1. C

    Multiplication Based on Cell Color

    Hey all! Hoping someone here is a bit smarter as I've ran into a mental roadblock. My Worksheet: I have a inventory worksheet with 4 columns (ID, Product Name, QTY, Total Price) and 788 rows. We are offered pricing based on the "QTY" column, for example 1-10 is $55.00, 11-50 is $25.00. I will...
  2. S

    If a cell changes, multiply it by another cell.

    This may be tricky. I have a spreadsheet with several columns of numbers for sales data. If the cost of an item goes up, I want to be able to enter that cost and have it automatically multiplied by a markup factor contained in another cell. For this instance, my range is C3:L25 and the...
  3. D

    New to Excel need very simple help, thanks

    I'm guessing this is very simple but cant seem to figure it out, I need to total the tonnage of each different type of product and put it in the table to the right. Can only seem to get it to tally the products , how do i get the sum of each product's individual tonnages? So i get a total...
  4. leopardhawk

    Need to add multiplication to an array formula

    Hello forum friends, I am trying to add a multiplier to an existing array formula but it is giving me, not an error, but the wrong result. The formula as it exists is returning a result of 24. I want to multiply this result by 0.621371 but when I add *0.621371 to the end of the formula and do...
  5. J

    Adding Paranthesis Around Multiplied Numbers in a Textbox

    Hi, I need help with creating a code where in equations that I am making, parenthesis would go around the multiplication, just like in the picture below. Here is the photo:
  6. Z


    This probably sounds very simple but I'm stumped. So in the first column I have my mileage rate which is 0.25p per mile then I my full row of values of mileage (300, 180, 120). Then the last cell of the row I want to multiply each value by my 0.25 to give me a total. I've got it to work by...
  7. M

    Performing math function with cells containing numbers & text

    Greetings, I need some help. Am perform basic multiplication between two cells, one containing numbers & text. Example - Cell A1 - contains the number 5 Cell A2 - contains the words "5 days" Cell A3 - I'd like to multiply A1 times A2 and come up with 25. The word "days" in A2 is creating...
  8. R

    Position(s) of the Large after multiplication

    <tbody> </tbody> In my example I've got components of 5 combinations in B5:C9 to be multiplied, Extra is added to each of the B5:B9 and C5:C9 array(s) when calculating the Largest product of those arrays. Instead of listing the results of the multiplication I'd like their...
  9. R

    Error When Formatting TextBox Value To Then Perform Another Action

    Hi Everyone, I have A UserForm With 3 TextBoxes - TextBox1, TextBox2, TextBox3 (To Make This Example Simple) I have the following codes in TextBox1: Private Sub TextBox1_Change() Me.TextBox1.Text = Format(Me.TextBox1.Text, "#,###,###,###") TextBox3.Value =...
  10. K

    Need Vloopkup Formula for Multiple Creteria + nested cells + multiply x between 2 dates

    Hi Trying to create formula foe the below table which has multiple criteria x Qty x Duration (with two dates) Attached sample file: Eg for Apple. Same as vlookup to be made for all items like carrot, beans, tv from nested cells. After this, the results will be converted to Pivot table /...
  11. L


    Hi The result of above formula is 320? Why division has higher priority than multiplication? I thought the order of Operations is PEMDAS So M before D?
  12. F

    Multiplication by percent

    Hi, I have values: <tbody> Values (col a) Percent (col b) Result (col c) 20 2 20.4 30 5 31.5 10 40 10.4 </tbody> equation should looks: result = 20 * 1.02 = 20.4 result = 30 * 1.05 = 31,5 result = 10 * 1.4 = 14 How can I do it into Vba? Because I doing now as below: (result is the...
  13. K

    Excel formula needed which includes multiplying or returning text

    Hi all, I wonder if someone could help me with a formula. I have 2 columns which will either have a number in it or text "Not applicable" such as: 2 2 3 3 2 Not applicable I need a formula which will multiply the 2 numbers together or return Not applicable if that is what is...
  14. L

    Multiply number by text

    I am trying to create combinations and I have a matrix that look like that: <tbody> E W O N 1 2 0 3 3 2 1 1 1 2 0 0 </tbody> I want to have it look like that: <tbody> 1E-2W-0o-3N 3E-2W-1o-1N 1E-2W-0o-0N </tbody>
  15. CyrusTheVirus


    Hi everyone, I guess I don't seem to understand the SUMPRODUCT function enough in terms of separation of arrays by a 'comma' or by a 'multiplication' sign. Here's my issue: I do not understand why when using SUMPRODUCT and a '*' (multiplication sign) to join the array calculations the formula...
  16. A

    Performing math operations on query results

    Hello all....I need to know how to perform math on query results...Here's what im looking at in the query Area1 3 8 Area2 4 8 Area3 5 8 Area4 2 8 Now here's what I need it to do, firstly add up the first column Area1 3 8 Area2 4 8 Area3 5 8...
  17. S

    How do you add multiple cells quickly

    Hi, I am trying to add multiple cells without having to use the (=A1+A2+A3+A4 etc) manual process, What is the quick way to do this? Thanks in advance
  18. J

    Matrix Multiplication using VBA

    To see What I want: I want a VBA that will multiply Matrix A to Matrix B and store the Answer in Matrix C. I want a VBA that will multiply Matrix C by 8 and store in Matrix C If it is possibe, could you give me funcitons to be aware of in Matrix vba, like...
  19. L

    Multiplying with zeros formula help!

    Pretty new to excel so bear with me. Have to complete a table that responds to different values. I have a basic formula that is: =B18/B16*60 and i want it to be able to change in response to another cell and look like =(B18/B16*60)*B19. However I want B19 to be left as zero without making the...
  20. J

    use If formula to match unit of measure and then multiply or divide

    So here is my issue. i have items that our system looks at in basic units i.e. 100 bandaids in a box, 10 boxes in a case, etc. what i need to do is find out a way to figure out how many onhands we have of a PURCHASE UNIT. not necessarily in basic units and then multiply that by the purchase...

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