1. S

    How to calculate the Average with Condition of Networking days from the reference dates

    Hi Team, I need a dynamic formula in Cell F2 which will stretched to N2 to calculate the 1. Average of Network days between "Request Received date and F1, G1, H1 and so on". 2. Consider those dates having Rows with Column A Status "Open" 3. Ignore Status "Open" , Request Received dates in...
  2. B

    NETWORKDAYS function with holidays and vacation days list

    Hi guys, Already tried search, but could not find an answer to my question. Is there a way to have the function NETWORKDAYS to use two list, one of holidays and another one of vacation days? I could not find an answer to this question, so, I think I will have to use only one list of "holidays...
  3. G

    NetWorkDays Broken out by Month various Start and End Dates

    Hello All you wonderful Guru's, I am stuck on something and I need some guidance. I have a set of projects that have a number of different start and end dates. So its pretty easy to get total of number of days using the Networkdays function. The problem I am having that I need to break out the...
  4. M

    Help needed taking my Excel project prioritization tool to the next level. Novice needing advice.

    Hello there, I am attempting to create a project planning and management tool for our workplace. What this entails is obtaining "work hours", an "in date", and an "out date" for each project. The program will divide the number of working hours over each business day that a project may be worked...
  5. P

    Variable scheduling dates with holidays

    I'm preparing a weekly work schedule, with Xmas holidays in-between. The start date is not yet ascertained, so I need to be able to vary it, and then the weekly dates automatically flowing on. So, I'm looking for a formula that would automatically adjust the weekly dates, based on the project...
  6. A

    Networkdays by quarter and holidays

    Hi everyone, I have calculated the total number of workdays between two dates by quarter using the formula below: =MAX(0,NETWORKDAYS(MAX($A2,C$1),MIN($B2,EOMONTH(C$1,2)))) Example: Start Date End Date 1/1/2019 4/1/2019 7/1/2019 10/1/2019 1/1/2019 4/30/2019 64 22 0 0 1/1/2019 12/31/2019...
  7. A

    dates between range including start and finish

    I've tried using =NETWORKDAYS and it does work, but it excludes the start and finish dates. Is there a method that will count weekdays in a range while including and the start and end in that range? example: Start date: July 8th, 2020 End date: July 15th, 2020 NETWORKDAYS: 4 Desired count: 6
  8. M

    Networkdays + Datevalue

    Hello, In Networkdays formula, we have "holidays" part, where we can easily use excel list of holidays that we created in advance. But what I want to do is to note holidays in the formula manually (not from existing list). For this reason I write holidays in the Networkdays formula with the...
  9. D

    Calculating NETWORKDAYS considering leaves and holidays for each employee

    Hi, I have some data where the networkdays to be calculated for each activity. Also, the leaves of each person and the common holidays are to be considered in the calculation. <tbody> Row Col A Col B Col C Col D 1 A B C Common Holiday 2 3-Sep-19 19-Sep-19 16-Sep-19 9-Sep-19 3 13-Sep-19...
  10. J

    Formula For Counting Vacation Days

    I have a vacation calendar to create for 2020 and I use NETWORKDAYS to give me number of days that a person needs for vacation. For example, NETWORKDAYS formula applied to a vacation from 9/2-9/6/19 yields 5, which is correct. My problem is that some employees work on the weekends, so applying...
  11. C

    Number of working days per month between 2 Dates

    Good Afternoon, I'm trying to find a formula that will count the number of working days per month between two dates. I can do the number of working days per month between two dates (If "End Date is blank it calculates using the last day of the current month): Formula in C2...
  12. K

    Calculation of days in each month..

    Dear Experts, I have a data of planning as mentioned below i want to calculate days of each month from start to end date. Here is my planning chart module and need your assistance in this regard, I have shown example of desire data in last three columns. Best Regard, Kamran Noor <tbody>...
  13. S

    Networkdays Formula issue

    I have a conundrum. I am using the Networkdays formula with a start date of 8/28/2018 and an end date of 6/18/2019 with the following holiday serial dates (n=28): =NETWORKDAYS(G1,H1,B3:B30) 43346 43353 43362 43381 43416 43425 43426 43427 43458 43459 43460 43461 43462 43465 43466 43486 43514...
  14. J

    Using NETWORKDAYS within a SUMIF

    Hello! I am trying to write logic for determine the number of items with a due date of tomorrow. Right now, I am using the following formula : =SUMIFS(Data!AJ:AJ,Data!Z:Z,"Future Due",Data!Y:Y,Data!$AL$1+1) where column AJ is just a count of 1, Z indicates if the due date is in the future, Y is...
  15. S

    NETWORKDAYS formula

    I have been trying to get NETWORKDAYS formula to work but for some reason it just won't do it. I have resorted to using the below formula but it just doesn't seem to want to take into account the holidays. so the formula is: IF(WEEKDAY(A3,2)>5,"",NETWORKDAYS(A$2,A3,$R$3:$R$10)) A3 is the...
  16. ellyzadg

    Get minute difference between working days and hours

    Hi Everyone, Would like to seek for your help on how can I get minute difference between two dates considering working days and working hours Working days - Monday to Friday Working Hours - 8AM - 6PM Sample Scenario <tbody> Start Date Finished Date Desired Result in minutes 2/14/2018...
  17. S

    Modify date format to use NETWORKDAYS VBA

    Hi. I am trying to format my dates from YY.MM.DD to a usable format to use with the NETWORKDAYS function. The report I exported only comes out with the dates as YY.MM.DD which NETWORKDAYS function does not like. I have over 50K of data with this data format. I tried creating a loop but I...
  18. G

    Need a formula to calculate response time in custom working hours

    <tbody> C D E 1 Created Closed TAT in working hours 2 11/14/2018 17:50 11/15/2018 09:15 ? </tbody> Hi guys, I need to make a formula to calculate the response time in custom working hours. See the table above, ''?'' is where I want to put the formula. Our working hours are as...
  19. J

    Calculate only working hours between two dates with several constraints (includes weekend, excludes holidays, working hours ranges different each day

    Hi all, I have read many threads regarding the calculation of working hours between two dates, including the following thread and the great answers from member barry...
  20. B

    Count workdays since a date

    Hi guys - I'm confident this is an easy fix but I can't seem to crack it. I'm looking to calculate the workdays since another particular date. I'm sure its NETWORKDAYS and TODAY but I'm struggling. The first date is column D and days since is column E and the table is currently 50 rows...

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