1. D

    Assign hyperlink to existing shape based on current column

    Hello, I have searched for a long time but have not found a way to do this, either in Excel proper or with VBA. I need a way to construct a hyperlink address dynamically in real time and assign that link to a shape on the worksheet. I have a workbook with links to specific (dated) columns...
  2. B

    Not a trick question, what is wrong with this formula

    So I have a column of formulas. I clicked and dragged to autofill the formulas and at some random point, it stopped working. Can anyone see a difference? =IF(A123=0,0,VLOOKUP(EQUIPMENT!A123,EQUIPMENT!$L$3:$P$2888,5)*B123) This is the last one that worked...
  3. X

    excel add web page(with slicer)

    Hello Friends, I know that i can excel export the web page, But I'm wondering if i can add a slicer (list) and activeX (button) excel export the web page? Work on slicer (list) and activeX (button)? my excel export the web page, But did not work -- slicer (list) and activeX (button) in...
  4. M

    worksheet.vPageBreaks.Count returns zero (0)

    Greetings I am attempting to determine a method of jumping to the first row of the next page, where the page breaks are automatically generated by Excel (A4 page size, automatic height/width). I figured it would be possible to do this by comparing the current row with data from vPageBreaks in...
  5. T

    Print Every 2 Pages to a New PDF

    I have a few workbooks with almost 50 pages each, and I want to print every 2 pages to a PDF, so basically the end goal would be 25 pdfs made up of 2 worksheets each For Example: PDF1 Sheet1 and Sheet2 (sheet1 would be PDF1 page 1 and sheet2 would be PDF1 page 2) PDF2 Sheet3 and Sheet4 PDF3...
  6. M

    Move row from invetory page to sold page with criteria account number

    sorry if this has been covered. I'm trying to move rows that an inventory item has sold to my sold sheet in the same workbook if I enter the account number in column Q. I want the account number to be able to move with it when it's entered.
  7. I

    Explanation of this code please

    Hi, The following code is working fine & supplied below. I have fixed headers at Row 7 My current row page count is 898 When i come to this worksheet called POSTAGE this code runs & i see the last 10rows of which i have values in cells. So example. Headers at row 7 The next row i see is the row...
  8. T

    Scale document to one page if zoom % exceeds one page boundaries

    I like to print a grid of data at 120% zoom. However if the grid is large the 120% spills over to another page. How to keep the zoom % but decrease if the grid of data is too large for one page? My code Sub seqprt() 'PRINT PREVIEW FOR SEQUENCE CHART Sheets("Key").Select Range("B1"...
  9. H

    Excel VBA Web Scraper to get Amazon Size ASINs from Web Page- Please help!

    Hello everyone, I am developing a VBA web scraping tool that will find all of the size variations for an amazon page and get their ASINs (The unique link to each product page.) Any amazon page will do, but here is the web page I used in my example. The...
  10. H

    Excel VBA Web Scraper to get Amazon Size ASINs from Web Page- Please help!

    Hello everyone, I am developing a VBA web scraping tool that will find all of the size variations for an amazon page and get their ASINs (The unique link to each product page.) Any amazon page will do, but here is the web page I used in my example. The...
  11. M

    Page Layout not working in Excel 2016

    I have Office 365, using Excel 2016. Page Layout is greyed-out. I rebooted, opened Excel, clicked on the Page Layout icon, and got a message saying "current printer not available". Does anyone have a solution?
  12. E

    How to Print Selected Cells without changing its position in the sheet

    Good day guys! Please help me figure out what I need to do with this situation. I have a form ready for printing, but I wanted to just print a part of it only, example at the center of the page. I set the Print Area but then when I preview it, I found it at the top of the page. How can I...
  13. I

    Name Manager Question

    Afternoon, For some reason some of my drop downs stopped working. I am now cleaning up the named manager list & these are now starting to work correctly. In the page that opens up is there a way to click on a NAME as excel tell you on what sheet it is connected with. Name i say name this is the...
  14. I

    Add in Fit to 1 Page on Print out

    Hi, I have the following code that I have copied from another sheet, however I need it to fit to one page, how do I update below please: Sheets("Butchery Order").Range("B1:K225").ExportAsFixedFormat _ Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=strPrimalPlan, Quality:=xlQualityStandard...
  15. B

    Top 10 filter code

    hello, i have a code from a control page it will allow you to select a name on a control page from a drop down box and filter another page for results just for the person you selected. code below. I added a 2nd code once you got to the page of results for the selected person to filter the...
  16. L

    Show only active page

    I am running office 365 and have Excel 2016 on my machine. I have a spreadsheet that is in "Page View" but I only have info on the 1st page. However I still see grayed out pages beside and below. Is there a way to only show the one page without the grayed out ones? Regards, L. Ambrose
  17. U

    Table of Content: Count all pages per TAB, continue on next TAB with page number

    I have a workbook with 40 sheets, I have created query that should provide a Table of Content. What I need is the query to provide the page in sequence with the next TAB providing the next PAGE number, "not the total amount of pages". In other words, if my Executive summary has 3 pages in...
  18. G

    Modifying Macro to add Column B to file name when exporting

    Hello - I found this code on the message board which works great for my purposes, expect that I am hoping to include the value in Column C to the file name when exporting. Code is below: Sub exportPages() Set Sht = Worksheets("Sheet1") ' The variable Sht now holds the sheet that should be...
  19. G

    Auto fill based on another cell value

    I am not sure if this was asked before. I tried searching, but didn't find any. Maybe I'm searching by wrong keywords. I have an excel sheet where F9 and F10 is blank. When printed on paper, it should show # / #. Imagine Microsoft Word setup with page numbering. Depending on the project we are...
  20. D

    Excel to Word Document

    I am not sure if this is the correct place. I have an excel document that has 35 rows. I need to import it into a word document but I need to limit it to a specific amount of lines per page. I also need it to link so that when I update the excel document it will update into the word document.

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