1. M

    Networkdays + Datevalue

    Hello, In Networkdays formula, we have "holidays" part, where we can easily use excel list of holidays that we created in advance. But what I want to do is to note holidays in the formula manually (not from existing list). For this reason I write holidays in the Networkdays formula with the...
  2. D

    Calculating NETWORKDAYS considering leaves and holidays for each employee

    Hi, I have some data where the networkdays to be calculated for each activity. Also, the leaves of each person and the common holidays are to be considered in the calculation. <tbody> Row Col A Col B Col C Col D 1 A B C Common Holiday 2 3-Sep-19 19-Sep-19 16-Sep-19 9-Sep-19 3 13-Sep-19...
  3. J

    Formula For Counting Vacation Days

    I have a vacation calendar to create for 2020 and I use NETWORKDAYS to give me number of days that a person needs for vacation. For example, NETWORKDAYS formula applied to a vacation from 9/2-9/6/19 yields 5, which is correct. My problem is that some employees work on the weekends, so applying...
  4. C

    Number of working days per month between 2 Dates

    Good Afternoon, I'm trying to find a formula that will count the number of working days per month between two dates. I can do the number of working days per month between two dates (If "End Date is blank it calculates using the last day of the current month): Formula in C2...
  5. K

    Calculation of days in each month..

    Dear Experts, I have a data of planning as mentioned below i want to calculate days of each month from start to end date. Here is my planning chart module and need your assistance in this regard, I have shown example of desire data in last three columns. Best Regard, Kamran Noor <tbody>...
  6. S

    Networkdays Formula issue

    I have a conundrum. I am using the Networkdays formula with a start date of 8/28/2018 and an end date of 6/18/2019 with the following holiday serial dates (n=28): =NETWORKDAYS(G1,H1,B3:B30) 43346 43353 43362 43381 43416 43425 43426 43427 43458 43459 43460 43461 43462 43465 43466 43486 43514...
  7. J

    Using NETWORKDAYS within a SUMIF

    Hello! I am trying to write logic for determine the number of items with a due date of tomorrow. Right now, I am using the following formula : =SUMIFS(Data!AJ:AJ,Data!Z:Z,"Future Due",Data!Y:Y,Data!$AL$1+1) where column AJ is just a count of 1, Z indicates if the due date is in the future, Y is...
  8. S

    NETWORKDAYS formula

    I have been trying to get NETWORKDAYS formula to work but for some reason it just won't do it. I have resorted to using the below formula but it just doesn't seem to want to take into account the holidays. so the formula is: IF(WEEKDAY(A3,2)>5,"",NETWORKDAYS(A$2,A3,$R$3:$R$10)) A3 is the...
  9. ellyzadg

    Get minute difference between working days and hours

    Hi Everyone, Would like to seek for your help on how can I get minute difference between two dates considering working days and working hours Working days - Monday to Friday Working Hours - 8AM - 6PM Sample Scenario <tbody> Start Date Finished Date Desired Result in minutes 2/14/2018...
  10. S

    Modify date format to use NETWORKDAYS VBA

    Hi. I am trying to format my dates from YY.MM.DD to a usable format to use with the NETWORKDAYS function. The report I exported only comes out with the dates as YY.MM.DD which NETWORKDAYS function does not like. I have over 50K of data with this data format. I tried creating a loop but I...
  11. G

    Need a formula to calculate response time in custom working hours

    <tbody> C D E 1 Created Closed TAT in working hours 2 11/14/2018 17:50 11/15/2018 09:15 ? </tbody> Hi guys, I need to make a formula to calculate the response time in custom working hours. See the table above, ''?'' is where I want to put the formula. Our working hours are as...
  12. J

    Calculate only working hours between two dates with several constraints (includes weekend, excludes holidays, working hours ranges different each day

    Hi all, I have read many threads regarding the calculation of working hours between two dates, including the following thread and the great answers from member barry...
  13. B

    Count workdays since a date

    Hi guys - I'm confident this is an easy fix but I can't seem to crack it. I'm looking to calculate the workdays since another particular date. I'm sure its NETWORKDAYS and TODAY but I'm struggling. The first date is column D and days since is column E and the table is currently 50 rows...
  14. D

    IF then NetworkDays formula

    HI all. Hoping you can help. So, if Cell H1 says Complaint I want to run the NetworkDays formula between 2 date fields P1 & R1. I’ve got the below, but it’s a bug. ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Complaint",H1)),"",NETWORKDAYS(P1,R1,'[VlookUp lists for...
  15. S

    IF's OR's and Networkdays

    Hi All, Could someone please assist me in turning this into one statement, please. =IF(I2="Remote Installation",NETWORKDAYS(F2,J2) OR =IF(I2="Engineer Installation",NETWORKDAYS(F2,K2)
  16. S

    Count networkdays against today if not blank and using holiday calendar

    Hello. Trying to count Networkdays against Todays date (using sheet 2 with holidays) IF date is populated in A1 (start date) AND No date yet populated in A2 (end date). IF there is a date in the (end date) A2, then i want the networkdays (also excluding sheet 2 holidays in A1:A10) to poluate...
  17. Learn Excel in Tamil

    How to calculate Aging with hours and days

    Hi We are working till 3:30AM and Networkday formula doesn't consider time. 1) If we receive a request on Friday after 12:00AM or 1:00AM it'll be considered as Saturday and Networkday formula does not consider this. 2) * If a request was submitted on 11:30PM and completed at 12.30AM it'll...
  18. O


    Hello all. I am trying to use the NETWORKDAYS formula to calculate two values: 1. Number of work days between order date and required date. 2. Number of work days between order date and invoiced date. I do not want the formula to count the receipt date so I am able to get around this using...
  19. K

    Time between days No weekends No holidays based on start time

    I need to calculate time in between orders, in hours, minutes and seconds. This calculated time must not include weekends or holidays. I already have a holiday sheet created. Each operator has a different shift start and end time. For example user bwulf shift starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. The...
  20. A

    Downtime Report - Get working hours between two date/time stamps less holidays and weekends only counting working hours

    Hi there, I am needing help on a formula to calculate the working hours between two date/time stamps - less weekends and holidays that I define. I have searched threads for days and cannot get it to work. Working Hours (EST): 8:00am - 10:00pm Weekends: Saturday & Sunday Holiday: Sheet 1, Column...

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