1. F

    Pressing space bar to navigate tabs

    Is this even possible vba code :- pressing space bar to navigate sheet tabs? Selects and displays next sheet each press
  2. T

    Navigate to second page on webpage

    How can I navigate to the second page of a webpage? Suppose I want to go to the second page of the questions webpage on mrexcel: Dim IE As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Set IE = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer IE.Visible = True IE.navigate...
  3. W

    Anyway to quickly switch between two directories in Microsoft excel 2010

    on the work that I have to do,I have to consistently switch between two directories. These are the steps that I do. Step 1:Press Ctrl + O.Navigate to directory 1. Open a file.Step 2: Then press Ctrl + O, navigate to directory 2. Open the file in that directory. Cut-and-paste that data from...
  4. R

    Downloading a document in Explorer

    I currently have the below macro which opens up a pdf in explorer is there a way to now download the pdf to a file path? Thank you! Sub Testa() Dim x As String x = Sheet1.Range("c2").Value Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") IE.Navigate (x) 'navigate IE.Visible =...
  5. A

    Is there a way to navigate through a formula's precedents, jumping from one to the next?

    It's very useful to be able to press CTRL+[ in order to navigate to the first precedent/reference in a formula. (And then to press F5 to jump back to the formula.) However, what if a formula has multiple precendents/references, including some or all that appear on a different worksheet? It...
  6. A

    VBA code to traverse Popup page on IE

    Hi, I am new to the VBA and don't have any knowledge. I have an requirement where in i need to reset the defaults for the user. I am currently able to login to website, navigate to website and able to click on the link. Upon clicking the link, a popup window appear and i need to uncheck the...
  7. S

    Navigate to URL without opening a browser

    I need help with vba code to be directed to a URL without opening a browser. Having it pointed to the URL is sufficient to get me where I need to be. "Followhyperlink" will navigate to the URL and open it in a browser. I just don't want a browser to open. I can use the URL in the...
  8. P

    VBA Navigation

    Hi People, I've got some VBA code where i log into a website and navigate to a webpage however, i then need to click a tab on that webpage to see the information i want to extract (the URL is different each time as its includes the date and time) therefore I need to use VBA to click on the...
  9. R

    Read the hyperlink from an E-mail

    Hi All, I am stuck in something related to Internet cookies. Team open the hyperlink from the email which they recived in their client shared inbox. On first login, link navigate to that website then they eneterd the ID and password, after this will automatically pop up the one document. Now...
  10. M

    How to navigate through different tabs using buttons only

    Hi, I have a document with many tabs. I would like to navigate from and to Home tab by just using buttons - no hiperlinks and no code. Could someone help please?
  11. M

    Excel Hyperlinks - activate a message box... VBA christmas!

    I have an excel workbook with a bunch of hyperlinks built into the worksheet cells. These hyperlinks all point to other cells/sheets within the same workbook. The problem is that people keep accidentally clicking the hyperlinks, and getting involuntarily bounced around the workbook. I'm...
  12. H

    Navigate Between Sheets Using Named Ranges

    Hello, Hope you are well. I am trying to navigate between sheets using named ranges I set up. E.g. I have a Sheet1 named Polar and Sheet2 named Inventory. When I click on a home button on the Inventory sheet it should navigate to the Polar sheet using the named range "home" that is set up for...
  13. A

    Navigate Pivot Table Row Structure

    Does anyone know how best to navigate a pivot table sideways (i.e. on same row but from column to column) using VBA? If I pick any pivot item in the pivot table, I can find its parent item or column heading within the same column by simply doing Set obj = pivotItem.Paent However, I've been...
  14. M

    Navigate To The Next Cell With Bold Text Macro

    I am looking for two very similar tools. I believe I would only need this to work in Column A. The first tool I am looking for is a macro that when activated will navigate the selection cursor to the next cell below that contains bold text. If you then activate this tool again, it will do the...
  15. M

    Bookmark System To Navigate Through Large List Style Spreadsheets

    I thought I had found a solution to this in the past but can't seem to figure this out. I am looking for a way to navigate through large spreadsheets where the text will be in Column A, so you can almost think of them as lists, where every now and then you have "headers" that I want to navigate...
  16. D

    Going back to A1

    I have an excel waiting list that uses VBA to copy and paste an entire row to another worksheet. However, now when you try to navigate through the worksheet using <tab> or the arrow, it relocates me to A1 each and every time there is information put into a cell. Is there any way to stop this...
  17. T

    HostExplorer/Hummingbird through Visual Basic coding help

    Hi, I am trying to select content in my mainframe to set it as a variable. currently I am selecting and copying it and pasting to excel. Id like to jump to that position on the screen using the column and row coordinates and set it as Date1 and then move to the next and set it as Date2...
  18. S

    Navigate to an Option button using Tab key

    I have created an Excel file with a Protected sheet. The Sheet contains an 'Option button'. I want to move to an 'Option' using Tab key from a cell. How to navigate (select) to an Option button from another cell (unlocked) when the sheet is protected.
  19. 3

    IE.navigate not working on VPN

    My code has been working for a full year on XP, MSIE8, Cisco AnyConnect (VPN). We recently migrated to Win7 and did not have trouble to begin with, but after a couple months it now never works on the VPN. It is giving me this error: "The Object Invoked has disconnected from its clients"...
  20. L

    VBA Script to change tab order for cells

    Hi everyone I have a Excel 2003 sheet which is used for various text inputs in unprotected cells (sheet is locked). Since it's a printable form with two columns, the field order is not correct. Now I'm looking for a VBA script to set a custom cell order when using the tab or enter keys. In...

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