1. B

    filtering/searching for numeric VBA userform

    Hi I have a UserForm that has a filter Combobox that filters different criteria. and that includes "Year" and a TextBox which will be the search box. and a listbox that will show result Note: "Year" is in separate column ("T") the search box is working fine for other criteria, except for...
  2. Q

    Search for a number in a column of alpha numeric data and display only the non numeric data

    Hi All, So I have a column which has only numbers. For eg. 345678, 674567. I want these individual numbers to be looked from a series of data which have corresponding Alphanumeric Values eg. 345678 - Computers, 674567 - Printers on. How do I place a formula which looks up the...
  3. P

    Formula to get data with specific logic from a string

    I have below data in column A, in this string suffixed with data like "(12345/A76D7YF)". I need numeric and alphanumeric character in two different columns. Please note that customer names before above section may also contain (, ) and /. Uniqueness of column A is that after the last open...
  4. K

    Help with matching by alpha and by number

    Hello, Excel friends. I am trying to wrap my head around how to match by alpha and by number. I have below an example of what I'm going for. Example: Meeting group discussions with one group leader for every room number. People assigned to room one with the last name between a-ch will have...
  5. Q

    Numeric value as a target for [mm]:ss

    Hi I'm trying to validate a result where the target is a numeric value but the result from calculation is minutes and seconds example: A1= 240 (target minutes) A2= 195:23 (calculated value between two dates and times) A3 = if(a2<=a1,"Met","Miss") I understand the calculated value is really...
  6. pbornemeier

    How return built-in constant value from its name

    Cell A1 contains the string: rgbAliceBlue rgbAliceBlue is a built-in VBA constant with the numeric value of 16775408 In the VBE Immediate window if I enter ?rgbAliceBlue it shows the value: 16775408 Application.Evaluate("rgbAliceBlue") returns Error 2029 - Type mismatch How can I extract...
  7. T

    Getting valid values for numeric grouping in Pivot Tables

    In a Pivot Table if you put a numeric column in the row area, you can rt. click on any value in the row area, select "group" from the pop-up menu, and Excel will offer you the numeric grouping dialog that allows you to select from/to/step for numeric grouping. But, if you have even one error...
  8. E

    Lookup returning blank on numeric criteria

    Hi all, I have the following formula which works fine for alpha numeric criteria but does not return anything on numeric criteria only? Could there be a reason I am missing here ...
  9. T

    Excel formula(s) look at 2 non adjacent cells in same row, see if in another tab

    Hi I require a little help (scrub that change little for a lot of) please, trying to write a formula where is looks at 2 non adjacent cells in one tab, and looks in another tab to see if it can find the same info, if it does then to put from the 2nd tab another cell value. So in (tab1)W1 IF...
  10. S

    Hide/Show Rows based on a List with numeric values

    Hi there, I'm trying to show and hide rows based on a drop down validation list which contains numbers 1 to 10. I can display the correct amount of rows when I select a number from the list i.e. select 5 I get 5 rows. If I change my mind and want 8 rows I get 8 rows. What I can't do is if I...
  11. W

    Mean between 2 lookedup values

    Hi everyone, I have a 2 row data set with over 100 cells. The first row contains time values, the second row a numeric value. I have to find 2 given time values in the first row, and the I need to get the mean between the numeric values under the found values. But here is the tricky part: the...
  12. M

    Length limitation with accepting numeric value in text box - VBA User Form

    Dear Experts, How we can set condition for text box of user form that accepts only numeric or alpha-bate values with character limitation like should accept only 10 characters. Let me know the coding. Thanks
  13. T

    Copying a number of cells from one to another and so on....

    I didn't really know how to word the Title. I have a column with values. In another cell I have a numeric value that tells me how many cells from the column to copy down and paste in a new column, then I want copy from where I left off and grab the same number in the numeric value "cell" I...
  14. D

    Microsoft Query data type incorrect

    I have an Excel spreadsheet where I'm pulling data from a CSV file using Microsoft Query. One of the fields is an invoice #. Most of the invoices are all numeric (34046), but some have an alpha character after the # (34046A). The query pulls all the numeric values fine, but the ones with the...
  15. O

    Mid Function Conditional Formatting - Unusual Behavior

    Hi to all, I am a teacher attempting to perform some magic apparently beyond my abilities. The goal is simple: isolate numeric data found within parentheses in a text string via a formula to then highlight a cell presenting said data within a range. Here is what I have so far: Excel 2016...
  16. P

    Numeric cell only

    What I am trying to do is have cells that accept numerical values only. If an alpha value is entered I want a message to appear stating that only numeric values can be entered. Can someone please help me with this., Phil
  17. masud8956

    Limiting cells to be filled out by specific characters

    Hi all! I have a range of cells, say A1:F30 where I want the users to be able to enter the characters 0 to 9 a colon [:] only. The cells are formatted as [h]:mm and the colon will always appear in between the numeric values e.g. 1:15, 2:45, 10:05 etc I tried Data Validation with the following...
  18. N

    Slight modification required

    Hello Slight modifciation required from below code. I want to enter the text in textbox with Numeric Values with "-" For eg Date 22-09-2009 what will be the change in the below code to acheive with numeric values and "-" KeyAscii = -KeyAscii * CLng(Chr(KeyAscii) Like "#") If KeyAscii =...
  19. B

    Find next entry?

    Hi Folks - - got a mental block going on.... please... using the "Find & Search" - what is the instruction for "finding next" entry, in a single column which may have several k rows with only a very occasional (numeric) entry? Thank you.
  20. S

    Extracting numeric portion of address with p.o. Box help?

    the following formula is used for extracting the numeric portion of the home address. However, how can I add onto this formula to give me the numeric portion of the p.o. box. The addresses appear on a single column but the formula leaves the po box cells blank because it's not finding a numeric...

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