1. ronald54457874

    Find automatic value that multiplying with a percentage will return me the value I want.

    I have a product that costs 48.41 and that's how much my supplier charges for the product. I need to add 60% on top of this value, which will give me the result of 77.45. But when I do 77.45 - 60%, instead of returning 48.41, it returns 30.98. I need to make cell X calculate which value...
  2. A

    number to percent format

    hi, i am tring to conver number to percent but its not happening its showing as numbers please help me out this and also i want to aply a condition if based on percent if above 50% the cells should be red and for DIO if its > 30 days it should be red when i am tring in F8 its working but when i...
  3. Z

    calculation method

    hello, i would like to know if there’s an equation to help me automatically calculate/multiply any extra 1 percent after 100% with 1.5 as factor for the extra 1 percent
  4. M

    IF AND Formula with a Date and Percent

    I am trying to create an IF AND formula that looks at a cell with a Date to see if it is 30 days from Today and then looks at another cell with a ranking percent and return true/false text. Below is my formula which is not working. =IF(AND(D2=TODAY()+30,G2<0.8),"OK","REVIEW") What is a better...
  5. U

    Pivot table question

    Hi there, is there anyway that showing data "as a percent of' will relate to the entire dataset? Meaning, for example, that if I have a data-set of car models sales by car makers and I choose to filter 'Audi' in the pivot-table- The percent of sales for A3 model will be in relation to the...
  6. Z

    Percent of Total - How to build report

    Hi, I have some task - that looks like very easy, but... I cannot find solution :( I have data like this: <tbody> Column1 Column2 A No A Yes A No B No B Yes C Yes C Yes C No </tbody> And want to get report showing the percent of Yes/Total: <tbody> Column1 Yes/Total A...
  7. S

    Percent change in price

    So I have an item that we have received many times and would like to create a table using a measure listing percent change and date. IE received at $1 Jan 10 then oct 8 $1.25 then nov 22 $1.30.... Showing the date for each. Something I’m guessing with min?
  8. M

    VBA text box source from cells

    Hi. The below VBA is part of a code to create a text box and populate with content from two cells however I’m looking to alter to include: The cell V9, contains a number 0.5, and the cell is formatted as a percent, 50%. I need the above code to present as a percent in the text box rather than...
  9. D

    Payment plan, with 2 accounts, paid in order

    Hello! I am having a hard time doing this in excel, and variations of it::confused: how can i calculate the monthly price i need to pay to pay down 2 accounts 2 0 where the 1st account is worth 2000 and has 0 percent interest and the 2nd account is work 10,000 and has 5 percent compounting...
  10. A

    Percent of a number from a total number

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to calculate a percentage by taking a total number and figuring out what percent of it is another number. Example: <colgroup><col width="56" style="width:42pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 31 20 19 17 15 15 15 14...
  11. T

    Percentage of Cells starting with a range of numbers

    I have a project that I'm working on and running into a problem. I am trying to calculate if a phone number starts with specific area codes. I want to count them and get a percentage of the total ones in a sheet that i can add to. I would like to eventually do conditional formatting for easy...
  12. D

    Solving for 1st Occurrence in a row

    I am trying to display the number in the cell above the row of percentages that 1st hit above a particular percent. <colgroup><col width="64" span="10" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 1.05% (1.01%) 0.90% (0.85%) 1.30% (0.75%)...
  13. J

    Calculating Negative numbers for budgets

    Hello I have a budget for 2019 and want to distribute it across the year based on historical data (2018) With positive numbers on the numerator and demoniator it is very simple to do this. But when there is a negative from a month or for the year I am having some serious issues. These are not...
  14. A

    Pivot Table -> Show Value As -> % Of (Cumulative)

    Trying to find a workaround to show a cumulative '% percent of' (currently using 'show values as'), so running up to 100% by the end of the year, hopefully more if we exceed sales expectations. I have uploaded an example of the information i am working with as it may help to see the data - I...
  15. C

    percent change in time

    I'm looking to calculate the percent change in time. I have time as 1:14 and 2:05. I guess I can format it any way needed (do I need to format it any specific way). I also converted it to minutes. The formula I'm using is..... (new value - old value )/old value * 100 =((J16-J15)/J15)*100...
  16. S

    Efficient way to convert percent to number

    Columns D-J contain values currently in the percent format. Changing format to number, updates it to .08 for instance. I know I can multiply by 100 in another cell, then copy/paste... but is there a better way to accomplish this? Tia
  17. S

    Excel Ratios and Comparing Two Cells to Determine Outcome

    I work in a church and I'm trying to determine how to monitor if our rooms with kids/teacher ratios go over the state requirements. For instance, we can have 4 infants with 1 teacher. So, one of our rooms had 5 kids to one teacher and I would like column C to show YES if it is greater than 1:4...
  18. M

    Conditional formatting formula

    Hi All, I have been modifying a project spreadsheet and have a small issue. I'm using the conditional formatting with a formula that uses the percentage in another cell and the date range in other cells to colour milestones up to a certain date. It's seems to get to the milestone date only when...
  19. B

    cell with wrap text and merge and center

    Question if i have cell A1 and cell A2 merged together with wrapped text, and i want to increase each individual number by a certain percent how would i get that done for ex. $100.25 ZZ $200.25 ZA through excel VBA
  20. L

    Question about memory usage in excel

    I have a grade book for a school. It is shared online for teachers and staff to use/edit. Due to the number of formulas it can get kind of bogged down. So I am looking to save some processing power and accomplish the same task. A teacher enters a percent in cell then the cell below has a...
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