1. W

    active workbook name - new workbook name?

    So I entered the code below into my personal.xls thisworkbook section in hopes that every time a new workbook opens i would get me the name of the new workbook displayed. But no, the first time it gives me "Personal.xls" subsequent newly opened work book it does not respond at all. Any ideas...
  2. C

    How copy module to another module (Both in the personal.xls)?

    Anyone know how to copy a module that is in the personal.xls into another module also in the personal.xls? I have some code i want to take and modify it and make a new version hence the desire to copy code module A (in personal.xls) into a module B in the personal.xls.
  3. Z

    Upgding to 2016; will old Personal.xls still work?

    Hi, All... I am coordinating an upcoming upgrade in our department from Office2007 (skipping over Office2010 completely) to Office2016 for about 220 people. Some of our folks still have the old Personal.xls file in their XLStart folder, left over from Office2003 we had years ago. Everybody...
  4. B

    Selecting active workbook - not personal.xls

    Hi, First of all I'm a beginner in VBA, but thank you in advance for any help. I'm trying to create a macro to split all sheets from an active workbook into separate files. After a bit of a Google I've below the below code which works great for me. However, when I moved the code from the...
  5. 9tanstaafl9

    Need UDF to work from personal.xls NOT add-in for new Excel files

    I have a Crystal Report that generates a poorly formated Excel worksheet every day. I have created a macro that the users can install onto their personal.xls so that once this worksheet is generated, they can simply open it and click CTRL-Shift-F will make it all look nice for them and have...
  6. HWL

    A Personal Issue

    Well actually it's an issue with personal.xlsm :laugh: I have developed a set of useful macros/userforms specific to my office/industry and have loaded this on several users computers in my office via XLSTART/personal.xlsm (version 2007). It works perfect for almost all users except one. The...
  7. K

    How to Move personal.xls from 2007 to 2010

    I am having trouble moving my personal.xls (my macro file) from Office 2007 to Office 2010. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. B

    PERSONAL.XLS not re-loading

    Dear world, I've searched the Board without luck. My Personal.xls file won't reload behind Excel. In fact, when this started I lost a recent version with a few new macros/versions. In the past, I've opened Personal.xls when Excel was open, closed and the Personal would open (hidden) with Excel...
  9. R

    Macros in a network based environment

    I recently setup a spreadsheet for a number of SUPERVISORS to use for a weekly report of their work. Each week a ADMINISTRATOR goes on the network drive, and sets up all the files for the supervisors to use for that week. To help her set the files up each week, i created a macro and saved it...
  10. B

    Share Personal.xlsb / Change Personal.xlsb Target

    A question has been posed to me that is a little beyond my scope of familiarity. A coworker was wondering if it would be possible to have a sort of constantly-update-add-in for all the networked computers in the office, so that all of the users could have access to his macros, and wouldn't have...
  11. M

    The macro "C:\...\Desktop\PERSONAL.XLS'!Macro_Filename' cannot be found.

    I have a custom button that worked fine until I saved PERSONAL.XLS to the desktop so that I could easily send it off in an email (with it's specialized macros). Now when I press the formerly working button I get the message in the header. MS has, in it's wisdumb, apparently told Excel to look...
  12. T

    Using/adjusting macros on other pc

    Hi I made macros on (let's say) pc 1, saved in Personal Workbook (on a USB-stick). I wanted to work further with them on another pc ("pc2"), from my USB-stick. --> I opened the excel-file, but did not find back my macros... Solutions? 1. I tried to change some hide/unhide-buttons, but this...
  13. K

    Saving personal.xls as personal.xlsx

    How can I save the personal.xls file as a personal.xlsx file I've tried opening the personal.xls up and saving as Personal.xlsx, but Excel will not allow it.
  14. M

    macro workbook other users

    Hello. I have a workbook (not Personal.xls) that contains my macros, called My_Macros.xls and another workbook with data, let's say its called Data.xls. When I am logged on, I open both workbooks, and from Data.xls I run the macro stored in My_Macros.xls and it works fine. These files are stored...
  15. N

    Double-click Excel file in Win Explorer no longer opens file

    Excel 2002. Suddenly this no longer works; same for .doc files in Word. I've repeatedly tried to reassociate .XLS file extension to the program EXE thru Windows Explorer.Tools > Folder > File Types. The expected behavior is double-click opens the file in the same instance of Excel. What...

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