1. P

    Need help to create a new List

    I have.... Column A) Part Number, Column B) Locations of that parts and Column C) Available qty per location for each part The locations (Column B) I have are divided into A(Right side of the rack) and B (Left side of the rack) for each Rack. Ex. location NN.34.03.A and NN.34.03.B are...
  2. S

    Search Sheet1 and copy to sheet 2

    I have been tasked with a extracting some data from a spreadsheet not being that good i would like some help with VBA all the data is on sheet 1 and there is duplicated through out. the way it is layed out is where ever there is a part number there is a serial number in the right hand cell...
  3. N

    Search multiple criteria for item

    I'm not sure how to word it, but here goes... I have two spreadsheets (1 old & 1 new) I need to compare specific criteria. I need to search the old CSV of parts and compare to the new CSV of parts and tell me if we have old parts that match the dimensions of the new parts. The CSV headers in...
  4. gheyman

    Slightly Modify VBA Code that deletes Dups

    i need to modify this code because the data has changed with respect to column location. previously the pertinent data was in B & C It is now in C & E I think changing it is straight forward except for this part "lngLastRow = Range("B:C")" Any help is appreciated! Sub Delete_Duplicates()...
  5. gheyman

    Copy down to next row where there is data

    I have data running down column A (Part Numbers) Example: I have a Part number in A2 but don't have another Part number until A45 and then another lets say in A55 How can I copy A2 down to A44 and then A45 down to A54 and then A55 down to last row (I can determine LastRow by using Column B)...
  6. N

    Copy only part of last row that has data

    I have this code: Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).EntireRow.Copy Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).EntireRow.PasteSpecial It copies the entire last row that contains data and pastes it one row below. I only want it to copy part of the row, columns A to I to be exact. How do I edit...
  7. B

    formula for this lookup

    Hi, I have 2 columns with part numbers; Column A is a Master list of part numbers. Column B contains only the part numbers i need to work with. But Column A is in a workbook with links and formulas which i cant simply replace with Column B. So I need a way to identify the items in Column A...
  8. K

    Macro Help

    The following macro is designed to split several tabs within a sheet into individual files. What I would like to do is get this part of the macro: Format(Date, " BOB mm-yyyy" to prompt a dialog box once at the beginning of the macro to ask what is the additional name tag the files should use...
  9. I

    Splitting data in a table into another table with different size

    <tbody> A B 1 Part Number Name 2 ABC123 C1,C2,C3,C15 3 XYZ321 J1 4 IJK100 L1,L2 </tbody> Hello, I have data like the table above (with many more rows and longer names) and I need to break the Name column so that each name is separate with the Part Number listed next to it. An...
  10. E

    Countif with Index on a Pivot Table

    Pulling off Pivot Table example: <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> </tbody> <tbody> Part Number Company 1 Company2 part 1 60 61 part 2 50 52 part 3 40 60 </tbody> Looking to do a countif on the entire row based on the part number with greater than or equal to 50. So...
  11. S

    Sorting out of many similar

    Dear Experts, I have a some data as shown below <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Part Manufacturer Status Code 123-456 AA Obsolete 6 123-456 BB Active 3 123-456 CC Active 2 123-456 DD Active 3 123-456 AA Active 3 123-456 BB Active 3 </tbody> I want to look...
  12. H

    Index / Match with random multiple rows

    I have a worksheet called Data. Each row relates to a customer repair. In column C is a part number (3 digit). There are many different part numbers distributed on different rows. If the customer rings to chase the repair the user puts an X in column S against that customer, so there can be...
  13. O

    Complex nvoice

    Hello all, I have a following task at hand that I haven't been able to figure out how to solve. We always give our clients tiered pricing. The maximum is 5 different prices for different quantities. I created the table in sheet Part Database that includes part number, description of the part...
  14. M

    SKUs not sorting by numerical order

    I've seen this asked many times on the internet but I can't seem to find someone asking how to sort part numbers that also contain text. For example, I have the following part numbers and want them sorted in this way: 5-part 7-part 156-part 691-part When sorting, from smallest to largest, it...
  15. J

    Using the AVERAGE function with IF.

    Hi, I have a lot of data in Column I, which relates to %'s. In Column F, I have data relating to the amount of times a participant took part in a race. I want to do an average of Column I. So normally I'd just put in =AVERAGE(I:I). However, I only want to get an AVERAGE of people who have...
  16. auto.pilot

    Seeking VBA method to filter multiple values

    I have the following bit of code which is part of a larger project. Near the top, I have identified TheClient as a single cell reference. Within the code, a workbook is opened, then filtered by TheClient in column A. Thereafter, the headers and filtered range are copied and then pasted to the...
  17. D

    I need help with some stock market math

    Here's a link to the table I'm working on. note: I'm expecting either a 61.8% or a 78.6% Fibonacci retracement so I'm using those percentages. I'm trying to calculate the return of a strategy where you short the coming bear...
  18. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - SumProduct with multiple Conditions that include a wildcard

    Hello All, I am hoping this is an easy one, I have a sumproduct formula that looks at multiple conditions and it works great but the business just threw in a new variable and I was hoping it will be a quick modification to the formula to get it to work. Here is the formula...
  19. DataBlake

    Dictionary Overlap Problem

    Hey i'm having some trouble identifying an issue with a dictionary that is returning a key its not supposed to have I've checked over my code 9 times and tried isolating the problem by commenting out the 2nd dictionary that's causing the problem to no avail. I have a sub that opens a workbook...
  20. S

    Multiple VLOOKUP???

    Hi I have consecutive numbers ranging from 1 to 1000 in column A (A2:A1001). Alphanumeric part numbers in column D (D2:D1001). On a separate sheet if I enter a number between 1 and 1000 in cell A1 for example I would like cell B1 to display the associated part number from sheet 1 column D. I...

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