1. S

    Extract data from separate worksheet

    First, apologies for vagueness as I don't really know how to approach this. I am exporting reports that are providing customer info that I need to consolidate into single lines. Unfortunately, the export is designed in a pdf/printable report format. The objective is to copy updated data into an...
  2. K

    VBA for Multiply Print Areas

    Can someone help me create a Command Button for creating a Print of 3 print areas which would then be printed on a separate page but fit the whole page? My printing areas are: E5:AF30, D37:AF70, D71:X98 and D100:Z131 thank you in advance
  3. T

    Picture button VBA

    I am looking to find out how to add code to my VBA script for when a picture button is clicked I have a series of picture buttons which, if I click any one of them runs through a script to confirm or deny access What I now need to do is: If the access is granted to the picture button clicked...
  4. M

    What did I do wrong?

    This formula returns "N/A", and for this particular row, it should return "Pending" because the identifier is in the pending hires and transfers page. =IF(VLOOKUP(A2,'Open Reqs'!A:A,1,FALSE),"ACTIVE",IF(VLOOKUP(A2,'Pending Hires &...
  5. W

    "Find on this page" via VB?

    Hello everyone. Is there a way a macro can scan the websites in column A to see if their website has a blog using "Find on this page" type of function found on browsers? Not by checking the source code. Then in column B next to the corresponding website write "Yes" or "No" Tried to add an...
  6. S

    Userforms, Listboxes and PivotTables - applying filters

    Afternoon folks, I'm hoping somebody out there can help me with the following... I have a multi page UserForm that each contain a ListBox that is used to display info from separate Pivot Tables. Each ListBox is populated with the following code: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim...
  7. J

    Login with no ID

    Hi, Want log in to a website automatically with vba but the problem I am having when I inspect the login box there's no ID HTML only what's in the picture below, tried using this line of code but doesn't work: HTMLDoc.getElementById("login").Value = Worksheets("Portal_Access").Range("F20")...
  8. H

    ASCII code behaviour and special characters in Excel

    Hi all, I've read a fair bit about special characters, ASCII code, code/char functions etc. in Excel but still have a couple of understanding questions where I was hoping someone could shed a little light on them or point me to a direction for further reading: (using the num keypad only): - In...
  9. A

    Page Sizing of Document Different From One Computer To Next?

    I have created a one page "form" with an Excel worksheet of my work computer. It is designed in a manner to be previewed and printed on one page without any scaling. When I take this same worksheet home and edit it, preview or print, it no longer fits within the one page originally created to...
  10. C

    Help with Web Scraping VBA

    Looking for some help. I'm using this code right now to scrape the innertext of all <li>s on a webpage where the class name is "error' (e.g. <li class="error">, within a DIV tag. However it doesn't work when there is no DIV tag on a page. Can anyone help me to do the same thing, but without...
  11. B

    Missing report tabs

    New to Power Bi, first report. Not sure what I did, but had two named report tabs on the bottom. Now it just says "Page 1 of 2" with no tabs. Any help with getting back the tabs would be much appreciated!
  12. T

    Print Macro as one PDF file

    Hello, I have a print macro in excel that prints multiple ranges in my file (roughly 100 pages). I tried to print as a PDF file, however it tries to save each page as a pdf and asks me to name each page. Is there a way for me to save/print all 100 pages a one batch file pdf? I don't believe...
  13. S

    Formula issue

    Hi guys, I give up! I cant figure this out please help! I need a formula to come up with the money for this: 1-100 pages @ $1 per page, 101+ pages @ $0.25 per page up to a maximum of $200 flat rate. I need this all to configure by just putting in the total page numbers into a cell. Thank you!
  14. M

    Update Value on Web Page via Excel Macro

    Hello I have been fighting with a problem for a while with no success. I want to update a field on a webpage via excel vba. I am using IE11. Below is a picture of the source code of the page in question. I want to update the Value from 29 to 31 for example. I have tried getelementsby...
  15. H

    Color on Multi page in User form....

    Hey Excel Guru's I need some Help to change Colour if Multi page is Activated By Double-click on Specific cell.... All the Function with Double-click works it's the Colour Part i need... example I Double click on Cell "B1" then the Multi page side Should Change Background - Colour So that...
  16. S

    [VBA] Copy Range from Excel Paste into Word Autofit Contents to Window & Page & Keep Source Format

    The title pretty much sums up what I am trying to accomplish but have had no luck whatsoever. I'm trying to copy a range from an excel worksheet to word but when I do, it changes the text formatting and the table extends beyond the first page (both to the right and onto the next page). So I'm...
  17. M

    Pressing A Button In Internet Explorer 11

    Hi all I was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to press a button on a web page in Internet Explorer 11. I have searched the forum and youtube and i have been able to find various bits of code however i am still unable to find code that allows me to press a button on a web page. When...
  18. Sharid

    GET All urls that have a specified keyword

    Hi Is there a way of getting certain pages urls from a website using vba. My following code gets all the urls from a web site page. I enter the domain in L1 and whatever that domain is, it will go to that page and extract all urls. The problem is 1) It only extracts from that page 2) Not...
  19. R

    How to set the color theme through VBA

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest how to set the colors theme- Office 2007-2010(Menu-> Page Layout->Colors->Office 2007-2010). I want to do this through VBA. thanks Rajneesh
  20. J

    Clicking button without ID on a web page with vba

    I've a button on a web page that I am trying to click using vba. The button exports the table to excel; it does not have any text but only the excel logo. Below is the html of the button retrieved using the 'inspect element' property of the web page. < a class="x1" tab index="0"...

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