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    Name Range across multiple (200+) sheets

    Hi, I have an excel workbook with 200+sheets of data tables. I need to create a named range for each table. That is for each table, I go in and highlight a range - say A22:S50 and then name it Table1, Table2 in the name box or I can do this for name manager. Is there a way to automate this...
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    Create database and league table based on products from multiple worksheets

    I have a document with worksheets named WK01 to WK52. Each week I want to paste a series of data in to these worksheets. The layout and format will be exactly the same each time. Only the data will change. In column E of the week worksheets there will be a name of a product, column F the...
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    Pivot Table - Show Details VBA - Multi Row and Column

    Hello, I need assistance, please! I have an excel document that has multiple worksheets. On one of the worksheets, I have multiple pivot tables that are manually created, based on the data being used. The primary use for this document is to take a "Big Data" file and provide the "customer"...
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    Move Rows To a Specific Worksheet Based on Entry in a Cell

    Hello - I've searched the forum, but not found anything that specifically addresses my issue. I have a task list workbook that contains 4 sheets: Master, Today, Assigned and Done. All tasks are entered in Master, and I want to have the row deleted from Master and moved to the next available...
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    Importing Data to Excel Workbook

    Hi, I am working on a project and I am trying to import data fromone excel workbook (possibly converted to a .txt file) to another and wouldlike to use vba to do it. The data imported to the second excel workbook wouldneed to be inputted on various worksheets and various cells, which are not...
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    Copying a Sheet and Incrementing a Forumla On the New Sheets

    I have tried searching through the forums to hopefully find an answer before posting, but I could not find anything. So please direct me to another thread if I simply failed to find it. Sheet1 This sheet has data in cells B3 – B52 Ex. B3 = 750 E B4 = 750 F … B42 = 610 B … B52 = (Blank, Future...
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    Pivot table, countif, filter problem

    Hi Guys I have two worksheets with customer data in them, I had created a pivot table for one of the sheets and then was doing a =COUNTIF(TCF!C:C,"*"&A22&"*") to match the data on the other worksheet it would provide a 1 if it was there and 0 if not.:eeek: Is there a simple way around this, I...
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    Macro to copy data from multiple worksheets and paste into a single worksheet (within same workbook)

    I'm working on a workbook to collect several individual worksheets worth of data into two main worksheets. The data is always changing and the amount of populated rows changes as well. What I need: Delete all rows under row 5 (starting at row 6) in worksheet "Active - TOTAL" Delete all rows...
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    How to find data on multiple sheets dependant on a value in a different shet

    I have a multiple sheet workbook that has 7 dates on a row with values listed under those dates in up to 7 rows. I also have a collection sheet with a moth of dates in a column. I want to search all 53 sheets for a date on the collection worksheet. When a date is found, I need to copy the data...
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    VBA sheet selection based on user selection

    I have a project that has a dropdown list for user selection based on the item selected, I want to be able to write user data to a different tab of the destination workbook. For example if user selects "Banana" from the list I want the submit button to go to "Workbook2" then set Worksheet to...
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    Create List of All Missing Values from 3 Dynamic Worksheets with Criteria

    Hello, First, all of you have been a huge help over the years. This is my first time posting, so I hope this is not incorrect in any manner. I appreciate any assistance. I am creating a VBA automation step for peers that have to manually enter in contract information for each of our...
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    Multiple worksheets with same form layout - into one list of rows worksheet.

    Hi All, Is there anyway with excel to compile loads of data from multiple work sheets into one worksheet? I have loads of worksheets that have the exact same layout on each one. I then want a way to pull each work sheet to a new row on one worksheet. Can anyone help me with this please? Nathan
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    An Elusive Table with chosen data from multiple worksheets

    Have a workbook with 70 different worksheets, all the worksheets are the same "Form", all these forms have a "comments" section (cells A35:G36), and a cell F32 which if an X is placed in it, indicates a failed inspection. Trying to add a table to the main page in essence a summary of failed...
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    Looping or Autofill to Final Row in VBA

    I have worked several days to get my macro to work but itwill not fill down the data to the FinalRow of a referenced worksheet. Background: a person opens a workbook (wbPPM) and goes to a variable worksheet(shtReq) where the person kicks off a macro. The macro open another workbook(wbQC) with...
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    Sumproduct or Sumifs Across Multiple Sheets

    Hi, I've read so many threads and can't seem to find examples with similar structure to mine. Need help, please. I'm trying to sum data across multiple worksheets into a summary where it must match text from the row & the year from the columns and sum the amounts across all worksheets. Showing...
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    Using VBA to create a dynamic chart with data from multiple sheets

    Hi, I am new to VBA and I want to create a dynamic line chart with a drop down for student name(name of the worksheets), to display one student at a time. The chart will plot total score over time by booklet number (1 – 18, 19 – 30). The chart range is A7 to Z column. The dates(x-axis) are in A...
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    Specify Minimum Row Height And Autofit Row Size for ALL worksheets

    Hello experts, I have a workbook with the same kind of data in about 30 different worksheet tabs. I want to make all of the rows with data in each worksheet be reformatted with a row height of 30, unless the content is larger than 30 then it needs the entire row to be autofitted. I have code...
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    VBA: Find Criteria in Multiple Worksheets and Transfer Results to Seperate Worksheet

    Hey everyone! I am having some trouble writing a macro that will search sheet full of data, find cells that match a given criteria, copy other cells in the same row as the cell that matches the criteria, and then paste those cells in the same row on a different sheet. I need all the matching...
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    Reverse Engineer a database - Referencing same data points in multiple workbooks not necessarily in same cells

    This one is starting to hurt my brain. I have a workbook with multiple sheets and the point of the book as a template for a questioner/form. Each tab has various items to fill out or answer. Some basic info, some with dropdowns, and some referenced via formulas. Each client will have their own...
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    Pulling selected rows from multiple worksheets to a destination worksheet

    Hey all! Seriously struggling here. See if you can help this poor soul out! What I am looking for: There are 7 worksheets in this book, 5 of which have same column headings (second to sixth worksheets). I want to pull selected rows from these 5 worksheets into the 7th worksheet (CAP) while...

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