1. B

    Groups/Arrays/Patterns Help

    Strap in, this is gonna be long and possibly confusing. I have to test and record the first and last data point in groups of 25. Each quarter, the iterations change, so in Q1, I'm testing 1, 25, 26, 50, 51, 75, 76, 100. . . In Q2, I'm testing 2, 24, 27, 49, 52, 74, 77, 99. . . and so on...
  2. ibmy

    Find Number Pattern in Data - need 1 Column solution

    Hi Mr Excel, How do find Number Pattern in data which is : 1. Starting a Negative value ( - ) 2. Follow by at least a Zero ( 0 / 00 / 000 / 000..... ) 3. Follow by a Positive value ( + ) 4. End with a Negative value ( - ) Number Pattern : - 0 + - When Number Pattern found, assign "1" at...
  3. ibmy

    Find Sequence Pattern ( + - ) in Data

    Hi Mr Excel, Before I give data sample, let me explain the sequence pattern in picture and the criteria. Criteria of Sequence Pattern : (1) Must at least starting with postive number, follow by negative number. ( + - ) (2) Keep assign "1" the cycle until 'invalid' happen ( + - + - + - +...
  4. G

    Excel number pattern recognition

    Beloved experts in the house, I've a data list of numbers in in 4 column, so I discovered that there move with a unique patterns and formation. So the question is, how can I search for combinations of patterns in the 4 column at once.
  5. Y

    How to search for random word patterns in a column

    I have been puling my hair out trying to figure this out and have recently found this thread: How to search for random patterns within a column answering a very similar question to what I'm asking below, but this is looking for strings of 5 characters in a column of random letters and numbers...
  6. K

    Limiting * wildcard when using Like patterns

    I'm abstracting data from large text cells, sometimes up to 600 characters long. Within the text I am searching for patterns matching like T#, N#, M#, saving this into a string, and the recording the numbers for t n m in their own columns. Frequently these patterns are typed differently though...
  7. M

    Find pattern based on multiple columns

    Good afternoon! I have been poking around trying to find something that might help me and I have tried a few things and I am not having any luck. I would like to create a list for myself to help route deliveries. Each driver will do the same route a little differently based on their own...
  8. ibmy

    Identify Number Pattern of Positive(+) -> Zero(0) -> Negative(-)

    Dear Smartest Excelers, Some of sample from my 90k row data: ABCD1DiffResult2030.440.552.36070809-3.91B5(+) -> B6:B8(0) -> B9(-)10-0.1Rule 4: Start new find110120.4No count : B10(-) -> B11 (0) -> B12 (+)13014-0.51B12(+) -> B13(0) -> B14(-)150Rule 4: Start new...
  9. A

    find specific pattern cells in Excel

    Dear aAll, Please see attached image, i need VBA code that identifies Yellow filled and hatched cell and mark it as Y in Flag Column. Any help please?
  10. L

    Identify patterns in a sequence of numbers

    Guys I'm struggling to find a way to recognise a pattern on an array/list of numbers. There are 80 ordered numbers as below, but I would like to find a pattern of this list. Initially I tried Second minus First, 3rd minus Second, etc. Where looked like a number that could be divided by 2. But...
  11. S

    how to repeat column B names. Is there any another way rather than dragging the cells?

    Please help me that how can we repeat column B names (vamsi and suresh) until cell value = EOH12 (column A). A column I B column E0H11 vamsi E0H24 suresh E0H01 (Repeat here) E0H54 (Repeat here) EOH12 (Repeat...
  12. K

    Conditional formatting each next step

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need Formula is preferable or an alternative VBA for conditional formatting to highlight each next step pattern in the complete row as per "specific pattern shown in the cells C4, D4 & E4 which is changeable as...
  13. B

    Numbering new products in sequence

    Hello, I am producing a list of patterns references and each pattern needs to have a unique reference. Example pattern 1 is 100-1525/1525/8-001 and is made from a sheet of material 1525 x 1525 x 8 thick 100 = Denotes type of material 1525 = dimension 1 1525 = dimension 2 8 = thickness 001 =...
  14. N

    Create a honeycomb pattern with the hexagon shape

    Hi, How can I automatically create a tessellated honeycomb pattern on a sheet, using the hexagon shape? Ideally, I want to be able to use 2 variables for row & column and create a honeycomb based on those values I hope this makes sense!
  15. W

    Extracting a 7 number string from text

    Hi, I would like to find a macro that will extract a string a set of seven numbers from a string of text e.g. WELDING COPPER WIRE PO: 6822835 5.0KG 0.8MM Ideally, the macro will extract 6722835. However, the set of 7 numbers will not be in the same place in each string of text, nor will it...
  16. W

    Help using .Pattern = ??

    I am trying to find a macro so I can extract a period number from a string of text e.g. P01 20 I have been using the following macro that I found on here, that I have edited however I cannot figure out how to include the space (between P01 and 20) to be included in the pattern line Function...
  17. S

    Pattern Not Applying to Cells

    Hey All, So a friend of mine has a workbook that is acting up. When he selects a range to fill the cells he has to click twice. The first time he clicks nothing happens, and the second time he clicks the pattern is applied. I thought this was curious so I recorded a macro when he did this and...
  18. Caleeco

    Regular Expression TidyUp

    Hello, I have just waded into the world of Regular Expressions. I have created a Function (with some googling) that will check if a pattern exists at the start of a string. The function works as anticipated but Im not sure if this pattern is as clean as it could be? The Pattern is...
  19. J

    .pattern question

    I am trying to find text pattern from String. pattern I am looking for is 6 digit dot 7 digit ex: 123456.1234567 can someone build me needed code for above pattern? explaining how code would be appreciated. I downloaded 5 digit number code from www it reads .Patern = "(?:^|\D) (\d{5})...
  20. N

    Check if consecutive values are the same

    I have 10 columns which either take the value "A" or "B" The correct pattern should always be "A"s followed by "B"s something like: A A A A B B B B B B A A B B B B B B B B A A A A A A A B B B I need a check which returns TRUE if the user mixes up the pattern such as: A A A B A A A B B B How...

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