1. D

    Macro to plug one set of information into multiple sheets

    Hello All , I have taken interest in excel VBA recently and am trying to learn and apply some optimizations to my daily excel workflow sheets. I have an excel table which has date that is replugged into multiple sheets in my workbook. Instead of pluging them in each table. I would like to find...
  2. C

    Access or Excel

    So I am not sure if this is better to do in Excel some way or Access. So I have a Excel file with Open orders. I update it every week. Right now I do it manually. Basically I have notes on some of the open orders of why they are still open etc. So when I pull the new open order report I need...
  3. loribear180

    Create a Master sheet to then transpose and export spreadsheets

    Hello! I just need some guidance into what I'm supposed to actually be learning/googling. I usually create multiple checklists from an Excel 'template' spreadsheet. However, this is too time consuming and I was hoping I could create a simple Master spreadsheet where I could enter all the data...
  4. A

    Take a value from the same row where it finds a coincidence in other sheet

    Hi! Im new on excel and i have no idea on how to use it at all. I wanted to search between two sheets, which I managed to do, but then I would like to search on the second sheet, 'C' column every coincidence with the H2 field on the first sheet. Every time it finds one coincidende (so for...
  5. M

    Need Help Archiving Live Updates

    Hello members, As a lot of new members such as myself, I am quite green in my macros abilities. To cut to the chase... I have linked some live updates from the web in my excel spreadsheet. However, I would like to archive the data every 15 minutes and list it in each subsequent column. The...
  6. L

    Matching data on multiple sheets

    Hi All - Is there a way to compare data in a column of one workbook tab with data on another tab (multiple columns) to see if there are ANY matches in the string of data?? For example: Sheet 1, Cell A1: "Red, Yellow, Car, Truck" Sheet 2, Column A is "Color" and Column B is "Vehicle Type"...
  7. L

    Searchable drop down lists without Combobox

    Hi all - I have a sheet with multiple columns utilizing data validation drop-downs. I need the drop-downs to be searchable due to the large number of options in the drop-down lists (Country column for example). I understand there are limitations with data validation and this can be done with...
  8. B

    New To access

    Ok, im very new to Microsoft Access. My database knowledge comes from trail and error on SQL databases for Forums Like "PHP FUSION" I can pretty much do what ever i want using the sql command box. SO for my very first newbie question out of many to come im sure! Can you use sql santax in Access...
  9. M

    trying to display results by date

    I have a workbook that looks at the data page matches the date on the event page and posts the matching date information to the event page from the data page. (see example below) data list below example. The problem I have is that if the data in the date range is more than 2 events the data...
  10. R

    Help with a Formula that for SUM of count using three categories (two with single "text", and the third has variable text

    Hi, only a newbie to excel here. I've created a booking card for our small B&B. We offer FULL BOARD and B&B, to which I am trying to run a billing section at the bottom. (screen shot link in this thread) Col E7:E18 [Guest Type] Col F7:F18 [Catering Type] Col G7:G18 [Room Type] Col H7:H18 [Date...
  11. J

    Replacing unknown values/text in the same cell as a known word

    Hey you all, I am pretty much a newbie to the whole Excel macro area and I tried my best to Google the answer for my problem but couldn't quite find a satisfying solution to it. So what I am trying to do is to censor all names from an Excel file by replacing the very next word of "herr", and...
  12. K

    Help Centering Image VBA

    Please help. I currently am using the below to insert a picture but it is now going top left. I would like to have this resized to auto fit in the cell with the row height 125. Can someone please help me here? I have researched a few places online and keep getting an error. VBA newbie here...
  13. B

    VBA to generate email

    Hi guys, I need a simple VBA code that will open a new email in outlook and with the TO and CC recipients predefined and the subject line prefilled. Pretty much a newbie to VBA so any help resources for beginners you find useful would be helpful too. Thanks in advance.
  14. Greasle

    fill selected cell with formula

    #Newbie Hi all I tried to write a sub or a function to populate a selected cell with the formular below: =SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(CELL("filename"), FIND("]", CELL("filename")) - 1), "[", "") But i fail. Used examples but no luck. Beware the formula works only with a saved workbook anyone?
  15. M

    Insert same text every nth row

    Hello everyone, I've searched the forums for a suitable answer to this problem but so far with no success. I have a small worksheet with only 1701 rows of data. I need to insert a new row every 5th row. In that new row I need to populate 3 cells (D, E and F) with the same data each time, all...
  16. V

    MACRO keeps falling out

    Hi, I am new to Macros. Have written this simple macro but it keeps falling out at the line in RED? any suggestions? Sub GlassMacro1() ' ' GlassMacro1 Macro ' Add Sheets & put them in order ' ' Sheets("Sheet1").Name = "Raw Data DB Viewer" Sheets("Sheet2").Name = "Working Data DB...
  17. D

    Possible child table for cumulative comments

    Hello, I am currently working on a form which has a "comments" box for people to update. We like the data entry guys to use a specific format of the date and time and their initials and then the comment. Unfortunately they don't always do this properly and miss out some details and have a...
  18. D

    Background Conditional Formatting using a Checkbox

    Firstly I would like to apologise, this is my first attempt at creating a form and table for access so my terminology will be off. We get documents in from customers and I have created a form to "log" and process the documents. One of the things that I am struggling with though is I have a...
  19. D

    Multiple If And Then VBA code

    Hi guys, New to the forum, and also pretty much a newbie when it comes to Formula/VBA for Excel. I'm trying to get some VBA code working (as I know I would be unable to do what I need with a formula, due to the size of it) but I'm not sure where to start. Basically, I'll lay it out logically...
  20. B

    Use the value of a specific cell in the last row

    Hi everyone, I have a pretty basic spreadsheet with 8 columns. Data get added everyday (10 rows per day average) I've done my research on internet but it seems to be rather difficult to find the info I would need. And I am pretty much a newbie. I am trying to create a Macro linked to a button...

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