file

    Is it possible to setup conditional formatting on a field in one spreadsheet based on the value in a cell in a completely different workbook? here's my situation... I have one file (File1.xlsx) with a dashboard of red, yellow green formats via a dropdown list of R, Y and G I have a second file...
  9. D

    Macro to print specific sheets from multiple spreadsheets

    Hi everyone, I have folders for each of my students containing a spreadsheet with their performance. every week i have to open up each individual file and print out 2 specific sheets from each file, week x and week x progress report. it usually takes me all morning, but I was wondering if there...
  10. T

    Calculate and Report Median on Multiple Files

    I have over 200 excel files that have the same headers but different number of records for each. I need to calculate the median for column F for each file and then report that median (on one file if possible) for each file using the filename of said file. Is this something someone can help with...
  11. L

    Combining data from multiple workbooks in a folder into one file

    Hello everyone, I'm in desperate need some some VBA help! I have a number of identical files saved in a folder which I basically need to combine into one report. The format of each file is as follows - <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 Employee Name 2 Employee Grade...
  12. M

    Macro to Import Multiple CSV files into specific Excel tabs

    Hello, I have a project that I'm hoping to get help with. I need to import multiple CSV files into specific Macro Enabled Workbook that already has uniquely named Worksheet tabs. I have code to do this for 1 CSV file into 1 worksheet tab. However I have 7 CSV files (always the same CSV file...
  13. C

    Retrieving Data from old files to paste in new files via Macro/VBA

    Any help is greatly appreciated. To simplify: -I have multiple files for 2016 say files A, B, C, D, E, F (each file is labeled with the year at the end ex. A 2016.xls) -I need to copy certain data (all on one worksheet) for the same files from 2015 (A 2015.xls, B 2015.xls, etc.) into the 2016...
  14. A

    Multiple files within a single tabbed window

    How I can view and edit multiple files within a single tabbed window. I wants a tabbed user interface - as seen in web browsers such as Internet Explorer® 8, Firefox and Google Chrome. Note: I am using office 2013
  15. S

    2 excel files opened on different screens

    I use to be able to have multiple excel workbooks, in the same session, open and could move them from one screen to another. Under this functionality i could move or copy sheets between workbooks. IT did something to my computer and now they tell me that this functionality is not possible...
  16. Scotwho

    Assigning passwords from a list to multiple files.

    I have a workbook that through VBA parses a worksheet into separate workbooks based upon the criteria in a specified column and then names and saves the different workbooks. No problem, this macro works great. I then have another macro that sets each workbook a password from an assigned list...
  17. O

    split excel file into multiple files based on column

    Hi guys, I am trying to split an excel file with over 100 000 rows into different files based on the values in column A. In this case cases A2-A62 have value "1", cases A63-A89 "2", .., cases A120 569-A120601 "120". Row "1" includes headers for the columns. I am not very experienced with...
  18. K

    Colsoldation of multiple files to one master

    Dear all, I am trying to consolidate multiple excel files with different sheets to one file that was initial file that was split into several files. So I have multiple files that contains part of the file and I would like to collect the feedback from that in the Initial master file. My logic...
  19. D

    Multiple text file importing

    Hi guys, I want to store data in 1 worksheet from multiple .txt files. Also, I want the first cell to contain the file name not the file path (if possible) so I can link it to the graphs later on. There is also AT MOST 7 columns in the data while the number of rows is variable and the first...
  20. J

    Run Access Query Using Pulled In excel files without duplicating data

    Hello, I have been running a report weekly using the below code in a module to pull all of the excel invoices I need into a query. My issue is that every week I have to rerun the report from scratch because if I just click run it will re-pull the same files I already have in it again. Is there...

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