1. S

    how to repeat column B names. Is there any another way rather than dragging the cells?

    Please help me that how can we repeat column B names (vamsi and suresh) until cell value = EOH12 (column A). A column I B column E0H11 vamsi E0H24 suresh E0H01 (Repeat here) E0H54 (Repeat here) EOH12 (Repeat...
  2. K

    Conditional formatting each next step

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need Formula is preferable or an alternative VBA for conditional formatting to highlight each next step pattern in the complete row as per "specific pattern shown in the cells C4, D4 & E4 which is changeable as...
  3. B

    Numbering new products in sequence

    Hello, I am producing a list of patterns references and each pattern needs to have a unique reference. Example pattern 1 is 100-1525/1525/8-001 and is made from a sheet of material 1525 x 1525 x 8 thick 100 = Denotes type of material 1525 = dimension 1 1525 = dimension 2 8 = thickness 001 =...
  4. N

    Create a honeycomb pattern with the hexagon shape

    Hi, How can I automatically create a tessellated honeycomb pattern on a sheet, using the hexagon shape? Ideally, I want to be able to use 2 variables for row & column and create a honeycomb based on those values I hope this makes sense!
  5. W

    Extracting a 7 number string from text

    Hi, I would like to find a macro that will extract a string a set of seven numbers from a string of text e.g. WELDING COPPER WIRE PO: 6822835 5.0KG 0.8MM Ideally, the macro will extract 6722835. However, the set of 7 numbers will not be in the same place in each string of text, nor will it...
  6. W

    Help using .Pattern = ??

    I am trying to find a macro so I can extract a period number from a string of text e.g. P01 20 I have been using the following macro that I found on here, that I have edited however I cannot figure out how to include the space (between P01 and 20) to be included in the pattern line Function...
  7. S

    Pattern Not Applying to Cells

    Hey All, So a friend of mine has a workbook that is acting up. When he selects a range to fill the cells he has to click twice. The first time he clicks nothing happens, and the second time he clicks the pattern is applied. I thought this was curious so I recorded a macro when he did this and...
  8. Caleeco

    Regular Expression TidyUp

    Hello, I have just waded into the world of Regular Expressions. I have created a Function (with some googling) that will check if a pattern exists at the start of a string. The function works as anticipated but Im not sure if this pattern is as clean as it could be? The Pattern is...
  9. J

    .pattern question

    I am trying to find text pattern from String. pattern I am looking for is 6 digit dot 7 digit ex: 123456.1234567 can someone build me needed code for above pattern? explaining how code would be appreciated. I downloaded 5 digit number code from www it reads .Patern = "(?:^|\D) (\d{5})...
  10. N

    Check if consecutive values are the same

    I have 10 columns which either take the value "A" or "B" The correct pattern should always be "A"s followed by "B"s something like: A A A A B B B B B B A A B B B B B B B B A A A A A A A B B B I need a check which returns TRUE if the user mixes up the pattern such as: A A A B A A A B B B How...
  11. DataBlake

    Creating Parent - Child Data [VBA]

    Hello all, I'd be super glad if someone could help me come up with a way to create multiple part numbers using two qualifiers from a single line so lets say i have this product which would be the parent on Sheet1 <tbody> partnum brand style color size1 size2 size3 angle reverse angle pattern...
  12. F

    How to copy a pattern in a column

    Hi I am sure this is straight forward but can't seem to work this out. In one column I might have 4 lines: SL-001 SL-001 SL-002 SL-002 How do I copy the pattern down so that e.g. if there were 40 days I would end up with SL-040 (and 80 entries)? Thanks
  13. K

    Copy paste match of the horizontal "header patterns"

    Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Data column is column C:E</SPAN></SPAN> Header H2:I4 values are brought by formula and J2:J4 values are consonants </SPAN></SPAN> Header-1 H2:J2 = Pattern XX1</SPAN></SPAN> Header-2 H3:J3 = Pattern XXX</SPAN></SPAN> Header-3 H4:J4 = Pattern XX2</SPAN></SPAN> I want that...
  14. K

    Extract match of header patterns

    Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Data column is column C</SPAN></SPAN> Header F2:H3 values are brought by formula and F4:H4 values are consonants </SPAN></SPAN> Header-1 F2:F4 = Pattern 2X1</SPAN></SPAN> Header-2 G2:G4 = Pattern 2XX</SPAN></SPAN> Header-3 H2:H4 = Pattern 2X2</SPAN></SPAN> I want that...
  15. Y

    Formula needed to repeat pattern

    I have to populate various spreadsheets using the following number sequence: 1,1,1,1,1,1 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 3,3,3,3,3,3 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4 etc.. So basically, I have to follow sequential numbers in the special pattern of 6 instances of 1, 13 instances of 2, 6 instances of 3...
  16. C

    Conditional concatination

    I have rows of orders with the important info in the following columns Col B Customer ID [0002] Col C Order Date [28/11/2018] Col P Week Index Week commencing in (yymmdd) [181126] for example, Customer id 0002 0002, 28/11/2018, 181126 (Wed) 0002, 01/12/2018, 181126 (Sat) Against each of these...
  17. P

    identify the 3 letter pattern in the draw line

    identify the 3 letter pattern in the draw line
  18. E

    pattern and shift in even and odd lottery

    Hello, Trying to found away to find next pattern or shift change using excel. please see below. E-E-O-O-E E-E-O-E-E O-O-E-E-E E-O-E-O-O E-E-E-O-O E-E-O-O-O O-O-E-O-O E-O-E-E-O O-E-O-O-O E-O-E-E-E E-E-E-E-O O-E-O-E-O E-O-E-O-E O-E-E-O-O O-E-O-O-E E-O-O-E-O O-O-E-E-O E-O-O-O-E O-E-E-O-E O-O-O-O-O...
  19. T

    Find a pattern in muti columns and mark pattern

    I have 30 columns of data as shown: P b p r b b r b b r b b r b b r b r i need to find the pattern rbbrbb in each column.
  20. A

    Drawing a Rectangle

    Hi, I am trying to draw rectangles using a set of variables and I can draw a solid box using: With plotsheet.Shapes.AddShape(1, Startx, Starty, BoxWidth, BoxHeight).Fill .ForeColor.RGB = RGB(Red, Blue, Green) .BackColor.RGB = RGB(Red, Blue, Green) End With (The items in italics are...

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