1. A

    using OFFSET to refere to entire column (eg. $H:$H)

    referring to a cell by OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW();COLUMN()));0;-4) is easy Although I want to replace "$H:$H" in a formula by an OFFSET function referring to the entire column 4 columns to the current cell (column) How can that be done? example: =TEXTJOIN(", ";TRUE;IF($H:$H = E5;$I:$I;""))...
  2. Jyggalag

    Write offset formula reference in VBA code

    Hi all, I have this formula: Essentially, when I fill in ANY data or make ANY changes to cell D2, i want the VBA to automatically update the current date/time in cell B1, so I can see the last time I made any update to cell D2. I can do xOffsetColumn = -2 But this will show the date in...
  3. D

    Jump X amount of Columns and paste formula within a for loop

    Hello, I wanted to see that within a for loop in VBA, is there a way to start at a cell then every 4 columns over until the last column in use So starting at F44 it copies that formula there, pastes it every 4 columns now, so J44, N44, R44, and so on thank you in advance!
  4. N

    vba - loop offset merged columns

    hello! i have to loop through specific columns because some columns are merged. In the code below, i am not sure how to resolve the part on "For j = 1,5,7,13,17". i need the code to run only columns 1,5,7,13,17. Any help will be greatly appreciated! For k = 1 to N # to loop rows For j = 1...
  5. M

    Excel VBA Replace Values Dynamically

    Hello, In the code below, I am selecting a specific range. Within that range I am replacing all the cells that contain $O$1 with a formula which contains the RowNumber. Note that everytime I run the code, the RowNumber value changes. So I cannot simply write a number as a replacement. When I...
  6. M

    Replacing OFFSET to sum up to max value from specific cell

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board & thank you all in advance for the help. I have data for the time it takes each step in a manufacturing process & each step has a unique name that never repeats, as seen below, pasted in A1 corner. Steps time Start Point Sum of Steps Count 2800N1 5...
  7. W

    Copying of multiple ranges but with offset both on master sheet and destination

    Hi All, Hope there is someone who can help and utter newbie in VBA coding. I have a workbook with multiple sheets. The first sheet (PFD Copy) is my master sheet from which I want data to be pasted into other sheets. The following is the code I have written so far: Sub Frommastertobuftarget()...
  8. W

    Xlookup but return the adjacent cell with offset?

    Hi Guys, I am trying to use the following formula : =XLOOKUP($B8,'[December 202021 WORKBOOK.xlsx]Sel'!$B:$B,'[December 202021 WORKBOOK.xlsx]Sel'!M:M) the return array being '[December 202021 WORKBOOK.xlsx]Sel'!M:M I need it to actually return the N:N column so i can copy it across so it...
  9. B

    Using OFFSET between two dynamic dates

    Hi there, In my daily workbook I have an invoice date that changes every month and the payment date is always on the 2nd of the following month. I'm trying to create a formula to flag the payment date and show the corresponding cash outflow on the payment date. Using the OFFSET function...
  10. S

    Countifs with offset returning #value

    Hoping somebody can help out...please :) I have a sheet that I want to do countifs on but when I put 2 working countifs together in one formula I get #value? 1. =COUNTIFS(Colleagues!$E:$E,$B$4) - returns the correct result 2...
  11. C

    Code not doing anything (no errors)

    Hi, Sorry for two posts about the same thing, won't let me delete the first one. I want to create a VBA code so that I can look up the string "Category 1" and use it as a reference to add a certain number of columns based on another cells value. The new cell values are to have the headings...
  12. D

    Offset/Macro/VBA help

    Hi All! As the title says, I have no idea how to modify the formula since I used this online template and still trying to learn. Can I ask for your help on below: Is it possible to get the total leave (NM8) subtracted to the entitled leave (NJ8) and carried forward (NK8) to show on the...
  13. I

    How to edit this copy and paste VBA code to include column offset value?

    Hi. I have this code that copied and pastes data from two different workbooks based on matching data. However, I also need to include the value in the fourth column over. So for example the last line should be something like. But I am getting an error on this line. Sht.Cells(f.Row...
  14. N

    Using MAX() to output multiple values from one formula

    Hello (again) mrexcel forums, I'm working on a formula which outputs an array of values in an n*m grid, where the size of the grid may vary a lot between use cases. I've been getting good mileage with using arrays as named variables in equations, but i'm having trouble with the MIN/MAX...
  15. O

    Sumproduct + Match + Offset?

    I've been trying to use OFFSET formula nested within the ISNUMBER(MATCH) combination to get a dynamic range but can't get it to work. There's probably an easier and more elegant way to achieve what I'm trying to do to be honest but I thought about trying to see if this will work. First version...
  16. P

    Conditional Formatting based on another column

    I have ID's in a column (currently Col K) and Codes currently in Column M. (Columns will be added but Codes will always be two columns to the right of ID. I have the following code but how do I use Offset in the formula to look for an entry two columns to the right? I don't want the formula to...
  17. F

    Excel Chart x-axis label interval with start value offset

    Hi everyone, I got this bar-chart with x-axis labels of which I only want to show every 3rd item, but I also would like to start at the 2nd item of the list. now I got 1,4,7,10,... and I like it do show 2,5,8,11, but still chart data from 1, just the label needs an offset of 1. (VBA...
  18. W

    Input Box Column and Row Offse

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to adjust my code to offset the location of where the answer to my second input box question goes. How my macro is supposed to work. . . if A4 (for example) is my active cell and where the macro starts, that's where I want the answer to the very first...
  19. W

    Power Automate Creating new rows affecting IF functions that read individual rows. Is there a way to fix this? Offset + If?

    Power Automate is impacting my IF functions by inserting new rows. Each IF function reads a separate row( I.e Tab 1 Cell M7 is read by a IF function on Tab 2 Cell M7). When power automate imports new Microsoft forum data entries, it inserts a row rather than “writing over.” This then throws off...
  20. T

    using OFFSET to copy formulas to inserted columns

    Hello, I created a workbook that automatically add a certain number of columns. I need these new columns to copy the formulas over from the original column. For example, I have a main column that is present in every sheet (the formulas are different in every sheet). This column has formulas...
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