1. ibmy

    Total number of occurrence of value "0" in repetitive

    Hi, :) My interest value is "0" (zero) in repetitive and I would like to know total number of its occurrence. I need 3 formula. Formula 2 is basically from output of Formula 1 and Formula 3 is s single formula that can straight count. ABCDEFGH1dataFormula 1Formula 2Formula...
  2. C

    Employee Attendance Tracking with Points - help with SUMIF Formula

    I am working on an employee attendance spreadsheet that is based on a point system. Point values are associated with different absence reasons and tracked on a rolling 12-month calendar. I was able to successfully complete a spreadsheet to take care of this part. However, I am unable to figure...
  3. M

    Average or occurrences help needed

    I need to quickly evaluate pump rates. I have an output (pump gpm) that gets recorded to excel every minute in a new row. The pump turns on an off multiple times a day depending on build up. What I want is to know the number of occurrences a day that the pump turns on and the average gpm...
  4. K

    Finding where an item occurs in a list

    I have a list of values. These particular values are numbered 1 to 90 (in A2:A91). The values in column B (B2:B91) are 1 to 45 with each occurring twice. I want to setup formulas on a different location on the sheet so that I can have a list of the where each occurrence of the values occurs...
  5. P

    Most characters

    •••W•••••W11111W22222W•••••••W11•1W1••••••••••W••111•11WWW I have this text string in a single cell and need to count the longest occurrence of dots (in this case 10) can anybody help
  6. B

    Remove Duplicates with in a column

    Hi I have an excel sheet - Column A contains Phone Numbers separated by a "||" Symbol - Requirement - I want to remove the repeat occurrence of a number with in a cell and retain only one occurrence <tbody> Occurence Post Dedup - Result 18002821376 || 18005675803 || 18002687708 ||...
  7. K

    Number Of Occurrence

    <tbody> sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday peter <tbody> 09:30 - 15:00 </tbody> <tbody> 15:00 - 22:45 </tbody> <tbody> 09:30 - 15:00 </tbody> amy <tbody> 09:30 - 19:00 </tbody> <tbody> 13:15 - 22:45 </tbody> 09:30 - 19:00 before...
  8. R

    Finding nth occurrence using SMALL & SUMPRODUCT

    As the title says I need to do a nth value/occurrence look up. I was able to find a maximum value by using MAX in conjunction with SUMPRODUCT and thought I could apply the same logic by using SMALL along with SUMPRODUCT. My test sheet is set up as follows: A3:A17 contains letters which are A, B...
  9. P

    Word search find occurrence

    I have this piece of code working but problem is I need to find the LAST occurance of a particular search string: With wrdApp.Selection.Find .ClearFormatting .Text = mytext .Forward = True .Wrap = wdFindStop .Execute...
  10. L

    Urgent!!-Find Cell Address of Last occurrence of a String in a column

    Hi, Need a little help with a formula, I am trying to find the cell address of the last occurrence of at string "LLL" in a column. Range- (I4-I3001) the formula in cell A1 will check the last occurrence of the txt "LLL" in the above column (I4:I3001) and return the address of the same. EG:-...
  11. D

    Adding multiple lookups using INDEX MATCH functions

    I am trying to add up certain numbers in each row. So each time 4.4 shows up i want the number to the left of it (can be a different number). At the moment i have INDEX(C5:CN,MATCH($CT$2,C5:CN,0)-1). CT2=4.4 This gives me the number left to the first occurrence of 4.4, but I am trying to get...
  12. most

    Count date occurrence, mine code doesn't work

    Hello! Can anyone help me explain what's wrong here and how to solve it? {=SUM(IF(MONTH(named_range)=C3,1))} My expectation is that the code should count occurrence of a specific month of the dates in the green field(named_range). Month 2-12 works fine, but month 1 return the number of rows...
  13. M

    Appending specific text at the end of every row depending on occurrence of a number

    Hi, I m new to VBA and my problem is explained below with example i need to go from this : <tbody> rank name 1 jon 2 alex 3 william 4 josh 5 jamies 1 sarah 2 angela 3 haley 4 julie 5 sofia </tbody> In this table , i need to append a text which has no column name. 'A' has...
  14. T

    Determine if a date falls between two dates if duplicate names

    From the list below: Start Date,End Date,Names 12/10,15/10,Kevin 14/10,16/10,Jason 14/10,20/10,Kevin I manage to highlight the name if the occurrence is more than once. =COUNTIFS($A$2:$A2,$A2,$CF$2:$C2,$C2)>1 I need to create a conditional formatting to highlight second occurrence of Kevin's...
  15. P

    SUMPRODUCT to find nth value

    Hello, I'm trying to create a formula using SUMPRODUCT that takes into account multiple criteria to return a sum. A portion of the formula is found below for a MTD calculation. However, I can have multiple occurrences of text that are the exact same. I want to be able to return the nth value...
  16. DaddyO

    No VBA: Return Value From One Column Based On The First Occurrence Of A Date In Date Column

    Using structured references if possible, I need to: 1. Find the first occurrence of a particular Date in a Date column. 2. Return the value in the GmID column from that Row. Thanks for any help! Here's the test spreadsheet: https://1drv.ms/x/s!ArIAG4a3p8D7h5ckByrx6pojIkaiVg
  17. B

    Index/Match return column header (multiple occurrences)

    Hi I am trying to lookup a value in Column A then look across that row to find a string and return the Column header. There may be multiple occurrences of the string in that row and I need to return all column headers where there is a match. The data I am looking up is on a closed workbook. I...
  18. K

    Expand Range until the first occurence of a specific text - VBA

    Good Day Folks I have been trying to expand my selection until the occurrence of "Total"(not including) in the same column. The below code gets me to the cell above the occurrence of "Total" but doesnt expand my selection. Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Find("Total", , xlValues...
  19. B

    Contains Subarray

    I'm trying to figure out a formula to determine whether an occurrence contains a value with the data in this sort of format. In the example below, I'd like the formula to output TRUE if the occurence contains the number 2, and false if it doesn't. I've been trying SUMPRODUCT and INDEX with no...
  20. M

    Repeat at regular interval after first occurrence

    I have a data like below. Lets say for the first occurrence in the First row, I use a formula to specify that a value, say 55, must be inputted in Feb and the data inputted every 3 months subsequently i.e the next one in May. I tried using mod and count but not working as I want it to. Will be...

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