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  1. Chris_010101

    Simple VBA Code help

    Hello, My excel is a master document that pulls in data from different excel sheets in different departments, each of which are all updated daily. I need to save the "master" excel once a week into a different excel with all the values pasted. This creates a weekly snapshot of the data as it is...
  2. Chris_010101

    VB Code Help!!

    Hello, The code below is not working properly: I can't understand how this is happening, as I have another workbook laid out the same with exactly the same code in it and it works perfectly. I'm not an advanced user at all, someone on here kindly put it together for me, so I have no idea how...
  3. R

    [VBA] Trying to use sheet names in listbox as source to run code - can't figure out reference

    Trying to keep this as simple and clear as possible as it is pretty involved but happy to post more to get to a solution if necessary. I've got a command that works. I'm trying to shift from using a cell (cell is a named range) where you input a sheet name and it does the action on that sheet...
  4. R

    Format copying not working

    This is my full code Sub StripData() Call InsertData Call FormatData 'Call DragData End Sub Sub InsertData() Dim myWb As Workbook Dim myRowsToCopy As Range Set wbtemplate = Workbooks("Template.xlsm").Worksheets("Raw") Set formatrange = Range("B2:CE2") Set formularange = Range("AK2:CE2")...
  5. D

    Vertical Scroll Bar fake copy?

    So I have been having this same problem for a long time. I just work around it, by scrolling with my mouse, which can be tedious. We used to have MS 2016, now we have Office 365. Problem existed on both. The document is a shared document, old school, not the internet sharing because I need to be...
  6. K

    VBA Break Link Loop not working

    We are using a script to open all files in a folder, breaks links and save the file into a new location. There are over 50 files in the folder that the script works on perfectly. We have about 10 files that are causing heartburn. The vba returns an error on this section of code: For Each...
  7. N

    Late Binding a Public Dictionary object does NOT work

    I found below code to VLookup with cell format, it works only when you add "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" library to the workbook's VBA Project (via. Tools > Add > References) However, to remove the need to add above library, I modified a part of the first code as below, but It Does Not Work...
  8. D

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False, Not Working, Posting Code

    Hello, I can't figure out why Application.ScreenUpdating is not working, the screen flickers every time (after entering data on G2). I tried to figure it out from other posts, but it seems different things work for different people so I'm showing the code I'm struggling with bellow. Please...
  9. L

    FollowHyperLink Issue

    I am using the following code to unhide a worksheet and navigate to it when I click a hyperlink. For some reason, this code will fail to execute for periods of time when I open my workbook, but not every time I open it. Sometimes it will start working again in 20 minutes (without me reopening...
  10. M

    VLOOKUP Formula works on one sheet but fails on second sheet

    Hello, I have a multi-page workbook. It is an Excel 2010 .xlsx version. I have a copy of a sheet I'm using for play/work and have a vlookup referring to a a named ranged in a second file that works fine on the original page, but on the copied sheet, the exact same vlookup formula cannot find...
  11. J

    Tab, Escape, and Enter keys not working sometimes in user form?

    I have a somewhat complex user form with text fields, combo boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons. Sometimes, about 40% of the time when the user form is opened and starts at the first text box, keyboard commands do not work. This means that Tab does not go to the next field, Enter does not...
  12. M

    VBA code working in one workbook but not another

    Hi I apologise if this has already been solved somewhere on this forum, however I am unable to find it. I have two workbooks in which I am trying to use the same code. In one it is working but in the other it is not. I am using Excel 2007. Here is the code: Option Explicit ' Developed by...
  13. J

    Find/Replace based on table NOT WORKING - in SOME cases? Not sure why....?

    Hello, the code below seems to break at the occurrence of the special character "_" on the headings with "TXN"?? Or that have "_" and "two_words" vs. a "word_number". Any thoughts why it cant handle that / how I can fix it? ORIGINAL DATA SET <tbody> DMC_1 NSN_1 Date Quantity Unit Price...
  14. P

    INDEX MATCH not working for some values extracted using MID.

    Hi, because of the way data outputs from our work system, I need to extract a cost code string, from a long accounting string. I've got one column in some data where the account strings are held. they all start with the same 7 characters. The cost code is then from the 8th character, for 7...
  15. D

    Reflection 5250 question - Unable to .getdisplaytext consistantly

    Hi Team, I need your quick assistance on the below. I am sure it will be an easy one for you guys. I am initiating a macro from excel which connects to reflection 5250 performing the task and retrieves certain information displayed on the screen back to excel. However one of the codes which I...
  16. D

    =COUNTIFS Not working correctly?

    Hey Guys, Im running into an issue with my =countifs formula it is as follows. Some how the total is off... =COUNTIFS('Nov-11-2015-'!N2:N748,"*B1*",'Nov-11-2015-'!J2:J748,"*Small*") =COUNTIFS('Nov-11-2015-'!N2:N748,"*B1*",'Nov-11-2015-'!J2:J748,"*Medium*")...
  17. B

    appactivate is not working

    hi, thanks for letting me join this community. i am very curious about vba, but my knowlwdge is very little. 1. i´d like someone to explain me why instruction APPACTIVATE doesn't work on my excel2013. 2. is this or is this not an excel2013 instruction? 3. my goal is to activate excel no matter...
  18. S

    Macros not working

    Hello, Please help . On my pc macros are not working. Though done all following operations. 1 - enabled all macros setting from trust setting. 2 - digitally signed macro project from vba certificate from microsoft tools [/IMG] 3.- create macro enabled file i.e .xlsm please help
  19. A

    VBA Count if function ("<")

    Hello, I am new to VBA. I have the following code Sub Backtest() Dim myRange As Range Dim a As Long Dim i As Long, j As Long Set myRange = Range("b3:b217") For i = 1 To myRange.Rows.Count Worksheets("backtesting").Range("b" & i + 2).Copy...
  20. S

    need VBA correction from Rick

    RE: Rick HELP please. I think we lost ability to connect after last post at the above link. After I tried the program with the test data it was working fine. But now that I am...

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