nested if function

  1. B

    Why wont the OR Function Work in this Formula?

    I've tried to make this formula more concise using the OR function, but it doesnt need to like it. Have I done something wrong? Any ideas how to make it work? Before OR Function (Works): =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("M&E",D$41)),"Electrical &...
  2. K

    Whats wrong with my formula

    Hello, anyone want to take a stab at what is wrong with my formula? =if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=6),6,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=8),8,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=10),10,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=12),12,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length...
  3. R

    Help Nested and or IF Function

    who knows how to do this?
  4. R

    CHOOSE function with Boolean expressions vs. Too many nested IF functions

    Hi, my first time posting. Would really appreciate any help :). I have a file showing products in one column and the volume of each product in another. I am trying to create a list of products groupings (CONCATENATE) based on the cumulative volume of the products. Within my source data each...
  5. S

    Complicated Nested IF function - Question

    I'm working on a function (see below) and need to add to the bolded section. I want it to keep that value as the result, unless that value is greater than 20% of T15. What type would you use and how would you write that...
  6. S

    Nested IF function is not working

    I am having problems with this IF function, It is for pricing with price breaks for areas over 20000, and a bigger break for areas over 30000. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The background! B9, C10, D10, and E10 are on another sheet in the workbook...
  7. M

    Moving Rows to Other Sheets Based on Values in the First Column?

    I'm new to Excel Macros but not to programming. I have some training in C, C++, IDL and HTML. However, I'm still muddling about trying to get a handle to the syntax and capabilities of VBA. As far as my question is concerned, I have a master sheet with 22 columns of data. Time, a categorical...
  8. B

    Nested IF functions to search for/report values in new cell

    I have cells that contain a citation which includes a date (e.g., 2013, 2014, or 2015). I'd like to search the cell and have the formula report which year is present in the cell. This is the formula I was trying to use, but it doesn't seem to be working: =IF(SEARCH("2013", C2) "2013"...
  9. T

    Running Conditional Sum Based on Month

    Hello all, I'm trying to structure a running conditional sum based on a monthly cash flow stream. To clarify, picture three elements: - A stream of twelve cash flows in one row, each one corresponding to a month - A list of twelve months in another row - A single cell that acts as a...
  10. L

    Divide (or QUOTIENT) Function Nested in an IF Function Help - for Cubic Feet AND Weight

    Hi! I'm trying to create a formula to tell me which products should ship via UPS Ground (any product with dimensions of 1 cubic foot or more), which should ship via USPS Priority Mail (any other product with dimensions < 1 cubic foot but that WEIGHS 1 lb or more), and have anything weighing < 1...
  11. C

    macro for nested if formula where result depends on text and number values from different columns

    Hi everyone, I ma using excel enterprise 2007. I run in to problem with my current work. I have tried to write a macro for nested if formula and used several different examples of those from internet including some from this forum, however those where not exactly relating to my problem. I am...
  12. Wookiee

    Multiple Criteria For One Field In Nested MIN(IF Formula

    I'm tasked with identifying some very specific figures in an inventory report. I could certainly accomplish my task by using some VBA, but I prefer to use a formula. My data is in a table (tblInv) and the fields from which I need to draw data are: [Rep] = employee's name, stored in named...
  13. Z

    how to get a count of attrition when employee was less than 15 days in the system

    Hi team looking at getting the count of employees that have attrited, e.g. in cell A1... this can only be done if the agent (found in range C1:C42) were present for less than 15 days but more than 0 days.. i have used this formula but all i get is a value error. please help...
  14. E

    Using nested IF and Match to return multiple values if true/false

    I want to have a formulat that put one of two different values ("IN" or "T") in the column if row A on US FULL SERVICE-Mdwst-West sheet matches the values in two different columns on the “Hotel accounts” sheet. I think it’s more like a nested IF function….with a match function included in it…...
  15. P

    Checking for #N/A value in nested IF statement

    Hello! I'm using a nested IF statement and calculating values based on the data in adjacent cells. I basically want part of my formula to do this check: If this cell isn't equal to #N/A, then display a certain value. Right now, my formula looks like this...
  16. B

    Nested IF statement for drilling depth and type

    I am trying to have Excel calculate a drilling depth based on type of drilling chosen (ranges below) and to combine types if required. The first range (HTW) below is easily done with nested if's. However, the second range needs to build on the first (ie: below HQ/NTW would begin at 259) or...
  17. B

    Embedded formulas

    I've got an interesting one that I hope someone can help me with. I have a spreadsheet with two drop-down lists and two cells to fill in and this populates data in a table so that a journal entry can be entered into the accounting software. The drop-down lists consist of the following: 1. Type...
  18. F

    Nested IF function Help

    Hi all, I am trying to use a nested IF function but it won’t work (most likely user error) I was hoping for some direction in getting the function to work the way I want it. I am using Excel 2007. I have two sheets of data Sheet 1 <tbody> a b c d e Site des rep LOTU count...
  19. J

    Iserror statement interpretation

    Forgive me if this may be elementary to most! Can someone please explain in a conceptual fashion what this means? =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($Z1,'C:\07232012.xlsx]00O80000004PWWQ'!$A$1:$T$82972,#REF!,FALSE)),"N/A",VLOOKUP($Z1,'C:\07232012.xlsx]00O80000004PWWQ'!$A$1:$T$82972,#REF!,FALSE))</SPAN>...
  20. L

    I give up! Nested IF, THEN operations plus COUNT to return a single sum??

    I am a relative Excel novice, but have thoroughly explored MS Excel Help and other online help forums for an answer to my question, and at this point, I am wondering if what I want to do is even possible? Please help! I want the formula to return a single sum for multiple conditions (two, to be...

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