1. K

    Concatenating Row Contents Until Certain Value is Reached

    I am trying to output concatenated content into defined columns. There are 6 pre-defined columns (see the image below): Requirement Text, Requirement Rationale, Requirement Guidance, Requirement Lessons Learned, Verification Rationale, Verification Guidance, and Verification Lessons Learned...
  2. D

    Macro to set where data should start

    I have the following macro which does the following: Get the file names from a folder on Windows Combines the name with the folder name Hyperlinks the conjoined names How it looks in the table: My code is as follows: Sub Combined() 'Gets file names Dim xFSO As Object Dim xFolder As...
  3. B

    How to Return Result to a Different Cell

    I'm creating a demographic questionnaire. Client # 1 will have already input their address into a cell (D7). I want Client # 2 (the Partner of Client #1) to be able to simply type "Yes" into a cell (C21) if their address is the same as their partner's address. I want this address (from D7) to...
  4. Y

    Macro to copy values across rows and transposing them and add the user id

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help me with this problem with amacro. I have a table of data that appears below(input data) whichhas usernames down a few rows and one or more accounts across 70 columns. On a regular basis, I would need to able to copy all theaccount numbers that are present...
  5. W

    Prevent a dynamic line chart from interpreting formula output of "" as 0?

    I have a formula in a table that uses an IF function. The output of the formula dynamically plots a line chart. The problem I'm experiencing is that if the output of the IF function is False, then the "" value output is interpreted by the dynamic line chart as a zero instead of a blank cell...
  6. U

    Concatenate: Italicize (or bold) part of output

    I have a concatenate formula to output into a cell something like "100% / 75% / (25%)" (code is below). I'd like to either bold or italicize that 25%...something to show that the (25%) is a variance and not a raw value. It needs to be something other that "red" font since sometimes the...
  7. V

    Select, Copy, Paste one by one till last data to new format

    Hi Excel Experts, Myself Srini, new to this forum. I need your help to provide a macro code for the below Input & Output file image links are as below Input File Image-->https://ibb.co/xLQ6dLD Output File Image--> https://ibb.co/f0VMv9c In Input, Rows & Columns can be n numbers. Need to...
  8. M

    Pull data based on another column

    Hello everyone I need little help for solving a small problem. below worksheet is out of our Bill of Material formula, if we want to produce a Product '55500' we will need input 500,510,520,530,7600. 7600 is our WIP which also has input 10,20,30,40. i need a formula in next column which add...
  9. mole999

    VBA filling loop

    I have a doc with 90000 rows. I need to visualise a status. I.e row 10 has on, then row 20 has off, so 11 to 20 have the ON flag and is visible. trying to do this manually and it is taking for ever to identify the start point, double click so it fills down The statuses are in Y, and i want AA...
  10. H

    Simple IF

    I know its simplest..still I need since I made mistake Input Cell: B2 which can be EITHER of “d2” or “d3” or “d4” or “d5”. That’s All Output Cell: D2: IF B2=”d2” THEN D2=”k3” IF B2=”d3” THEN D2=”k4” IF B2=”d4” THEN D2=”k5” IF B2=”d5” THEN D2=”k6” How to accomplish? I am using Excel 2007
  11. I

    Specific print output - page with frozen panes

    Hello, I would like to print attached sheet with frozen panes (two rows + five columns) on one A4 as follows. I have set print titles according to instructions on this page. https://excel.tips.net/T002702_Printing_Just_the_Visible_Data.html Afterthat I select range F3:AC10 and then print...
  12. M

    Remove unwanted characters

    I have a list of phone #'s in the format 519-555-5551 410-555-5222 I would like to remove the dash so the output looks like 5195555551 4105555222 I've tried find and replace but it does not work. Any thoughts? TIA
  13. S

    textjoin query

    i have been requested to make a simple absence viewer iin our office that is feeding from a report from our HR system and appending that report over the top of the previous one. Essentially, the report comes down like this : Name, Unique ID, Office Location, Dept and then absent date. At...
  14. kelly mort

    Issue getting the value from an array instead of index

    Sub GetOutPut() Dim V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Dim TheList Dim output V1 = "This One" V2 = "The Boy" V3 = "That One" V4 = "Car Race" V5 = "Cash Money" TheList = Array(V1, V2, V3, V4, V5) Output = Application.WorksheetFunction.RandBetween(LBound(TheList), UBound(TheList)) MsgBox TheList(output)...
  15. A

    Use a specific set of numbers x times to equal a set value

    Hello Please could someone help me to do this (I have searched the internet and found nothing or more than likely, am not using the correct terminology :eeek:) ... I want to use the numbers in Column F the D2 number of times to Equal C2 (or at least as close to it as possible if the actual...
  16. V

    Excel formula to update values for specific columns only

    Hello all, I am looking for an excel formula which would pickup from whole data , here with attached data for your reference. Data available in columns like from Jan to Dec and output i dont want to show everything in one go so only selected months need to be shown in output summary. which...
  17. R

    extract Letters between Special Characters

    HI Every one, i need a output in the following format could any one please help me out <tbody> Input Output <tbody> 10263AM/xbsdhbs </tbody> <tbody> 10263AM </tbody> <tbody> 075893-SE-1 </tbody> <tbody> 075893 </tbody> <tbody> 052263 </tbody> <tbody> 052263...
  18. L

    IF formula output not expected

    I am using 2 embedded IF statements in the attempt to produce either a string (cell&cell...) or a string with -SPARE are the end. I know the inner IF statement works as expected. The result is setup to work on the FALSE, not TRUE for desired output. My outer IF works when I do not include the...
  19. N

    How to split multiple worksheets of data by column value and output to separate files?

    I have an Excel 2010 workbook (let's call it 'Master') with many worksheets, whatever name. Each worksheet has data structured as shown below. One of the columns has an identifier, such as a supplier code. Both sheets on the Master are sorted on Column1_header. Note: The actual structure is...
  20. R

    If function ignoring NA

    Hello guys, I have a column of numbers and some NA. I am creating dummy variables, for example, IF(A2>0.7,1,0) and repeat this function into the entire column. However, I have NA in this column. Therefore, how can I ignore NA and set the output of NA as 'NO'. Thank you so much.
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